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Top 10 Best Ice Cream Makers

  1. Cuisinart Deluxe (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Cuisinart ICE100BCU (Luxury Choice)
  3. Andrew James Machine (Best Value)
  4. Duoronic IM540 (Best Easy to Use)
  5. Sensio Home Machine (Best Quick)
  6. VonShef Machine (Best Compact)
  7. Domo Pro DO9066L (Best LCD Display)
  8. Lakeland Digital (Best With Recipe Book)
  9. Buffalo DM067
  10. Cuisinart Style Collection Dessert Maker

Forget about expensive store-bought ice cream. What you need in your life is divine homemade ice cream that is bursting with flavour and sweetness. But how can you make your own ice cream? With the best ice cream maker in the UK, of course! In this guide, we look at a range of the best ice cream makers so you can produce amazing frozen treats from your kitchen!

How We Compared Ice Cream Makers

To find the right ice cream makers we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Pre-freeze vs Compressor
  • Capacity
  • Size and Weight

Our editorial team carefully researched and selected products that would suit a wide range of needs to take your kitchen experience to the next level. We set out this list after assessing customer reviews and evaluating pros and cons in line with the above comparison points.

Find more about our behind-the-scenes process here.

Ice Cream Maker Reviews

Cuisinart Deluxe (Editor’s Choice)

If you want an ice cream maker with a simple operation and large capacity, the Cuisinart Ice Cream Deluxe ICE30BCU is a great choice – it is our pick for the best ice cream maker UK.

This is one of the top freeze first models and has a detachable bowl that you can place in the freezer beforehand. The detachable bowl also makes it easy to clean.

It has a simple one-touch button for operation, and you can also add ingredients to the mixture during operation, like sprinkles and nuts.

We also like that this ice cream maker has a stylish brushed metal design and will look great in any style kitchen.

Although this is one of the best ice cream makers, you may find that it is a little heavy. Also, it does not have the quietest operation, and it only has a one-speed setting.


  • Large 2-litre capacity compartment
  • Simple operation
  • It can be used to make ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yoghurt
  • Extra toppings can be added via the lid
  • The bowl and lid are removable for quick cleaning


  • It may not be the lightest of ice cream makers
  • You could find this ice cream maker is loud during operation
  • It may only have a one-speed setting

Cuisinart ICE100BCU (Luxury Choice)

The Cuisinart Ice Cream and Gelato Maker ICE100BCU has the advantage of a built-in compressor, so you don’t have to pre-freeze the bowl beforehand!

This ice cream maker has a built-in compressor. As a result, there is no need for pre-frozen bowls. Simply add the ingredients directly into the bowl while it is operational. You can also add extra toppings through the transparent lid.

In total, the bowl has a 1.5L capacity which is great for larger families. It will also complete its function in less than 40 minutes.

This product also comes with two different paddles for making different desserts – one for gelato and one for ice cream.

This is a good product, but you may find that it has a noisy operation. Also, it is not the smallest of ice cream makers. Lastly, it could develop strange noises after a few uses.


  • Can make frozen treats such as ice cream and yoghurt in less than 40 minutes
  • It has a built-in freezer, so no pre-freezing is required
  • It also has two separate mixing paddles for different foods
  • You can add additional toppings via the lid
  • Decent capacity for delicious ice cream at 1.5L


  • It may be relatively noisy during operation
  • You may find this ice cream maker quite bulky
  • It may develop a squeak or screech after a few uses

Andrew James Machine (Best Value)

The Andrew James Ice Cream Maker is a great product that allows you to make frozen yoghurt, gelato, and ice cream with minimal effort and fuss.

This ice cream maker can be used to create gelato, ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yoghurt. It also has a quick operation with a single-button function.

To get you started, you can also benefit from the six different included recipes. These include traditional flavours like vanilla ice cream and strawberry ice cream.

The exterior of this product has a stylish white casing and a large transparent lid so you can watch the paddles churn ice cream. We also like that it is relatively easy to clean.

This budget ice cream maker may not be without issues, however. For example, it has no indication as to when the process has finished, and the lid may not be the easiest to remove. Lastly, some could find the pouring slot too small.


  • Makes ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and frozen yoghurt
  • Can make good quality ice cream in a quick time
  • Includes six simple recipes so you can start making ice cream immediately
  • Relatively easy to clean with removable parts
  • It has a simple and stylish design


  • There may be no clear indication of when the ice cream is finished
  • You could find that the lid is not easy to remove
  • The slot for pouring ice cream mixture may not be wide enough

Duoronic IM540 (Best Easy to Use)

If you are inexperienced with ice cream makers, the Duoronic IM540 is a simple product that anyone can quickly use to make beautiful smooth texture ice cream.

Using this ice cream maker, you can produce various desserts in less than 30 minutes. The only downside is that you must pre-freeze first.

After this, it has a simple operation. Just place the ingredients into the bowl and watch the paddle turn the mixture to create delicious ice cream every time.

This machine also has a large 1.5L capacity, so you can create multiple batches of ice cream or gelato for the entire family.

This ice cream machine is great, but it could be a little messy, and you may find that the consistency of the ice cream is varied. Lastly, it may not be the easiest to get the ice cream mix into the bowl.


  • Makes ice cream in less than 30 minutes (after pre-freezing)
  • A simple 4-step operation to make frozen desserts
  • The removable bowl is high-quality and doesn’t need too much freezer space
  • It has a transparent lid to check on the process
  • It has a great capacity of 1.5L


  • You could find that these ice cream makers are quite messy
  • The freezing consistency may not be perfect
  • It could be difficult to place the mixture into the freezer bowl

Sensio Home Machine (Best Quick)

If you want to create more than one batch of ice cream in quick succession, the Sensio Home Ice Cream Maker is a great option with its fast process and decent capacity.

This product has a useful refillable lid that allows you to add extra ingredients during operation. It also has a simple operation and follows the process of other pre-freeze models where you have to place a bowl in the freezer beforehand.

We also like that it is easy to clean and has four removable components. This ice cream maker also comes with a high-quality ebook with some fantastic recipes.

For quick frozen dessert making, this ice cream maker works in less than 20 minutes, so you can start it before dinner and have your pudding ready before you’ve finished loading the dishwasher.

This is a good item, but we would like to see improved instructions. Also, the bowl is quite large and may not be suitable for smaller freezers.


  • One of the fastest ice cream maker products with a 20-minute process
  • The lid has an opening so you can add your own flavours and toppings
  • Relatively simple operation after pre-freezing
  • It has four removable components that are all easy to clean
  • Includes a detailed ebook that has some great ice cream and gelato recipes


  • You could find that the instructions are not the easiest to understand
  • Some may not like the lack of an in-built freezer
  • The removable bowl is quite big and may not fit in smaller freezers

VonShef Machine (Best Compact)

Ice cream makers can often be bulky. This is why the VonShef Ice Cream maker is a great choice due to its small and lightweight design.

For larger families, this compact ice cream maker still has an excellent capacity of 2L. It also has a one-touch operation that will start the paddle and add ingredients to the bowl.

The inner bowl has double-wall insulation. This, combined with the large paddle, means making ice cream with a brilliant texture and soft scoop consistency.

Although this is a good product, it may not have an instruction manual. Also, the ice cream it makes can sometimes be too hard to easily remove.


  • It has a simple one-touch operation
  • Can produce frozen yoghurt, gelato, sorbet, and ice cream
  • It has a large 2L capacity for family use
  • The large bowl has double-wall insulation for better consistency
  • It also has a large chute to add extra ingredients easily


  • It may not include any instructions or recipes
  • You could find that the ice cream has a denser texture
  • You may also find that the ice cream can be too hard

Domo Pro DO9066L (Best LCD Display)

The Domo Pro DO0066L digital ice cream maker has the addition of an LCD display which makes for easier operation and allows you to easily track the progress of the ice cream making.

This is classed as a fully automatic ice cream maker and has a built-in compressor. This means that the ice cream will freeze inside the machine, and there is no need for pre-freezing.

It also has a great capacity of 1.5L, and we like that there is a clear LCD display on the top and just four buttons for easy operation.

Aside from ice cream, this product can also be used to create sorbet, gelato, and frozen yoghurt. Included in the package, you also get a spatula to easily remove the frozen desserts and a measuring cup.

Despite the positives, you may find that the various vent slots are sharp, so be careful when lifting them. Also, it is not the quietest of machines, and some customers have received damaged products.


  • It has a built-in compressor for self-freezing
  • It also has a decent LCD display to check on the process
  • The product includes a mixing bowl, spatula, and measuring cup
  • Stylish stainless steel exterior
  • It has a decent capacity of up to 1.5L of ice cream


  • You could find that the vent slots are sharp
  • This compact ice cream maker may not be the quietest
  • Some customers have found scratches and dents on delivery

Lakeland Digital (Best With Recipe Book)

If you are struggling for inspiration and ideas for different ice creams, the Lakeland Digital Ice Cream Maker is a great product that comes with a detailed recipe book so you can improve your creativity.

The stylish white exterior of this product means it will fit in with any kitchen design. It also has a large transparent lid so you can watch the paddle and easily add tasty ingredients like chocolate flakes and sprinkles.

This is a pre-freeze ice cream maker, and thus, you must place the bowl in your freezer beforehand overnight. After this, it has a quick operation and should create desserts in 30 minutes or less.

The recipe book that is included is also detailed and great for novice users. It has seven different recipes that are easy to follow.

This is a great ice cream machine, but it also comes with its own downsides.

The opening to add ingredients could be a little small, and the inner and outer bowls must be stored separately, which takes up a lot of freezer space. Lastly, this ice cream machine may also be noisy.


  • It has a digital timer and instructions for simple operation
  • It comes with seven different recipes for delicious ice cream
  • It has a large capacity 1.5L bowl
  • After pre-freezing, creates ice cream in less than 30 minutes
  • It has a transparent lid so you can check on the process


  • Some may find that the opening to add ingredients is small
  • The bowls may not be the easiest to store for smaller freezers
  • It may not have the quietest of operations

Buffalo DM067

The Buffalo DM067 Ice Cream Maker is a self-freezing model and has its own compressor, so you don’t have to use freezer space and excess time pre-freezing.

As one of the best ice cream makers, this product has a built-in freezer. There is no need to pre-freeze a bowl, therefore, to make any frozen dessert.

It also has simple controls and a clear LCD temperature display to know when the ice cream is frozen. This digital ice cream maker also has an elegant stainless steel exterior and looks great.

The bowl can make 1.5L of ice cream in terms of capacity, and it also has an excellent non-stick coating. We also like that it includes a spatula.

Although this is great for homemade ice cream, it may come with some disadvantages.

You could find it is a noisy machine. Also, of the self-freezing models, it may not have the quickest freezing function. Lastly, the bowl may sometimes become clogged.


  • The freezer bowl has a non-stick coating for easy cleaning
  • It has a stylish and elegant stainless steel design
  • It also has an LED temperature display
  • It has a maximum ice cream capacity of 1.5L
  • Has it’s own built-in freezer


  • This ice cream machine may be quite noisy
  • You may find that freezing is not the quickest
  • You could also find that the bowl can get clogged occasionally

Cuisinart Style Collection Dessert Maker

The Cuisinart Style Collection Ice Cream Maker has a fast operation, great capacity, and elegant design suitable for any kitchen. That is why we consider it in our list of the best ice cream maker in the UK.

This Cuisinart ice cream maker looks great with its stylish blue metal exterior that will look great on any kitchen counter. It also has an accessible lid that allows you to add other ingredients.

Once you have the pre-frozen bowl, the paddle will allow you to quickly create a range of ice creams in less than 25 minutes.

Despite its benefits, you could find that the motor occasionally overheats, and the bowl is not dishwasher safe. Lastly, the churning handle of this ice cream maker is made of plastic and could struggle with thicker ice cream.


  • It has a stylish brushed metal design
  • Can create Cuisinart gelato, frozen yoghurt, and ice cream in less than 25 minutes
  • Has two different paddles for different creations
  • Ingredients can be added via the lid, like chocolate chips
  • It has a great 1.4L capacity


  • You could find that the motor can overheat
  • The freezer bowl may not be dishwasher safe
  • You could find the churning handle struggles with thicker consistencies

How to Choose the Best Ice Cream Maker?

We hope you now have a great idea of the best ice cream makers available. But which is the best choice for you? We look at the main considerations below to help you on your way to making your own ice cream in the comfort of your home:

Pre-freeze vs Compressor

Most importantly, you should consider the two main designs. Firstly, there are the best ice cream makers that do not have a compressor. With these models, you must first freeze the bowl overnight in your freezer. This obviously requires more space and time.

In contrast, an ice cream maker with a compressor can freeze the ice cream while it is produced. This is a much quicker process. However, these machines are generally more expensive.


You should also look at the capacity of the ice cream maker. Most makers have a capacity of between 1L to 2L. If you have a large family and want to create ice cream for everyone, a larger capacity of 1.5L or greater is preferable.

Size and Weight

Lastly, you must also consider the dimensions and weight of the ice cream maker. Most ice cream makers are quite bulky and heavy. Indeed, products with a built-in compressor are usually even heavier.

As a result, you must make sure that you have enough storage space or space on your kitchen top to accommodate the ice cream maker.



As you can see, there are some fantastic ice cream makers available for your home. Any of the above of our list of the best ice cream maker in the UK would be a brilliant buy. However, our top choice is the Cuisinart Ice Cream Deluxe ICE30BCU.

This ice cream maker is versatile with a great 2L capacity. It also has a stylish stainless steel design, ergonomic lid to add toppings and also provides a simple operation. This is definitely one of the best freeze-first models available.

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