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Top 10 Best Gas Hobs

  1. Millar GH7051PB (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Millar GH9061PB (Luxury Choice)
  3. Russell Hobbs RH60GH402DS (Best Value)
  4. Millar GH6041XEB (Best Modern)
  5. Russell Hobbs RH60GH402SS (Best Basic)
  6. Russell Hobbs RH75GH601SS (Best Stainless Steel)
  7. Sia GHG713BL (Best Five-Burner)
  8. NOXTON PF640STX (Best Four-Burner)
  9. Cookology GGH755BK (Best Glass-Topped)
  10. Karinear Convertible (Best Black)

Many chefs and home cooks prefer gas hobs because they can bring instant heat to your dishes and allow you to manipulate the temperature with great accuracy. Gas hobs are also relatively cheaper compared to electric stoves. They are more versatile and can be used to simmer, grill and sear!

If you are considering installing a new gas hob in your home, you have many options and quite a few things to consider, like the number of burners, the materials used to make it, and the build quality overall.

This may sound tricky at first, but finding the best gas hob available on the market today doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you have our help.

Please keep reading to learn all about our top 10 picks for the best gas hob in the UK and what makes them so special.

Gas Hob Reviews

Millar GH7051PB (Editor’s Choice)

The Millar GH7051PB Gas Hob has a sleek and stylish appearance that performs exceptionally well. It makes an excellent choice for most homes thanks to its highly versatile cooking space with variable burner styles.

This gas hob features a black tempered glass top with five burners. The burners include two auxiliary burners, one semi-rapid burner, one rapid burner, and one wok burner, all of which help you gain precise control over the cooking process. We love the glass top on this hob because it is easy to clean.

For added peace of mind, the Millar GH7051PB Gas Hob comes with a flame failure safety device on each of the five burners. It also comes with an LPG kit, which can easily be converted to accommodate an alternate gas supply if necessary.

This gas hob may be a bit noisier than expected, and the burner placement could prevent you from using large pans simultaneously. Also, some pans may be a bit less stable due to the minimal pan supports, but if you position them correctly, this shouldn’t be an issue.


  • Black tempered glass cooking surface
  • Five variable burners 
  • Wok burner 
  • Flame failure safety feature 
  • LPG conversion kit comes included 


  • Pans could be less stable 
  • It may have closer burner placement 
  • It can be relatively noisy 

Millar GH9061PB (Luxury Choice)

If you are looking for an extra-large gas hob capable of cooking for large families and groups of people, the Millar GH9061PB could be the best choice for you. Its luxury quality build is durable and gives you multiple cooking zones with varying amounts of power.

Six burners adorn the top of the Millar GH9061PB Gas Hob. The range contains one auxiliary burner, three semi-rapid burners, one wok burner, and one rapid burner. While the rapid burner is powerful, the wok burner has an extra-strong gas flame which is ideal for use with a larger pan like a wok or when you want to boil water for pasta.

Durable cast iron pan supports help keep your cookware stable even while you cook. A flame safety device is also built into each burner, and this gas hob comes with an LPG conversion kit for added convenience.

You should know the glass surface may develop small scratches from the cast iron pan supports over time, and some people find the black glass shows streaks quite easily. This gas hob may also be too large for some homes.


  • Six-burner design 
  • Black tempered glass surface 
  • Cast iron pan supports 
  • Burner for rapid heating 
  • Powerful wok burner 


  • The cast iron supports could cause scratches 
  • The black glass may show streaks easily 
  • It might be too large for some homes 

Russell Hobbs RH60GH402DS (Best Value)

If you are looking for a great value gas hob, the Russell Hobbs RH60GH402DS is one of the best deals around. It has a quality build and comes with all the features you might expect from a highly functional gas hob.

The Russell Hobbs RH60GH402DS Gas Hob has four burners: a rapid burner for powerful instant heat. The base is made from black glass, and the pan supports are made from highly durable cast iron. With this device, you can expect stable gas cooking for many years to come.

Each of the control knobs on this gas hob is clearly labelled, eliminating any confusion while you cook. The burners also feature automatic ignition, which is easy to use and easy to clean overall.

As you can tell, this gas hob lacks a wok burner. In addition, the lowest setting may still be too strong for simmering, and adjusting the temperature may not be the easiest compared to other top options.


  • Four-burner cooking zone 
  • Black glass cooking surface 
  • Cast iron pan supports 
  • Automatic ignition 
  • Clearly labelled control knobs 


  • It may lack a wok burner 
  • Temperature adjustments may be trickier 
  • It may not be ideal for simmering 

Millar GH6041XEB (Best Modern)

If you prefer a modern gas hob, the Millar GH6041XEB is our top choice. It has a minimalist and modern design style and gas burners of varying strengths, so you won’t have to sacrifice function for form.

This black hob is gas on glass, making it easy to clean with a sleek overall appearance. It features four gas burners that consist of two auxiliary burners, a semi-rapid burner, and a wok burner giving you an arrangement of gas supply options.

Like other gas models on the market, safety features are also built into each burner on these gas hobs. The control knobs are also durable and turn easily, giving you maximum control over the gas supply while you cook. An LPG conversion kit also comes included with your purchase.

Even with the excellent build quality of the Millar GH6041XEB, it may scratch somewhat easier than expected, and we think the pan supports could be improved. Lastly, it could be too small for some kitchen setups.


  • Minimalist and modern design style 
  • Gas on glass 
  • Black tempered glass 
  • Built-in safety features 
  • Easy turn metal knobs 


  • The pan supports could be improved 
  • The surface might scratch easier than expected 
  • It may be too small for some kitchens 

Russell Hobbs RH60GH402SS (Best Basic)

Often, a basic design can be highly effective without complicating things unnecessarily, and with the Russell Hobbs RH60GH402SS gas hob, that is what you get. While it may not have all of the bells and whistles available, it performs exceptionally well and looks good doing it, too, making it a great pick for the best gas hob in the UK.

These four-burner gas hobs feature two semi-rapid burners, an auxiliary burner, and a rapid burner zone. Its basic design makes it easy to use and clean because it lacks unnecessary ridges and crevices in the surface and overall structure. 

Russell Hobbs RH60GH402SS gas hobs are constructed from a stainless steel cooking surface and cast iron pan supports. A built-in flame failure device on each burner automatically turns off the gas flow if the flame is not lit.

Regretfully, the temperature control on these gas hobs may not vary much as other top options on our list, and it may not be the best option for simmering small amounts of food. In addition, the knob placement can cause them to heat up while you are cooking, so make sure you are careful.


  • Simple and basic design style 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Easy to use 
  • Stainless steel finish 
  • Cast iron pan supports 


  • The control knobs could heat up 
  • Less temperature variation is possible 
  • Not ideal for simmering small amounts of food 

Russell Hobbs RH75GH601SS (Best Stainless Steel)

The Russell Hobbs RH75GH601SS might be the best gas hob for you looking for a stainless steel cooking surface. Some people prefer stainless steel because they find it is more forgiving when it comes to watermarks and stains, as this gas hob is.

These gas hobs feature five burners complemented by a stable cast iron support system for your pans. The burner setup is made with an auxiliary zone, two semi-rapid zones, and a triple-zone that is great for cooking with a skillet or wok.

The burners are spread out to give you plenty of room to cook for large groups and larger sized families. Russell Hobbs RH75GH601SS gas hobs also have easy to use turn dial controls that adjust the heat distribution accurately.

Unfortunately, the surface on these gas hobs may scratch a bit easier than expected, and it is not the easiest to light. You will also need to adjust the flame settings with a small knife or sharp tool upon arrival. 


  • Stainless steel cooking surface 
  • Stable pan support system 
  • Resists watermarks and stains 
  • Five burners 
  • Great for larger families 


  • You may need to adjust the flame settings upon arrival
  • It may not be the easiest to light 
  • It could scratch easier than expected 

Sia GHG713BL (Best Five-Burner)

If you are looking for the best five burner hob, the Sia GHG713BL is our top recommendation. It has a professional-looking minimalist appearance that leaves your pans unhindered and also helps make it easier to clean overall.

This five-burner gas hob is built with a wide-open cooktop and various burners. It contains a triple-flame wok burner, a rapid burner, an auxiliary burner, and two semi-rapid burners.

The burners are topped off with easy-to-clean enamel burner caps and pan stands. In addition, a five-year warranty on parts and a two-year labour guarantee back this gas hobs performance ability, both of which are provided by the manufacturer.

The Sia GHG713BL is a great gas hob, but its potential cons all have to do with the pan supports. They are somewhat smaller overall, tend to slide or move around easily, and the enamel could start to discolour pr peel off with extended use.


  • 5-ring glass hob 
  • Minimalist appearance 
  • Easy to clean enamel burner caps and pan stands 
  • Three-flame wok burner 
  • Five-year warranty on parts and Two-year guarantee on labour 


  • The enamel could peel over time 
  • The supports could slide easily 

NOXTON PF640STX (Best Four-Burner)

With the NOXTON PF640STX, you get a classic four-burner gas hob with a unique burner arrangement. The burner placement maximizes usable space and gives it a fun look.

The NOXTON PF640STX gas hobs feature a thick stainless steel base and four versatile burner options. It has two auxiliary burners, a semi-rapid burner, and a rapid burner for when you need to kick up the heat. All burners are covered with stable cast iron supports that will keep your pans level while you cook.

The control knobs on these gas hobs are built with flame-out protection and automatic ignition for your convenience and safety. These gas hobs come with an NG gas kit which you can remove to make them compatible with an LPG gas connection.

Potential cons for these gas hobs include the paint indicating the flame settings on the knobs possibly wearing off over time, and it comes with a somewhat less secure seal. Lastly, this may not be the best choice for you if you prefer a larger cook space with more burners.


  • Four-burner design
  • Built-in flame protection 
  • Thick stainless steel base 
  • Sturdy cast iron supports 
  • Excellent space management 


  • Setting paint on knobs could wear off 
  • It may be too small for larger families 
  • The seal may be less secure

Cookology GGH755BK (Best Glass-Topped)

A glass-topped gas hob is not only easy to clean but also has a sleek and stylish appearance desired by many. If this feature sounds good to you, we strongly recommend the Cookology GGH755BK gas hob for your home.

This large gas hob features five burners with a stable cast iron support system. Whether you use its auxiliary burner, rapid burner, wok burner, or two semi-rapid burners, this hob will well support your pans to help cook your food evenly.

While this gas hob has automatic ignition, it can also conveniently be lit using a match if you have a power outage. As a bonus, this gas hob with wok burner ability comes with a cast iron wok stand. After cooking with your wok, you can transfer it to the stand to free up cooking space on the hob or use it as a serving dish.

Be aware that even on the lowest setting, the burners on the Cookology GGH755BK gas hob run a bit high, and they could take a second or two longer to ignite. Also, gas on glass is not everyone’s preferred choice, but we still love this gas hob and its overall appearance and performance.


  • Sleek black tempered glass base 
  • Five burners 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Stable cast iron supports 
  • Automatic ignition 


  • It may slightly have delayed ignition 
  • It may run relatively high on the lowest setting 
  • Gas on glass may not be for everyone 

Karinear Convertible (Best Black)

Black hobs tend to be quite popular in modern homes as they look stylish, and they often don’t show food residue as clearly as a white or stainless steel cooktop. With this in mind, our top pick for a black gas hob is the Karinear KNG-PF640STGB-1.

The black tempered glass and other hob components boast a premium quality overall. We love the continuous cast-iron grates that cover the cooktop and support pots and pans of all sizes without any issues.

The design of this gas hob includes four burners, an auxiliary burner, a wok burner, and two semi-rapid burners. The Karinear KNG-PF640STGB-1 is compatible with both LPG and NG gas supplies, and the burners feature flame failure protection.

This gas hob may be too small for some homes, and the extensive grate system could lead to scratches on the cooktop surface over time. The only other thing we think you should know is that Karinear is a new company so while we believe this product is exceptional, they don’t have much of a reputation.


  • Black tempered glass cooktop 
  • Premium quality construction 
  • Continuous cast-iron grates 
  • Versatile and safe 
  • Four burners 


  • It could be too small for some kitchens 
  • Could scratch over time 
  • It may not be that famous as it is a new company

The Best Gas Hobs: A Buyer’s Guide

What to Look for In the Best Gas Hobs

After reading through all of our reviews for the best gas hob in the UK, you may be wondering, how do I choose a gas hob when they all sound great? The following sections will help narrow down your choices by highlighting some important traits to look out for when narrowing down your options.

Glass or Stainless Steel

When purchasing a new gas hob, one of the first things you should consider is what material you want the cooktop to be. The best gas hobs are made of either stainless steel or glass, commonly referred to as gas on glass. This largely boils down to your personal preference when it comes to appearance, but the cooktop’s material can also make a difference in durability.


While a glass hob looks stunningly sleek and can be cleaned easily, over time, it can start to develop small scratches near the burner supports. Conversely, a stainless steel hob may be more durable but often trickier to clean and doesn’t have the same sleek appearance.


Burners are another important trait to consider when comparing the best gas hobs. How many burners do you think you want or will use? Gas hobs range from two to burners per hob. You will also want to think about the burner placement, size, and type to determine which option best suits your specific needs. Do you anticipate stir-frying foods and cooking with a wok? If so, choose a hob with a wok burner. Do you want several rapid burners or semi-rapid burners? The choice is yours.

Ease of Cleaning

Finally, we recommend considering how easy a gas hob will be to clean. Some people prefer a glass hob because they can easily clean it with various things. However, glass often shows streaks and watermarks easily. Stainless steel isn’t that difficult to clean but often requires more work and a special cleaning agent.

A ceramic coating on burners can also help make cleaning easier, but this can also lower durability.

Benefits of Cooking with a Gas Hob

A gas hob has several benefits for chefs when compared to other types of hobs. A gas hob brings you instant heat, is compatible with any pot or pan, and allows you to manipulate the temperature with great accuracy visually. Some older gas hob models require a manual ignition, but almost all modern models feature an automatic ignition making them super convenient and easy to use.


Gas hobs work much faster than electric hobs, and while induction hobs also bring instant heat to your dishes, they require special pots and pans for them to work.

The Best Gas Hob for You

Our number one Editor’s Choice for the best gas hob in the UK is the Millar GH7051PB. It has a sleek black tempered glass cooking surface with five variable burners, including a wok burner, plus a flame failure safety feature for each burner. It also comes with an LPG conversion kit.

As we mentioned before, some pans could be less stable due to the pan supports, and its closer burner placement could cause large pans to compete for space when used simultaneously.

Compared to other top options on our list, it can also be relatively noisy, but we still think it makes a great choice overall. Is it the best option for you and your home? Or, is one of the other fantastic options on our list calling your name?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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