Best Griddle Pans of 2023

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Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Top 10 Best Griddle Pans

  1. Lodge LDP3 (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Le Creuset Signature Enamelled Cast Iron Grillit (Luxury Choice)
  3. Lodge 17L8SGP3 (Best Value)
  4. Jean-Patrique The Whatever Pan (Best Deep Ridges)
  5. Savisto 28 cm Premium Cast Aluminium (Best Non-Stick)
  6. Coninx 100% PFOA Free (Best Easy to Store)
  7. Tower Cerastone (Best Easy Clean)
  8. Home Icon Granite (Best Induction)
  9. CAMMEX 28cm Square (Best Lightweight)
  10. Fresh Australian Kitchen Ribbed Cast Iron (Best Cast Iron)

GriGriddle pans can be a wonderful addition to your cookware, but the problem is that you do have several different griddle pans to choose from on the market.

So, here is what we are going to do. We will show you not only the list of the best griddle pan in the UK that we have found on the market but also then explain what you should be looking out for when it comes to making that all-important purchase.

So, let’s get to it.

How we Compared Griddle Pans

griddle pans collage

To find the right griddle pans we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Oven safe
  • Aftercare

Our editorial team carefully researched and selected products that would suit a wide range of needs to take your kitchen experience to the next level. We set out this list after assessing customer reviews and evaluating pros and cons in line with the above comparison points.

Find more about our behind-the-scenes process here.

Griddle Pan Reviews

Lodge LDP3 (Editor’s Choice)

First, we have the Lodge LDP3, and this griddle pan measures some 42.55 x 24.13 cm. It’s also pre-seasoned, and that saves you from going through the process yourself. 

Made from cast iron, it’s also reversible in that it also comes with a smooth back surface, as well as the more common ridges you will see on most griddle pans. This increases the number of uses you can have with this pan, which is why we love it so much.

This pan can also be easily used on any hob, so no need to worry about whether or not it will work for you.

However, it does come with some disadvantages. You may need to be extra careful to avoid scratching your hob.


  • It has a smooth side for additional cooking
  • It comes pre-seasoned
  • It spreads the heat evenly, leading to better cooking
  • It is highly versatile with what can be cooked on it
  • Suitable for any hob type


  • Be careful on an induction hob as the wrong movement can scratch your hob
  • You need to be prepared to care for it correctly

Le Creuset Signature Enamelled Cast Iron Grillit (Luxury Choice)

Le Creuset is known for producing quality items, and this cast iron griddle pan is no different. It is topped with enamel and the griddle pan also comes with a helper handle, which is useful as it is very heavy.

This dish is oven safe, and it can also be used on any hob. If you want to use it on your BBQ, then go right ahead as well.

You will also notice that the dish comes with pouring spouts, making life a lot easier for you. The helping handle also acts as a hanger, and that’s not something you tend to see on many griddle pans.

As you would expect, it heats the cooking surface quite evenly, making a real difference to the result.

Overall, this griddle pan feels well made, and the enamel on it is top-notch, so with the correct care, it should last a lifetime.

On the other hand, you may want to consider that this griddle pan is quite heavy. Also, you must be careful when using it to avoid damaging the enamel.


  • The quality is outstanding
  • It is oven safe
  • You can use it on any type of hob
  • It spreads the heat evenly across the surface
  • The handle and pouring spouts make life so much easier


  • As it is cast iron, it may be too heavy for some
  • You need to be extra careful when using so as not to damage the enamel

Lodge 17L8SGP3 (Best Value)

Back to the Lodge brand again, but we have a griddle pan that we feel offers the best value for money this time. 

This 10.5″ square grill pan is made from cast iron, and it’s also pre-seasoned at their factory, so it’s ready to go. It comes with the usual ribbed surface to allow the grease to move away from the food rather than sit in it like a frying pan.

It spreads heat rapidly across the cooking surface, and it can also be used on any hob without running into problems. It’s also oven-safe, and as great value cast iron griddle pans go, this is a real winner.

Unfortunately, you may need to take extra care when using this may rust faster than other models. Also, it might be quite heavy for you.


  • It spreads heat evenly and quickly across the entire surface
  • You can use it on any type of hob
  • The ribbed surface is high enough to allow the grease to move away with ease
  • It’s made from cast iron, so it will last a lifetime
  • It is highly versatile when it comes to what you can cook on it


  • It can be quite heavy for some people
  • It does require proper aftercare, or it will rust over time

Jean-Patrique The Whatever Pan (Best Deep Ridges)

This cast aluminium griddle pan also comes with a lid, but that’s not why we have included it here. Instead, it’s the deep ridges that make this model stand out from the crowd.

However, it’s not only the ridges that are deep. This model has sides that stand up some 4.5cm in height so that it keeps splashing down to a minimum as well, meaning you won’t have as much of a clean up once you’re done.

Due to it being cast aluminium, it’s also lighter than cast iron, which is a huge positive for so many people. It also has its non-stick surface, which is completely non-toxic, but you need to be careful when caring for it to not damage the non-stick surface.

Overall, this cast aluminium griddle pan is lighter than a cast iron pan, but it still transfers heat with ease and allows you to produce those cool grill marks.

However, you must be careful as it may get too hot when in use. Also, you may need to clean it right after use.


  • This griddle pan is lightweight compared to most
  • The grill marks you can achieve on this are pretty impressive
  • It comes with its own non-stick coating
  • The deep sides mean less splashing
  • It can work on any hob, and even the lid is oven safe


  • It may get very hot, so be careful
  • You may need to clean it immediately, or it can be tough to get clean

Savisto 28 cm Premium Cast Aluminium (Best Non-Stick)

This model by Savisto is one of the best griddle pans on the market, and we love this version due to its non-stick cooking surface

Not only is it high quality, but it works on every type of hob you can imagine. Also, it comes with a special base, so even induction hobs won’t be a problem.

The non-stick coating on this model has a double layer, so you hardly need to use any oil to get this up and running. You will also see how it has a lip on either side, which means you can drain away from the fluid without any problems.

The final thing we love about this model is the fact the handle is detachable. That makes it nice and easy to store this griddle pan, perfect if space is at a premium.

It is important to note, though, that this griddle pan may need more time when cleaning. Also, never forget to remove the handle when you place it in the oven.


  • The detachable handle is a huge positive
  • The thick non-stick coating makes this grill pan a joy to use
  • The lips do help when it comes to draining fluid from the pan
  • It’s relatively lightweight, so it is easier to use
  • It’s also safe to use in the oven


  • As with any non-stick coating, extra care might be taken when cleaning
  • You may need to always remember to remove the handle when placing it in the oven

Coninx 100% PFOA Free (Best Easy to Store)

This griddle pan by Coninx is made from aluminium, but it has a different appearance from most other griddle pans on the market.

The coating on the cooking surface is said to be scratch resistant, and that’s a good thing should you go ahead and use some metal utensils by mistake. This model can also be used on any type of hob, and it has excellent heat retention, no matter if you are using it as a griddle or more like a frying pan.

It also comes with pouring spouts and a removable handle, and at 28cm in size, it’s pretty big without taking up too much space.

Overall, it’s the dimensions and the removable handle that we love so much about this model. 

However, you may need to be extra careful when cleaning it to avoid damaging the coating. Also, take note that this could get very hot when in use.


  • The removable handle is key for storage
  • The pouring spouts are wide enough and deep enough to be effective
  • The scratch-resistant non-stick coating removes some stress
  • It’s lighter than other griddle pans due to being made from aluminium
  • It spreads the heat evenly, making it easier to cook


  • You still need to be very careful when cleaning, or you will damage the coating
  • It can sometimes get really hot, so take care when handling

Tower Cerastone (Best Easy Clean)

This grill pan by Tower makes it onto our list for the best griddle pan in the UK for several reasons.

It is very easy to keep clean. Also, this griddle pan is unusual because it is dishwasher safe, but it is made from ceramic rather than anything else. But this means you don’t have to worry about such an involved cleaning process, but instead you can put it in the machine with everything else!

Measuring up to 25cm, it’s a good size pan, and it provides you with ample cooking surface for a range of meats. It’s also a non-stick griddle pan, so there is no need to worry about sticking when cooking meat.

But one other thing we love about this model is the fact the handle stays cool. This is a huge problem with other grill pans, so at least Tower has done something about that.

On the other hand, it’s important to note that you cannot use this in the oven. Also, you should always remember to use the right utensils to avoid damaging the coating.


  • It’s dishwasher safe
  • It’s a non-stick griddle pan
  • The handle stays cool when in use
  • It can be used on all hob types with ease
  • It’s lightweight


  • You may not be able to use this in the oven
  • The coating may be easily damaged with the wrong utensils

Home Icon Granite (Best Induction)

This griddle pan is made from aluminium, but we have chosen it because it works exceptionally well on induction hobs. 

This model has deep ridges, so you will get those classic lines when cooking steaks. Also, it allows the fat to drain away, so things will also be healthier.

For the coating, then you should know this is a non-stick griddle pan. It also offers excellent heat retention throughout the pan, so it means you get an even cooking surface.

Finally, the griddle pan measures 29cm square, while it also has two pouring spouts and a removable handle, but it’s how it works on induction hobs with absolute ease that has us loving this pan.

Take note, though, that the handle could sometimes be tricky to return. Also, remember to take extra care of it, especially during cleaning, to avoid damaging its non-stick feature.


  • Induction hobs are not a problem with this model
  • The removable handle makes it easier to store
  • It has a sturdy non-stick coating
  • The ridges are deep and give you excellent burn lines
  • It’s oven safe


  • The handle could sometimes be a bit tricky to put back on
  • You might clean it with extra care, or the non-stick will come off

CAMMEX 28cm Square (Best Lightweight)

It is made from cast aluminium. This 28cm square griddle pan is indeed lightweight. Also, you are looking at a non-stick griddle pan, and with the correct care, this pan should last for some time.

Suitable for every type of hob, this griddle pan is relatively easy to clean, which you cannot say for some cast iron griddle pans. It does come with deep ridges, as you would expect from a grill pan, and it will do a decent enough job of being able to give you those sear lines thanks to the even heat distribution.

It also has to pour spouts on two sides, and the handle is easy to detach, so you can then throw this dish in the oven without any worries.

Overall, this non-stick grill pan is an excellent choice. You just have to be careful as it gets really hot during use.


  • It is indeed lightweight
  • It is oven-proof
  • The handle is easy to remove
  • It has a strong non-stick coat
  • At 28cm square, it’s a reasonable size for cooking


  • As with non-stick pans, you may need to take good care of it
  • It may get very hot during use

Fresh Australian Kitchen Ribbed Cast Iron (Best Cast Iron)

Finally, what we have here is our choice for the best-cast iron griddle pan on the market. Cast iron pans are heavier than others, and this one is no exception, but it’s an amazing item to cook on.

This 30cm griddle pan works anywhere. It’s made from cast iron, and it’s also pre-seasoned, so this should last for decades. As it’s heavy, it helps you out with an additional handle on the griddle pan, and that’s great news. This grill pan is well made, durable, tough, and exactly what you should be looking for with a griddle pan.

However, it may be too heavy for many users, requiring a lot of time when cleaning it.


  • It has that authentic look
  • It has an additional handle to help with lifting
  • It creates the best sizzle lines on your food
  • It can be used anywhere
  • It comes pre-seasoned


  • It is very heavy
  • You need to carry out the right aftercare to prevent rusting

What to Look For When Buying Griddle Pans

So, you are looking at griddle pans, and you don’t know which one to buy, and we don’t blame you. After all, there are so many griddle pans out there that this can become a tough call.

So, this is what you need to look for to get the best griddle pans to fit your needs.

The Size

A griddle pan can come in various sizes, so keep that in mind. The average is around 28 cm – 30 cm, but that’s measured diagonally across the grill pan.

If you buy one that size, it should be enough for a couple of steaks or a reasonable amount of veggies if you plan to do a chargrill.

tuna being cooked

The Material

What your griddle pan is made from is another key thing to think about. Now, we aren’t saying the best griddle pan will be any particular type of metal, as there’s so much more to it than that.

However, the best griddle pan for you will sometimes be the easiest for you to lift. After all, a cast iron griddle pan is exceptionally heavy, so think about its weight before buying. Aluminium is lighter, but then some people feel that this is not an authentic griddle pan.

Is It Oven Safe?

While the griddle pan will be saved on the stovetop, you must know if it can also go in the oven. Be aware that not every type of griddle pan is safe for oven cooking, and it’s often due to it coming with a handle.

If you buy one made from forged aluminium, check if the handle can be removed to make it safe for the oven. Using it in the oven is ideal after you have created those grill lines on high heat, and that just makes everything look tastier.

The Aftercare

The best griddle pan will be one that is easy to care for. Now, most of them will come pre-seasoned, which saves you from setting it up, but how you care for it will depend on the material it is made from.

You need to take care when you have a non-stick version. However, the same applies to a pan that has an enamel coating. Using the wrong utensils and then the wrong cleaning products will destroy that coating in next to no time.

So, be aware of how to care for your griddle pan before buying. Be warned. It’s going to probably involve hand washing.

What to Expect From Your Griddle Pan

You should expect to have a lot of fun with your griddle pan. These pans are designed to give you that smoky flavour to your cooking, and those char marks that appear on your food are pleasant to the eye.

You should also be aware that it will be easy to allow excess fat to drain away from whatever you are cooking. This makes it healthier for you while you get to enjoy the amazing sear marks simultaneously.

But to make life easier, the best griddle will also have a pouring lip, or perhaps even two. This means you can drain fat from the pan while the cooking surface area remains hot.

Overall Conclusion

A griddle pan is a wonderful device for cooking some amazing food, and even the best small griddle pan can produce some food that you will love.

If we had to choose the best griddle pan in the UK customers can find, we would go for the Lodge LDP3. It has both a griddle side and a smooth side so that you can cook various dishes, from steaks to pancakes. It also comes pre-seasoned and is suitable for any hob type, so you’re not limited with this option at all!

Take your time going through what you need, and keep those key points in mind that we mentioned earlier regarding size and material. Also, be aware that this type of cooking will result in you loving the results more than ever before, but that’s not exactly a bad thing.

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