Best Omelette Makers of 2023

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Top 10 Best Omelette Makers

  1. Salter Dual Chamber EK2716AS (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Red Copper 5-Minute Chef Single Chamber (Luxury Choice)
  3. Global Gourmet Dual Chamber GG023 (Best Value)
  4. Quest Dual Chamber 35640 (Best Large)
  5. VonShef Dual Chamber 13/243 (Best with Cool Touch Handles)
  6. Daewoo Double Chamber SDA1556 (Best Easy Clean)
  7. Geepas Dual Chamber GOM36535UK (Best with Temperature Control)
  8. Andrew James Dual Chamber B06X9TGS1N (Best Non-Stick)
  9. Quest Nutri-Q Dual Chamber 35650 (Best Marble Coated)
  10. Lékué Platinum (Best Silicone)

Omelette makers simplify the omelette making process and bring you perfectly cooked, tasty and fluffy omelettes in just a few minutes. They are easy to use and clean, and they are budget-friendly.

But why get an omelette maker when you can simply use a non-stick pan? There are several reasons. For one, it is faster and way more effective compared to a conventional cooking pan. You can be confident that your omelettes are cooked to perfection with omelette makers. Second, they are versatile. You can cook numerous omelettes simultaneously, and you can even use them for cooking other recipes! You can make quesadillas, pancakes, frittatas and even burgers!

So, with all the things an omelette maker can do, it is smart to invest in one.

When choosing the right omelette maker for your home, you have a few things to consider, like what type you want, what size will best suit your needs, and which options are made from quality components. There are so many omelette maker options available on the market today this may sound tricky at first, but we are here to help. Keep reading to learn all about our top 10 picks for the best omelette maker in the UK and how we chose them in the following buyer’s guide.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to find the right omelette maker for you that fits your preferences and your budget!

Omelette Maker Reviews

Salter Dual Chamber EK2716AS (Editor’s Choice)

When it comes to overall quality and performance, the Salter Dual Chamber EK2716AS Omelette Maker is our top choice. It has a strong and durable build and comes from a trusted UK brand proven reliable.

This electric omelette maker has a stylish and durable exterior made from brushed stainless steel. Inside, non-stick aluminium plates form a dual chamber that allows you to make two omelettes at one time.

Not only does this omelette maker perform exceptionally well and ensure evenly cooked omelettes, but it looks good too. It is also easy to clean as a result of the non-stick coating. Any leftover omelette mix comes off with nothing more than a quick wipe with a damp cloth.

This option only takes about two to three minutes to heat up, which helps reduce the overall amount of time needed to prepare foods. These omelette makers also feature power and ready indicator light, so you will know exactly when to add your egg batter and when it is done cooking; no guesswork is required. 

Salter Dual Chamber EK2716AS Omelette Maker may have longer cooking times when compared to other options on our list, and the lid could wobble a slight amount, so make sure to close it with precision. To save paper and minimise waste, it also does not come with instructions or the recipe book included in the box, so you will have to look them up online.


  • Heats up quickly 
  • Durable aluminium non-stick cooking plates 
  • Trusted UK brand name 
  • Power and ready indicator lights 
  • Stylish stainless steel exterior 


  • The lid may wobble slightly 
  • There might be no instructions included in the box 
  • It might have relatively longer cooking times 

Red Copper 5-Minute Chef Single Chamber (Luxury Choice)

The Red Copper 5-Minute Chef Single Chamber Omelette Maker promises to make you the perfect omelette or delicious meal with every use. This is our top luxury choice because it uses quality materials and possesses advanced durability when compared to other omelette makers available on the market today.

The Red Copper 5-Minute Chef Single Chamber is constructed out of non-stick copper-infused ceramic cooking plates and has a bright red exterior. This style of a cooking plate in an omelette maker has extreme durability and advanced non-stick capabilities that should not wear off as quickly as other styles.

In addition, this omelette maker can do a lot more than just cook eggs, so it brings added versatility and convenience to your kitchen in more ways than just making omelettes. The copper-infused ceramic plates make cooking all kinds of meats, cakes, and even pizza pockets possible.

Indicator lights are built into the lid to help guide you during the cooking process, regardless of what you are maki; as a bonus, a recipe book comes included with your purchase that contains a range of possibilities catered specifically to the device.

The single chamber design of this electric omelette maker means it can only make one omelette at a time, which could be viewed as a con by some people. It could also be too small for some people’s intended purposes, and don’t be fooled by the name; it does take longer than five minutes to cook many foods.


  • Luxury quality construction 
  • Indicator lights for easy operation 
  • Highly versatile cooking
  • Copper-infused cooking surface 
  • Superior non-stick ability


  • It might only make one omelette at a time 
  • It could be too small for some homes 
  • It takes longer than five minutes to cook some food

Global Gourmet Dual Chamber GG023 (Best Value)

If you are after an omelette maker that comes at an excellent value, the Global Gourmet Est. 2013 Dual Chamber GG023 could be the pick for you. It comes with all of the basic features you could want and is a great option for smaller homes.

This 700-watt omelette maker features a dual-sided design that allows you to make two smaller sized fluffy omelettes at one time. It takes two eggs to fill both sides. The omelette pan also has a non-stick coating to help with cleaning and cooking.

This omelette maker has a cool-touch handle and non-slip feet on the base to ensure safety. An easy to read ready indicator light also alerts you when the power is on and when your omelettes are done cooking.

The Global Gourmet Est. 2013 Dual Chamber GG023 omelette maker comes with a one year guarantee backed by the manufacturer to ensure its overall quality. While this device is already compact, it also contains built-in cord storage to help make it even easier to store in small spaces.

This option is somewhat smaller by design, so it may not be the best choice for more than one or two people or if you like to add lots of fillings to your omelettes. In addition, the non-stick surface could be lacking, so don’t be surprised if your omelettes occasionally stick, especially if you don’t use a good amount of oil or grease. 


  • Dual-chamber pan design
  • Non-slip feet
  • Cool-touch handle
  • Excellent value 
  • Compact size


  • It may not be ideal for larger families 
  • The non-stick surface could be lacking 
  • The smaller design may restrict adding fillings 

Quest Dual Chamber 35640 (Best Large)

A large omelette maker with a dual-sided design is superior for making larger portions and families. If this sounds like a good fit for your home, the Quest Dual Chamber 35640 could be the best omelette maker for you.

This omelette maker uses 750 watts of power to cook two large and delicious omelettes in just 5 to 6 minutes. It features a cool-touch handle and non-stick ceramic cooking plates to make it as easy to use as possible. With the right amount of oil, your omelettes should slide right out when they are done cooking.

Making omelettes is also easy with this device, thanks to its ready indicator light that tells you when your food is perfectly cooked. For further convenience, it also has non-skid feet, built-in cord storage and can be stored upright to save space when not in use. As far as electric omelette makers go, this option is easy to clean. All it takes is a quick wipe with a damp cloth or sponge.

The Quest Dual Chamber 35640 does take a little bit longer to cook omelettes, but that should be expected due to the larger capacity and size of the finished product. The non-stick coating on the cooking plates could also prove to be less durable when compared to other top options on our list, and you may need to look up detailed instructions online as it does not come with them.


  • Dual-chamber pan design 
  • Large capacity 
  • Ready indicator light 
  • Non-skid feet 
  • Easy to clean 


  • It might take a bit longer to cook 
  • It may lack detailed instructions 
  • It might have a less durable non-stick coating 

VonShef Dual Chamber 13/243 (Best with Cool Touch Handles)

The VonShef Dual Chamber 13/243 makes an excellent choice for user safety and convenience. It also has a large capacity and can cook more than just omelettes.

Our favourite feature of this omelette maker is its highly effective cool-touch handle, which is important for your safety and overall convenience. We also love that it heats up in under two minutes and has a faster cooking speed to help save you time overall.

This omelette maker also has a large capacity, making its rapid cooking times even more impressive. You should be able to cook two eggs plus fillings in each chamber without any overflow. It also cooks pancakes and poached eggs.

Non-stick plates create the cooking surface on VonShef Dual Chamber 13/243 omelette makers to help your food cook evenly without sticking. The non-stick surfaces also help make it easier to clean when the time comes. To finish it off, it also has anti-slip feet.

Regretfully, the non-stick surface may not last as long as expected and also could scratch fairly easily, so make sure to only use wood or silicone utensils with it. Lastly, some people found that it trips their power from time to time.


  • Quality cool-touch handle 
  • Rapid heating ability and short cooking time
  • Non-stick plates 
  • Dual-chamber cooking pan 
  • Cooks up to four eggs plus fillings simultaneously


  • The cooking surface could scratch easier than expected
  • The non-stick coating may be less durable 
  • It might have the potential to trip the power occasionally 

Daewoo Double Chamber SDA1556 (Best Easy Clean)

If you are looking for something easy to clean, this product might be the best omelette maker in the UK.

Sometimes, how easy or difficult a kitchen appliance is to clean can make a big impact on how often you use it or if you decide to use one data ll. With this in mind, our top pick for the best omelette maker that is easy to clean is the Daewoo Double Chamber SDA1556. We also think you’ll like its larger capacity and sleek overall appearance.

These 750-watt omelette makers feature a stainless steel finish giving it a sleek and easy to clean exterior. The Daewoo Double Chamber SDA1556 Omelette Maker makes cleaning easy with its deep fill pan with a quality non-stick coating. The deep dual-chamber pan can cook two eggs on each side at one time.

Even with the larger omelette maker pan capacity, this appliance remains fairly compact, so it is easy to store in cabinets, large drawers, or slim shelves. The large capacity and compact size make this option a great choice for families with limited storage space.

This omelette maker has a cool-touch handle for user comfort and overall safety to give you easy access to fluffy omelettes inside. It also has built-in ready and power indicator lights on the lid to help you keep track of the machine’s status and your food’s progress.

This may be the best electric omelette maker for easy cleaning, but it could prove to be somewhat less durable, and the indicator lights may burn out over time. The lid may also wobble slightly, but most people do not find any significant issues with this omelette maker.


  • Easy to clean 
  • Sleek stainless steel finish 
  • Cool-touch handle 
  • Deep fill fry pan 
  • Quality non-stick coating 


  • The lid could wobble slightly 
  • Indicator lights may burn out over time 
  • It might be less durable overall 

Geepas Dual Chamber GOM36535UK (Best with Temperature Control)

Automatic temperature control can go a long way when it comes to making perfect fluffy omelettes, so you probably want it in your omelette maker, right? Well, with the Geepas Dual Chamber GOM36535UK Omelette Maker, that’s what you’ll get, plus a whole lot more which earned it its space on our best-of list.

Compared to other omelette maker options, this one is significantly more powerful with its 1000 watt design. This helps it heat up and cook food faster, even with its 14 mm deep omelette pan plates. The dual omelette pan can hold two eggs on each side and has a substantial non-stick coating.

In addition to making delicious omelettes, the automatic temperature control on this appliance also makes cooking any style of fried eggs possible. Think of it more as a multi-cooker for all your breakfast and lunch needs. Geepas also included a cool-touch handle in the build to help make the temperature even more manageable.

The Geepas Dual Chamber GOM36535UK Omelette Maker also features non-slip feet to help add stability overall and keep it sturdy on your countertop or tabletop surfaces. There is also built-in cord storage for your convenience, and it comes with a 2-year warranty.

Be aware that this omelette maker’s exterior can get quite hot, so make sure always to use the cool touch handle when it is powered up. In addition, it does not come with recipes included and may be missing the nylon spatula accessory mentioned in the instruction manual.


  • Automatic temperature control 
  • 2-year warranty 
  • Deep 14 mm cooking plates 
  • Cool-touch handle 
  • Multicooker capability 


  • It may not come with recipes 
  • The exterior could get quite hot 
  • It might be missing the spatula that should come included 

Andrew James Dual Chamber B06X9TGS1N (Best Non-Stick)

If you value a superior non-stick coating on your appliances, we recommend the Andrew James Dual Chamber B06X9TGS1N Omelette Maker for your home. Making omelettes is easy with this option, and it has a medium-large capacity that makes it great for preparing food for more than just one or two people at a time.

The Andrew James Dual Chamber B06X9TGS1N Omelette Maker is built with strong materials, including a stainless steel exterior. Its advanced non-stick coating makes it easy to clean and make omelettes using little to no oil or grease to prevent sticking.

The dual-sided omelette pan in this device allows you to cook three eggs plus some added cheese or another type of filling ingredient at one time. Simply fill both sides of the omelette pan with your desired egg mixture, and in just a few minutes, like four to five to be exact, the green indicator light signals you that your omelette is thoroughly cooked and ready to be served.

To round out this omelette maker’s features and design Andrew James included a cool-touch handle, non-slip feet, and built-in cord storage. These features help make it more user friendly and easy to store in an organised manner.

This omelette maker could potentially leak somewhat easier than expected, and the appliance overall could also prove to be somewhat less durable when compared to other omelette makers on our list. You should also know that the screws keeping the lid together could be slightly loose upon arrival, but you can easily tighten them with a smaller screwdriver.


  • Power and ready indicator lights 
  • Stainless steel exterior 
  • 4 to 5 minute cooking time 
  • Non-stick cooking plates 
  • Holds three eggs plus filling per batch 


  • It could be less durable 
  • Screws could be a bit loose upon arrival 
  • Might overflow easier than expected 

Quest Nutri-Q Dual Chamber 35650 (Best Marble Coated)

If you want to find an omelette maker with an environmentally friendly non-stick surface, the Quest Nutri-D Dual Chamber 35650 makes a fabulous choice for the best omelette maker in the UK. It features a durable marble coating on the cooking plates which helps give this appliance advanced cooking power.

The advanced marble coating on this omelette maker’s dual-chamber cooking plates won’t break down over time and brings you increased cooking speeds. It can cook two omelettes in just 5 to 6 minutes. The marble coating is also versatile and, with most foods, does not require any oil, which helps you make healthier meals in general.

Considering the precise timing needed for making perfect omelettes, red and green indicator lights are built into the lid to signal when the device is preheated and when your omelette is done cooking. The lid also features an auto-lock to help make perfectly shaped omelettes every time and also to help prevent overflow.

The dual-chamber on this omelette maker can hold three eggs at one time. This makes it great for serving about two people. It also has a cool-touch handle that extends from the lid.

Regretfully, the Quest Nutri-Q Dual Chamber 35650 does not come with any recipes included, and the lid may be a bit tricky to open when the device is hot due to the smaller handle design. Also, while the ceramic coating comes with quite a few perks, its main drawback is that it typically takes a little more time to heat up to an appropriate temperature for cooking.


  • Auto-locking lid 
  • Long-lasting non-stick ability 
  • Rapid cooking times 
  • Environmentally friendly design 
  • No oil needed for cooking 


  • It might take a little to heat up 
  • It may not come with recipes
  • The lid can be a bit tricky when hot 

Lékué Platinum (Best Silicone)

If you are not looking for a whole new appliance and would rather use a special pan to make omelettes, the Lékué Platinum Silicone is our top choice. This is the best microwave omelette maker on our list, and you can also use it in the oven if you have the extra time.

This omelette maker frying pan is made from high-quality platinum silicone that folds into a clam shape. The BPA free silicone repels germs and water making it easy to clean and advancing food safety. The silicone is also dishwasher safe. You may find it unnecessary because of how easily it wipes down, but it is still a nice perk.

The 250 ml capacity of this red silicone omelette maker allows it to make decent-sized omelettes in just about 5 minutes. Another benefit of the silicone construction is that it is naturally non-stick, and no butter or oil is required to prevent your omelette ingredients from sticking to the material. The Lékué Platinum Silicone Omelette Maker also comes with a recipe booklet to help spark ideas for new and delicious omelettes.

While this style of omelette maker is good for some homes, it does require a microwave or oven to use, and the softer shape may lead to spills more often than a solid structure would if you are not careful. In addition, while they may taste good, the omelettes it makes may not look as appetising and may not be all that fluffy compared to omelettes made in electric models. 


  • Easy to use in the microwave or oven
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Advanced food safety
  • No butter or oil required 
  • Easy extraction of omelettes 


  • It might spill somewhat easily 
  • It might require a microwave to use 
  • Omelettes could be less fluffy 

Choosing the Best Omelette Maker: A Buyer’s Guide

What to Look For When Buying an Omelette Maker

While reading through omelette maker reviews can be extremely helpful when it comes to finding the best omelette maker for your home, you may still have some questions about narrowing down the choices. The following sections explore important traits found in omelette makers to evaluate which ones are most important for you and choose the best [ossibel omelette maker for you and your home’s omelette making needs.

Different Types of Omelette Makers

There are three main omelette makers: electric, silicone, and pan style.

An electric omelette machine is the most popular style because it does not require any additional equipment and does all the work for you. They sit on a counter or table and are typically about the same size as a compact waffle maker. Almost all of our top 10 picks are electric models because we love their convenience, and we think you’ll agree.


A silicone microwave omelette maker is another somewhat common type of omelette maker. They are clam-shaped and can also be used in the oven; however, this takes significantly more time. Silicone is naturally non-stick, durable, and is often dishwasher safe. Of course, unlike an electric omelette maker, you will have to flip the ingredients halfway through, and you can only use it with a microwave or oven.

A stovetop or omelette maker pan is less popular than the other options but still is not uncommon. They work similarly to a silicone omelette maker but are more like regular cookware used on a hob.


Size is one of the most important traits to consider when choosing a new omelette maker. If you only make food for one or two people, a smaller appliance could be all you need. However, if you plan on making omelettes for more than two people at a time, you may want to pick an omelette maker with a larger capacity and deeper cooking plates.


You should also keep an eye out for additional features that further simplify the omelette making process. Some of our favourite features include a locking lid, automatic temperature control, cool-touch handles, non-slip feet, and a durable non-stick surface on the cooking plates. While you can find most of these features on most omelette makers, they vary in quality from one device to the next so pay attention to the details.

Ease of Cleaning

Egg mix from omelettes can easily become sticky and hard to clean up, so we also think it is essential to look for an omelette maker that is easy to clean. This is another reason we chose to include omelette makers with non-stick properties on our list. For the most part, you should be able to simply wipe down the cooking plates with no need for soap and water. Pro-tip, adding a small amount of non-stick cooking spray before you add your omelette mixture can also help make your appliance easier to clean as well.

a pair of hands opening a kitchen device that cooks food

Silicone omelette makers may be the easiest to clean of all, seeing as how they are dishwasher safe, but as you know, they come with other cons.

Benefits of Cooking With an Omelette Maker

Unlike cooking omelettes in a traditional pan, omelette makers make the entire process super easy, convenient, and accessible to almost anyone, even kids. An electric omelette maker eliminates the need to flip the ingredients halfway through and makes a perfectly shaped finished product. Omelette makers also establish the perfect temperature, shut off automatically when your food is done, and work so you can have a tasty meal in just a few minutes.

You can use an omelette maker to make various omelette recipes, but what about other foods? Can you make scrambled eggs in an omelette maker? You bet you can! You can fry eggs, and it doesn’t stop there either. You can also use an electric omelette maker to make a breakfast sandwich or other types of grilled sandwiches, mini cakes, pancakes, meats, and more. Many models come with recipe booklets containing omelette recipe ideas and more for just this reason.

The Best Omelette Maker for You

If you want to make delicious and fluffy omelettes quickly and easily, using an omelette maker instead of a frying pan is your best bet. While you have plenty of options, as you now know, our top pick for the best omelette maker in the UK is the Salter Dual Chamber EK2716AS. It is produced by a trusted UK brand, saves you time overall by heating up quickly, and is easy to use thanks to its power and ready indicator lights. This electric omelette maker also has a solid stainless steel exterior and durable aluminium non-stick cooking plates. 

As we mentioned before, the lid on the Salter omelette maker may wobble slightly. The instructions and recipes promised are only available online, and they might have longer cooking times when compared to some other top options. However, we still think it stands out amongst the crowd.

If, for any reason, this doesn’t sound like the best electric omelette maker for you, there are plenty of other fantastic options to pick from on our list. Which one is the best omelette maker for you?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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