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Top 10 Best Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

  1. De’Longhi Magnifica S (Editor’s Choice)
  2. De’Longhi Eletta Cappuccino (Luxury Choice)
  3. Melitta E950-101 (Best Value)
  4. De’Longhi Magnifica (Best Easy to Clean)
  5. Krups EA817040 (Best Compact Choice)
  6. Sage BES875UK (Best For Professional Use)
  7. Melitta SOLO (Best Intuitive Operation)
  8. Melitta E970-101 (Best One-Touch Choice)
  9. De’Longhi Fully Automatic (Best Quiet Choice)
  10. Krups EA895N40 (Simple Choice)

As a coffee lover, it would be a dream come true to make your coffee as delicious as the ones you buy from stores at the comforts of your home. To make that happen, you will need an excellent coffee machine. Is it a good investment? Well, it is if you have made coffee a part of your daily routine!

The search might be overwhelming for the best bean to cup machines because there are so many coffee makers to choose from. Fortunately, we’ve taken the liberty of choosing only the best coffee machines on the market to choose for home use.

So now you don’t have to visit a coffee shop for barista-style coffee as you can enjoy fresh coffee at home with a coffee maker. But what exactly is a “bean to cup coffee machine?” Well, these coffee machines complete the entire process of coffee making, including grinding the beans and brewing them fresh—all within a single machine.

Not everyone is looking for the same coffee machine. Some people may be looking for the best bean to cup coffee machine under £100, while other coffee drinkers might want only the freshest coffee with various functions to personalise their smooth coffee. Let’s look at our selection of coffee machines to help you achieve just that. Without further ado, let’s start searching for the best bean to cup coffee machine UK stores have to offer.

Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Reviews

De’Longhi Magnifica S (Editor’s Choice)

This bean to cup machine boasts a simple digital touch operation that can brew two cups of coffee simultaneously for exceptional results in the comfort of your own home. 

Its superb grinding technology ensures that you have the freshest ground coffee, and you can customise the grinding level to suit your taste. Best of all, the conical steel grinders provide 100 per cent accuracy to suit you. Above all, this bean to cup machine reduces the amount of coffee powder remaining inside of the grinder so that you only have fresh coffee ground in your espresso. 

Moreover, this automatic coffee machine features the brand’s Thermoblock system to ensure an ideal brew temperature and milk temperature with minimal coffee preparation on your behalf. This is possible because this machine only heats the amount of water required for each cup of coffee, resulting in no waste.

Finally, this coffee machine includes a milk frother that produces a rich milk foam ideal for lattes and cappuccinos. Another of our favourite features of this coffee machine is the silent integrated grinders that come with 13 settings that you can use for whole coffee beans or ground coffee.

On the other hand, it’s worth noting that this bean to cup machine might over-pour water into a cup, so you may need to purchase a larger mug. Additionally, it might take a while to clean itself, so you might need to plan when to use the cleaning function if you don’t like leaving appliances plugged in when you’re not at home.


  • The grinder comes with 13 settings
  • Simple digital touch operation for ease and convenience
  • Only heats the amount of water you need
  • Includes a cleaning function for easy maintenance
  • Prepares two drinks at the same time


  • Might over-pour water 
  • Cleaning function might be a lengthy process

De’Longhi Eletta Cappuccino (Luxury Choice)

Look no further than the De’Longhi Eletta Cappuccino bean to cup coffee machine for a premium machine. It’s bursting with a variety of hot drinks, thanks to its automatic milk menu that lets you choose your preferred beverage—including cappuccinos, lattes, or macchiatos— with one touch. 

With an intuitive touch panel display, you can personalise your coffee to suit your taste buds. Choose from a strong, medium or mild aroma and save the profile to return to next time.

This bean-to-cup coffee machine comes with a milk frother to create frothed or steamed milk for a foamy, hot drink. The thermal double wall keeps milk at the right temperature for the best results. 

You’ll love how this coffee machine has a slim and elegant design that will complement your kitchen. And when you’ve finished making a great coffee, use the automatic cleaning setting to descale, clean and rinse the appliance with ease. All components are dishwasher safe, too.

Unfortunately, this coffee machine might only prepare one cup of coffee at a time, which might not be ideal for a household with multiple people. Plus, it might be slower at producing coffee than the other machines on this list.


  • Includes an array of drink preferences
  • It lets you personalise your coffee strength
  • Includes a milk frother for a milky coffee 
  • Slim and elegant design that complements any kitchen
  • Includes a cleaning function for convenience 


  • Might only prepare one cup of coffee at a time
  • It might take a while to make a cup of coffee 

Melitta E950-101 (Best Value)

The next on our list is the best option for you if you are looking for something that does not hurt your pocket but still delivers awesome results.

This is the best budget bean-to-cup coffee machine while offering an array of must-have features. Its most standout feature is that it softens beans with water before brewing to enhance the flavour and make it easier to turn to ground coffee. There’s even a choice of three grinding levels, so you can choose your perfect brewing method to perfect your cup of coffee. 

Moreover, it’s super easy to use, and you have plenty of customisation options, including a choice of three brewing temperatures and three coffee strengths. You can even make two cups of coffee at once

Once you’ve made a cup of coffee and have finished using this coffee machine, it automatically switches to a shutdown mode while offering a standby mode to make it energy efficient. The built-in LED lights are kinder on the environment and your electricity bill than traditional lights. 

Alternatively, this bean to cup coffee machine might not include a cleaning function. Therefore, you’ll need to manually clean components in the appliance by removing sections and washing them under running water. 

You should also remember that this espresso machine might be noisier than others on this list.


  • Includes three grinding levels
  • Includes several customisation options
  • Moistens beans before grinding them to enhance the flavour
  • Makes two cups of coffee, simultaneously  
  • Uses energy-efficient LED lights 


  • It might not include a cleaning function 
  • It might be quite noisy during use 

De’Longhi Magnifica (Best Easy to Clean)

Consider this appliance for coffee lovers looking for an effortless bean to cup coffee machine. It sports an automatic cleaning function with cleaning and rinsing programs and a detachable drip tray and ground container, dishwasher safe.

You’ll never have to endure cold coffee again, thanks to the brand’s Thermoblock system that brews your beverages at the perfect temperature every time. It achieves this by only heating the exact amount of water you need, which also helps to reduce water waste. This bean to cup machine also grinds the number of fresh beans you need, not leaving any leftovers.

Perfect your coffee the easy way with this machine’s digital interface that prepares coffee at the touch of a button. You can even customise your coffee’s strength and amount via the control panel.

Able to distil two cups of coffee simultaneously and with the option of a milk frother, you can serve up delicious cups of coffee easily with this appliance. Best of all, it has a stunning glossy silver finish that everyone will love in their kitchen. 

Unfortunately, this coffee maker might produce weaker coffee than the other bean to cup machines we’ve mentioned in this article. Plus, you might encounter issues with the drip tray saying that it’s full when it’s not.


  • It has an automatic cleaning function 
  • Reduces water waste and dispenses hot water every time
  • Detachable components that are easy to remove and dishwasher safe
  • It lets you personalise the coffee strength
  • Glossy silver finish 


  • It might produce weaker coffee than the other machines on this list 
  • There might be a fault with the tray’s sensor

Krups EA817040 (Best Compact Choice)

Enjoy barista-style comfort in the comfort of your own home with this espresso machine. It boasts a 1.7-litre water tank and a 250g bean container and can prepare up to 10 coffees before you need to refill these components. 

Making a coffee has never been easier, thanks to the large, user-friendly LCD screen that guides you through every step. The “+/-” buttons put you in control of your drink’s strength and volume, and you can easily adjust the number of cups of coffee you’d like. 

You’ll feel like your own personal barista with a “favourites” button that lets you store two recipes and provides quick access to your favourite coffee. Plus, the milk frother creates milky coffee with ease, while the ultra-flat tamping offers balanced flavours for a full-bodied cup of coffee that’s never cold.

On the other hand, the nozzle from the milk frother can sometimes fall off and slide into your drink. Additionally, the built-in grinder might be fairly noisy during use, meaning that you’ll need to plan what times of the day you use this bean-to-cup coffee machine.


  • Has the capacity to prepare up to 10 cups of coffee
  • Includes a “favourites” button for selecting your preferred coffee strength
  • Easy-to-use and stylish LCD
  • Convenient milk frother that’s simple to use
  • Grinds fresh beans quickly 


  • Milk frother’s nozzle might fall off
  • The grinder might be noisy during use

Sage BES875UK (Best For Professional Use)

This bean-to-cup machine is perfect for delivering coffee that tastes like it’s been made in professional coffee shops. In particular, it includes a powerful milk wand that enhances the flavour and texture of your drink for a work of art that tastes creamy. 

Thanks to the digital temperature control, this espresso machine dispenses water at the perfect temperature: not too hot and cold. Plus, this machine ensures that the water is at the optimum temperature for coffee extraction. You’ll receive the exact amount of water pressure that you need since the pre-infusion increases pressure gradually at the beginning to create a balanced-tasting cup of coffee.

With all of these fancy features, you’d think this espresso machine was difficult to use; but it’s not. That’s because it has four keys that are clearly labelled to make every step—from grinding to serving coffee—effortless and in a short amount of time. 

Another impressive feature of this coffee machine is that you remain in control of grinding the fresh beans. So no matter what beverage you make, you can select the grind size accordingly

On the other hand, this appliance might be quite big, so it might not be ideal if you have a small countertop space. Also, any coffee stains on this coffee machine might look obvious, so you need to clean the exterior regularly. 


  • It only includes four keys to make it simple to operate
  • Optimises temperature for a drink that’s not too hot or too cold
  • It puts you in control of the grind size
  • Makes multiple cups of coffee at the same time
  • Available in various colours 


  • It might have a large footprint 
  • Stains might show up clearly on this machine

Melitta SOLO (Best Intuitive Operation)

This bean to cup machine is suitable for cups measuring up to 5.3 inches in height and includes a height-adjustable coffee outlet to accommodate various-size mugs. 

You don’t need to be an experienced coffee connoisseur to operate this coffee machine since the Melitta app provides tips and tricks for creating delicious lattes, macchiatos and espressos.

Best of all, this coffee machine boasts a simple and intuitive control panel that easily grinds coffee beans and prepares your coffee with a simple touch of a button. Moreover, this bean to cup machine includes three strength intensities and an adjustable water quantity (from 30 to 220 ml). You’ll also receive a hot water dispensing table with an LED display.

Furthermore, this appliance comes with an automatic cleaning and descaling function, making it virtually effortless to look after while its components are dishwasher safe for further ease of use. 

However, it’s worth pointing out that this coffee machine is only compatible with Melitta filter cartridges, which might be slightly difficult to purchase. Additionally, the machine’s sensor might not always detect when the tray is full of beans and might alert you to add more.


  • Accommodates various-size mugs
  • Includes three strength intensities 
  • It comes with an app with tips and tricks on creating the perfect hot beverage
  • Includes an automatic cleaning and descaling function
  • Can make two cups of coffee at the same time 


  • It might be slightly difficult getting hold of the Melitta filter cartridges
  • The sensor might not detect when the tray is full of beans

Melitta E970-101 (Best One-Touch Choice)

This is one of the best espresso machines on our list for many reasons. One of its best features is its memory function, where this machine stores four coffee preferences that you can choose with one touch of a button.

It’s also designed to make espressos or cappuccinos and features three brew temperatures, four coffee strengths, an easy-to-use milk system and two-chamber bean containers

Crafted with a height-adjustable spout, this bean to cup machine accommodates mugs of various sizes and includes a cup warmer to keep your beverages hotter for longer.

Above all, this appliance boasts an energy-efficient design with LED lights and shut down and standby modes to preserve energy. It also offers easy-to-clean components and wipe-down surfaces to make life that little bit easier. Plus, cleaning this unit is easy with this push-button cleaning function

Unfortunately, this appliance might take slightly longer to make coffees compared to other coffee machines on this list. In addition, it might be slightly noisy when making coffee.


  • Includes a memory function that stores four coffee preferences 
  • Includes four coffee strengths
  • Can keep cups warm
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Easy-to-clean components and wipe-down surfaces 


  • It might take longer to make drinks compared to other coffee machines on this list 
  • It might be slightly noisy during use

De’Longhi Fully Automatic (Best Quiet Choice)

When you’re using a cup espresso machine, the last thing you want is for the appliance to be loud and vibrate on surfaces during use. Fortunately, this is the best bean-to-cup coffee machine in the UK, with a grinder that remains extremely quiet during use. Its grinder includes a 13-step grinding adjustment

It boasts an energy-efficient design, so you can use it every day without worrying about your electricity bill. Above all, the water indicator is accurate and guides you to the exact amount of water you need for your drinks.

Moreover, this appliance allows you to choose the perfect coffee strength to suit your needs. So every drink will be perfected to your likings. All the while, it makes two cups of coffee at once

It is crafted with a removable brewing unit. This machine requires minimal cleaning and maintenance and even has rinse and decalcification auto programs

On the other hand, this coffee machine’s milk frother doesn’t always create milky coffees or milky beverages. This unit might also require descaling quite often. 


  • Remains quiet during use with minimal vibrations
  • Energy-efficient design 
  • Accurate water indicator 
  • Includes various coffee strengths to suit your preferences 
  • Makes two cups of coffee, simultaneously


  • Milk frother doesn’t always create milky drinks 
  • It might require descaling quite often

Krups EA895N40 (Simple Choice)

Finally, if simplicity is more of your thing, this is the best bean to cup coffee machine in the UK for you. It provides all of the features you could need, including a function to save the preferences for up to 12 drinks and customised grind, strength and capacity of every drink.

It is crafted with a useful dual-cup function. This coffee machine lets you simultaneously prepare two barista-quality espresso or milky drinks with just one touch of a button. 

Sporting 17 drink options across 12 recipes, this superb coffee machine meets the needs of even the most demanding coffee expert as there are so many choices. 

Most impressively, you’ll spend less time cleaning up after this machine since it boasts automatic rinsing and cleaning programs. All the while, the milk system is easily disassembled for thorough cleaning at your convenience.

However, this cup espresso machine may only offer up to five grinding settings, which may not be as many as the other coffee machines above. Furthermore, most of this machine’s components might be plastic, which isn’t an environmentally-friendly choice.


  • Make two cups of coffee at the same time
  • Includes various customisable settings, including grind, strength and capacity
  • Simple to make drinks at just the touch of a button
  • Offers 17 drink options 
  • Easy to clean and maintain 


  • It might only offer five grindings, which is less than the other coffee machines we’ve reviewed
  • Most of its components might be made of plastic 

How to Choose the Best Coffee Machine for You

With an abundance of coffee machines to choose from, you might be feeling overwhelmed by choice. Don’t worry, because we have all of the most important factors to consider below to help you choose the best machine.

Your Preferred Drink of Choice

The first consideration you’ll want to keep in mind is what your go-to hot beverages typically are. After all, there’s no point in choosing a bean to cup coffee machine with an array of drink choices if you only plan on making espressos; that’d be a waste of money.

For comprehensive models with various drink choices, consider coffee machines that make a double espresso, a latte or a cappuccino.

Furthermore, it’s worthwhile researching how many cups of coffee the machine can make at once. Because you don’t want to refill the water tank every time to make two cups of coffee, a machine that accommodates two drinks simultaneously is much easier. 

Cleaning Functions

There are probably two main reasons you’re considering a bean to cup coffee machine: for delicious coffee at home and ease of use. If the latter is a highly important feature for you, consider an appliance with automatic cleaning and descaling functions that mean you get to spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing with a hot cup of joe. Coffee machines that automatically remove pre-ground coffee make it much easier for you to deposit any used remains in the bun. 

Furthermore, your machine will also come with a drip tray. So it’s worth looking into if this tray is removable and how you clean it. Otherwise, your unit will require a thorough clean around once a week (depending on how often you use it, of course).

Milk Frother

If you enjoy milk texturing in your drinks, you’ll need a coffee machine with a built-in milk frother—especially for making cappuccinos and lattes. There are three types of milk frothers to consider: an automatic frother, steam wand and a frothing accessory. Let’s take a look at the features and differences of each.

Firstly, an automatic frother heats and froths the milk simultaneously within a built-in milk jug. Most of these jugs include an adjustable spout that makes it easy to pour the drink because it’s detachable. 

Alternatively, a steam wand, commonly found in barista shops, features a long, thin pipe connected to the side of the machine that requires steam pressure to froth the milk. 

Finally, another way for creamy milk within your drinks is with a frothing accessory that isn’t controlled via the machine. Instead, you’ll need to froth your milk manually, which requires some elbow grease. This accessory is typically cheaper than other built-in milk wands. ​​


Another consideration to bear in mind is the water tank capacity. So if you want to make a large cup of coffee or two cups simultaneously, the appliance will need to accommodate this.


If you’re very particular about how you like your coffee, we highly recommend choosing an appliance that lets you adjust the coffee’s strength, aroma and even size. You can even save your preferred settings on many coffee machines and select a button to choose your desired preferences easily. Some espresso machines can even store up to five drink preferences, which is great for the entire family. 

Smart Settings

Make your life a little easier with a smart bean to cup machine. These smart machines allow you to control it via an app. You can schedule the appliance to make your drink at a specific time through the app. In addition, many of these app-enabled machines provide tips and tricks on perfecting your coffee.


Finally, would you prefer a coffee maker with a smart control panel or one that’s simpler to use with one-touch buttons? Know what features and functions you need first, and consider if you’re happier with a complex coffee maker or prefer a simpler interface for grinding coffee beans and frothing milk.

Additionally, it’s important that you like the appearance of your coffee maker. So consider a colour that complements your kitchen’s aesthetics and materials that are easy to care for and provide a luxury touch to your space.

How Does Bean to Cup Machines Work?

Bean-to-cup machines are very clever appliances that might be user-friendly and easy to operate but are complex under the surface. 

These appliances feature a control panel with programs and functions that allow you to tailor your drink to suit your preferences. While not all appliances include an array of features, the simplest coffee machines feature an on and off button at the very least.

These machines are designed for grinding beans for ground coffee that make your beverages smooth and delicious. Most machines offer various grinding settings where you can choose the fineness depending on the drink you’re making and your preferences. 

As soon as the coffee machine has ground your beans, it’ll loosen the oils to protect the bean and enhance its flavour for full freshness. Without this function, you’ll just purchase a regular coffee machine where you insert store-bought pre-ground coffee. Above all, these machines let you adjust the coarseness of the grounds, which is especially important if you’re looking for a versatile machine that makes espressos, lattes and more. 

After this step, the coffee machine adds hot water to heat the coffee. For the best results, look for a bean to cup machine with Thermoblock technology so that it only heats the exact amount of water that you need to reduce water waste.

Once the water is heated, the machine will force this water through the ground coffee at high pressure (different machines offer different bar pressures). For the best results, consider 15 bars of pressure for smooth espressos.

The Benefits of Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Wondering what all of the fuss is about with bean to cup machines? Let us share some of the main benefits of these appliances and why you need one in your life.

Firstly, these kitchen appliances are exceptionally easy to use. You don’t need any experience operating smart appliances since they have one-touch buttons that are clearly labelled with their functions. Plus, with a built-in coffee grinder, the unit also grinds beans. 

Easy to Use

The only jobs you need to do are adding a mug underneath the water dispenser and selecting your desired coffee settings.

Quick Use

Best of all, you needn’t wait long periods to enjoy freshly ground coffee from the comfort of your own home. This means no trips to the coffee shop waiting in line for your drink of choice. And you’ll be amazed at the quality and taste of the coffee created in less than a minute.

Environmentally Friendly

If you often visit a coffee shop, you’ll be aware of the amount of plastic used for takeaway coffee mugs. Fortunately, a home bean-to-cup appliance requires a mug with no plastic cups or filters, making them an environmentally friendly alternative.

Customisation Options

Not everyone likes their coffee the same way, which is why these commercial coffee appliances provide an array of customisation features, including coffee strength, aroma and capacity. 

Amazing Flavour

Enjoy great-tasting coffee with freshly ground coffee. Beans have had a long journey before they reach your mug, which is why it’s best to drink freshly ground coffee. Thanks to these machines’ built-in coffee grinder, you’ll get the freshest taste without any hassle on your behalf. 

Control Over Grind

Depending on the type of coffee that you’ll be making, not everyone wants a machine with just one grinding setting. If you prefer smoother coffee, these appliances can achieve that for you.

The Winning Coffee Machine

We hope you enjoyed these bean to cup coffee machine reviews, and hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how these machines work. Suppose we could only recommend one coffee machine. In that case, it’d be the De’Longhi Magnifica S. We consider this the best bean-to-cup coffee machine in the UK as it makes two cups at the same time and includes a simple interface with a soft-touch control panel. 

It’s also super easy to clean and includes a diverse range of 13 settings to perfect your cup of coffee. Best of all, it boasts a simple and elegant design for barista-quality coffee from your kitchen. 

Which of this bean to cup machines stand out to you the most? How was your experience? What did you like about these machines? Let us know your thoughts, along with any other recommendations, in the comments! 

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