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Top 10 Best Waffle Makers

  1. The Salter Store EK2143 (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Domo DO9047W (Luxury Choice)
  3. Global Gourmet 700W (Best Value)
  4. Tower T27020 3-in-1 (Best Versatile Choice)
  5. Yabano 3 in 1 (Best Non-Stick Plates)
  6. The Salter Store EK2249 (900W Choice)
  7. Global Gourmet Square (Gourmet Choice)
  8. Breville VST072 DuraCeramic (Best Deep-Fill)
  9. Russell Hobbs (Best Safe Choice)
  10. Candora Mini Machine (Compact Choice)

Waffles can either be eaten for breakfast, brunch, dessert or a savoury treat depending on the batter and toppings used. Whether you prefer regular waffles, American waffles or Belgian waffles, crisp or light Scandinavian styles, owning a waffle maker will allow you to quench your waffle thirst at the comfort of your home.

Bear in mind that there is a wide variety of waffle makers to choose from. However, in this article, we are going to be looking for the best waffle maker in the UK stores have to offer.

How we Compared Waffle Makers

waffle makers collage

To find the right waffle makers we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Waffle type
  • Temperature settings
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Cooking plates
  • Indicator light
  • Ease of storage

Our editorial team carefully researched and selected products that would suit a wide range of needs to take your kitchen experience to the next level. We set out this list after assessing customer reviews and evaluating pros and cons in line with the above comparison points.

Find more about our behind-the-scenes process here.

Waffle Maker Reviews

The Salter Store EK2143 (Editor’s Choice)

The Salter Store 3 in 1 electric waffle maker tops our list as our editor’s choice. Not only can it be used to make two square waffles, but also it comes with deep cooking plates that are removable. 

The removable plates allow you to make a variety of recipes that include waffles, paninis and toasted sandwich pockets. Additionally, the removable nonstick stainless-steel plates are easy to clean.

This waffle maker boasts an easy-to-read indicator light and a cool-to-touch handle. Its slim and compact design makes it storage-friendly as it doesn’t require plenty of space. And its versatility allows you to declutter your kitchen as it can be used to replace several appliances such as the panini and sandwich maker.

However, you may need to be extra careful with this waffle maker. The coating of its removable plates may be prone to scratches, and the sandwich plate may overfill easily.


  • It comes with removable plates that have a nonstick coating
  • The handle of this waffle maker is cool to touch
  • It’s easy to clean
  • This waffle maker has a deep waffle plate with a 3 in 1 design
  • It can be easily stored thanks to its slim and compact design


  • Some users may find its cooking times to be very lengthy
  • The coating on the removable plates may be prone to scratches
  • The sandwich plate may be overfilled easily

Domo DO9047W (Luxury Choice)

The Domo DO9047W waffle maker is our top luxury choice for the best waffle iron. This cooking appliance comes with two deep baking plates that can be used to make two waffles per batch.

This waffle maker boasts high-quality craftsmanship and sturdy construction. It also features an adjustable thermostat, an indicator lamp, nonstick baking plates and a cool to touch handle. Domo also included cord storage on this waffle maker. And its design gives you the option of storing it vertically if you’re low on storage space. 

Meanwhile, its plastic-like build may not work for you. Also, it only allows you to make two waffles at a time, so you may want to consider that if you prefer to make more.


  • This waffle maker comes with a variable temperature control 
  • It has three browning levels
  • The nonstick plates are easy to clean
  • It comes with a cool to touch handle
  • This waffle maker comes with a recipe book


  • The plastic-like build may not be ideal for some users
  • Some users may find it less convenient as it makes only two golden waffles at a time.
  • The lid on this waffle maker may be wobbly after some time

Global Gourmet 700W (Best Value)

If you are looking for the best waffle maker that commands the best value, then the Global Gourmet by Sensiohome is an excellent choice. This waffle maker can be used to make a large, round, perfect waffle that can be divided into four pieces per batch.

It comes with stainless-steel nonstick plates that make perfectly cooked American style waffles. This waffle maker boasts simple to understand light indicators, but it also has an adjustable temperature setting to get the perfect crispiness. These waffle makers are even energy-efficient, while their compact design and easy cord wrap design allows them to be stored in limited spaces.  

However, keep in mind that the plates are not removable. So cleaning them might be quite difficult.


  • It can be used to make American style waffles
  • The temperature control setting is adjustable
  • It has a cord wrap for easy storage
  • The deep waffle plates have a nonstick coating
  • This waffle maker is easy to use


  • The fixed plate may not be ideal for some users
  • Some users may find the unlabelled temperature control hard to use
  • It might be quite difficult to clean

Tower T27020 3-in-1 (Best Versatile Choice)

The Tower T27020 3-in-1 Deep Fill Sandwich Maker is next up on our best waffle makers list. This 3 in 1 sandwich maker comes with three extra-deep interchangeable plates that are specifically designed to make delicious waffles, paninis, or packed toasties.

This waffle maker boasts automatic temperature control and a cool-touch housing that provides comfortable and safe handling when preparing and serving your perfectly cooked golden brown tasty waffles and toasties.

Its non-slip feet ensure it’s stable on your countertop or kitchen workspace when in use for safer cooking. The automatic temperature control eliminates the guesswork, especially if you are a newbie to waffle making. Also, it allows the grill to cook your snacks to perfect consistency and flavour. Last but not least, the dual ceramic plates are easy to clean, thanks to their nonstick coating.

While this may be a really good waffle maker, it does come with some limitations. It may become messy sometimes during cooking, and some of its parts may be difficult to get used to.


  • It comes with a cool to touch housing and non-slip feet
  • This waffle maker has automatic temperature controls
  • The versatile plates can be used to prepare toasties, paninis and waffles
  • It has a fast cooking time
  • The plates are removable 


  • Some users may find the nonstick coating to be thin
  • Spare parts may be difficult to come by
  • Stick on messes may be experienced when cooking

Yabano 3 in 1 (Best Non-Stick Plates)

Powerful and efficient are the words that best describe the Yabano 3 in 1 waffle maker! 

The versatility of the Yabano 3-in-1 allows you to prepare more than waffles. It can be used to make a perfect classic waffle, sandwich, barbecue steak and panini. If versatility is your determining factor, you should be going for, since it comes with different detachable plates.

This waffle maker comes with two indicator lights that are easy to operate. Its removable non -stick plates are not only oil and water-resistant but also are dishwasher safe. Additionally, their deep fill design gives them more waffle room when compared to other waffle makers. Furthermore, this waffle maker is compact enough and can be carried and stored either vertically or horizontally.

Meanwhile, you have to pay more attention when using this waffle maker as there may be times that it won’t cook evenly. Also, cleaning it might be difficult at times and will take a while to get the hang of it.


  • It comes with a set of three detachable plates
  • The plates are dishwasher friendly
  • Can be stored horizontally or vertically
  • It is powerful and efficient
  • This waffle maker can also be used to make paninis and sandwiches


  • It may not cook waffles evenly
  • Cleaning might be difficult if the hot filling spill on the element
  • Some users may find cooking time to be lengthy

The Salter Store EK2249 (900W Choice)

If you’re looking for the best waffle maker that is limited to making waffles only, then the Salter Store EK2249 is an ideal pick. This waffle maker boasts of non-stick stainless steel plates that are deep enough to prepare fluffy, thick and fresh waffles.

The indicator light on this smart waffle maker makes cooking easy and consistent. Its handles are also cool to the touch when in use, while the locking lid prevents the batter from spill during the cooking process. 

On the other hand, the Salter Store EK2249 falls short in cord storage, variable temperature settings and removable plates. Moreover, the cooking time may be lengthy since it’s used to make thick and fluffy waffles.


  • The cooking plates are deep          
  • It comes with a light indicator
  • The handle is cool to the touch                               
  •  This waffle maker is easy to clean
  • The locking lid helps prevent spillages during cooking


  • Some users may find cooking time to be lengthy
  • Storing it might be quite challenging
  • The fixed plate may not be ideal for some users

Global Gourmet Square (Gourmet Choice)

Next up on our best waffle makers is the Global Gourmet by Sensiohome Square Waffle Maker. This waffle maker is designed to suit kitchens with limited countertop space.

Not only does it boast of being compact, but it is also relatively lightweight. This waffle maker also comes with a handy cord wrap that makes it easy to store. It also comes with a simple design that allows you to set it up and easily and put it away.

The convenient light indicator on this waffle maker shows when the waffle machine has reached the optimum temperature. This, in turn, gives you two crispy waffles at a time. 

However, note that this waffle machine does not rotate, and neither does it flip.


  • It can be used to make evenly cooked waffles
  • This waffle machine sits well with limited kitchen settings
  • It can be stored thanks easily to its handy cord wrap
  • Easy to use and clean
  • It’s compact and lightweight


  • The indicator light may get faulty over time
  • Some users might find its cooking time to be lengthy
  • The plates might not distribute heat evenly

Breville VST072 DuraCeramic (Best Deep-Fill)

Next up on our best waffle makers is the Breville VST072 DuraCer, waffle maker. This electric waffle maker makes two square-shaped Belgian waffles with every batch. 

Not only does this waffle maker boast a stainless-steel finish, but it also features removable plates that have a unique DuraCeramic coating that is easy to clean and stain-resistant. Furthermore, this coating also distributes heat evenly across the plates.

This Belgian waffle maker comes with a cord wrap underneath, making it a storage-friendly option since it can be stored vertically even in limited storage spaces. 

However, it’s worth mentioning that it might be a little slow to warm up. And the waffles from this maker might be thinner when compared to others.


  • The removable plates have a DuraCeramic coating
  • Its deep cooking plates are easy to clean
  • The handles are cool to touch even when in use
  • It can be used to make both sweet and savoury waffles
  • This Belgian waffle maker does not leak when in use


  • Some users may find it slow to warm up
  • The waffles made by this might be unevenly cooked 
  • Some users may find it less convenient since it lacks variable temperature settings

Russell Hobbs (Best Safe Choice)

If you’re looking for a waffle maker that comes in a 3 in 1 design, then the Russell Hobbs waffle maker is an excellent choice. Not only does this waffle maker makes tasty waffles, but it can also be used to make toasted sandwiches and paninis.

The Russell Hobbs Waffle maker boasts dishwasher safe cooking plates, non-slip feet and a thermo- insulated handle. The cord wrap also comes in handy during organization and storage. Additionally, the easy to read temperature lights make the cooking process easy and hard to get wrong.

However, the nonstick feature of this waffle maker may wear off eventually. Also, some people find the cooking process too long.


  • This waffle maker comes with a Thermo-insulate handle
  • It comes in a 3 in 1 design 
  • The removable nonstick plates are dishwasher safe
  • It comes with non-slip feet
  • The easy to read cooking lights makes using this waffle maker a breeze


  • The nonstick coating may wear off after sometime
  • Some users may not sit well with its small sandwich size
  • Its long cooking duration may not sit well with some users

Candora Mini Machine (Compact Choice)

Next on our list of the best waffle makers is the Candora Mini Waffle Maker, which can make delicious waffles for breakfast, brunch, or dessert. This waffle iron can also be used to make hash browns, pizzas and paninis.

Its compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for space-conscious individuals, college dorm life or even camper or RV travelling.

This mini waffle maker boasts a sleek design, an indicator light, non-slip feet, and an easy to clean nonstick plate. Its trendy colour options allow it to match any kitchen décor and could even act as a perfect wedding or a new home gift for friends and family members.

However, there are some considerations you need to look into when choosing the Candora Mini Machine. It may become faulty after using for an extending time, and despite its small size, it may be difficult to clean.


  • It has a fast cooking time
  • It can be used as a perfect gift 
  • It is easy to use 
  • This waffle maker can also be used to make hash browns and paninis
  • It has a sleek design


  • It May become faulty over time 
  • Some users may find it too small
  • Cleaning it might be a daunting task since the nonstick plate is not removable

What to Look For in A Waffle Maker

Now that you know all about the best waffle maker in the UK stores have to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the features you should consider when shopping for waffle makers.

Waffle Type

When shopping for the best waffle makers, it’s always important to consider the type of waffle you like and whether it’s Belgian or American style waffles you prefer. Bear in mind that Belgian waffles are thicker, fluffier and they have deep pockets.

This makes them ideal for holding extra toppings or maple syrup. On the other hand, American waffles are typically thinner with a heavy texture.

Also, always consider how many waffles you will be making at a time. If you prefer one waffle at a time, then it’s best to go for a waffle maker with one cooking plate. However, if you prefer more than one, it’s best to settle with a maker that can make two or four waffles at a time. Such waffle makers are ideal for batch cooking or for larger groups of people.

Temperature Settings

It’s noteworthy to mention that not all waffle makers come with variable temperature settings. Instead, a number of them come with one simple temperature setting that serves as a general preference, considered a “done” waffle.

However, if you want a more versatile waffle maker, always consider one that comes with a variable temperature setting and an adjustable browning setting. This will enable you to make waffles according to your preference to achieve the perfect crunch and softness for your liking.

Ease of Cleaning

Any kitchen appliance that is difficult to clean will always make you reluctant to use it, and waffle makers are no exception. So when shopping for one, always settle on a maker that is easy to clean.

We think that the best waffle makers come with nonstick cooking plates as they will make cooking a breeze and make it easier to clean them. They will ensure no sticky messes during cooking, and your waffles don’t come out broken.

It’s also worth mentioning that using plastic tongs or chopsticks is always important when using a waffle maker. This will help you not to scratch the nonstick surface of the cooking plates.

Furthermore, always go for a waffle maker that has a spillover channel or plates. This will not only keep your messes at bay, but also they will help reduce your cleaning time after.

Also, consider settling for waffle makers that come with a measuring cup that helps portion the waffle batter, as this helps prevent overflows in the first place.

Cooking Plates

Different waffle makers have different cooking plates. Some have removable plates while others don’t. However, one of the most common characteristics of these plates is their nonstick coating.

So whether you’re going for a rotating waffle maker or a flip-over waffle maker, always consider the type of waffle plate it has. If you are going to be using your waffle maker to prepare various snacks, then go for one that comes in a 3 in 1 design. But if you will be making just waffles, then a single plate waffle maker will get the job done.

a pastry-making machine in the kitchen

Indicator Light

Most waffle makers come with inbuilt indicator lights that are designed to alert you when different phases of the cooking process start and end.

These lights play a very important role as they can tell whether the maker is on, preheated, and ready for the batter. Also, these lights indicate once the batter is cooked evenly at the ideal temperature.

Bear in mind that these lights are used to eliminate the trial and error tests when it comes to determining the optimal cooking time for different waffle machines.

Ease of Storage

Ease of storage is another factor you should consider when buying your waffle maker since you will likely not be using it on a daily basis. It’s always advisable to settle on one that suits your storage space and preference.

Keep in mind that it comes with built-in cord storage or a cord winder to avoid tangles. At the same time, others have a locking mechanism with the ability to easily tuck the cord horizontally or vertically. Also, consider the shape of your waffle maker, as this will help you determine if it will fit in your shelf space or not.


That is it on our waffle maker reviews. Please note that every option of the reviews above will definitely make a great choice. However, if we have to choose which is the best waffle maker in the UK, then we would go for our editor’s choice, The Salter Store EK2143.

Not only does it boast of its versatility, but also it comes with removable nonstick plates that can be used as a sandwich toaster and a panini grill. Also, this waffle maker is made with stainless steel, but it has a cool to the touch handle. And a compact design for easy and convenient storage.

The Salter Store EK2143 also features easy to read indicator lights that will alert you once the cooking is done to serve them up with your choice of topping. Generally, this has to best waffle maker to settle for.

What features are you looking for in a waffle maker?

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