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Top 10 Best Air Fryers

  1. COSORI XXL (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Tefal ActiFry Genius XL (Luxury Choice)
  3. Tower T17021 (Best Value)
  4. Ninja Foodi Dual Zone (Best Dual)
  5. Pro Breeze XL (Best Large)
  6. Tower T17025 (Best Easy Clean)
  7. Uten 6.5L Power
  8. Tefal Easy Fry Precision (Best Compact)
  9. Breville Halo (Best For Multiple Dishes)
  10. Instant Pot Vortex (Best Easy to Use)

An air fryer is a fantastic cooking appliance that allows you to cook healthier meals than a deep-fat fryer. Why? This is due to the convection cooking process and the far smaller amount of oil needed when cooking. These appliances cook food incredibly quickly and have great versatility for a wide range of recipes.

But how are you supposed to know which model to choose when there are so many variations on the market? In this guide, we look at the best air fryer in the UK and nine other suitable models for your benefit.

How We Compared Air Fryers

To find the right air fryers we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Basket/Drawer Capacity
  • Size and Weight
  • Cooking Controls and Ease of Use
  • Safety Features
  • Cleaning and Maintenance

Our editorial team carefully researched and selected products that would suit a wide range of needs to take your kitchen experience to the next level. We set out this list after assessing customer reviews and evaluating pros and cons in line with the above comparison points.

Find more about our behind-the-scenes process here.

Air Fryer Reviews

COSORI XXL (Editor’s Choice)

The COSORI Air Fryer has a great set of air fryer features that make it a versatile option. It combines a large capacity drawer with a great range of cooking options and a relatively simple control panel for easy operation.

As the best air fryer within the budget, this COSORI air fryer has a great cooking capacity with its 5.5L drawer. This should be enough for large families to cook things like fried chicken and batches of beef jerky.

We also like the control panel; it has a large design and has a variety of preset functions that are easy to identify by the icons. You can choose the preset function, and it will set the time and temperature. However, you can also manually adjust the temperature and time.

The air fryer basket is also easy to remove from the cooking drawer, so you can quickly plate your food once cooked. The design of the cooking drawer is also square, which increases the cooking capacity by up to 15% compared to a conventional oven and circular designs.

Although this is one of the best air fryers, it may still have a few issues. For example, like other air fryers, you may find that the non-stick coating could eventually wear off. However, this may not always be the case for all air fryers.

Aside from that, the screws in the basket could occasionally need re-tightening. Finally, it is not the smallest hot air fryer, so you need a decent amount of workspace in your kitchen.


  • Simple operation with a range of preset functions
  • Large capacity with a 5.5L drawer for larger families
  • Includes a recipe book with 100+ recipes for your air fryer
  • The air frying basket has a durable non-stick coating
  • It has a “keep warm” function to use once items are cooked


  • You may find that the non-stick coating eventually rubs off
  • You could find that the screws of the basket need re-tightening occasionally
  • It could take up a decent amount of work surface space

Tefal ActiFry Genius XL (Luxury Choice)

The Tefal ActiFry Genius XL is another well-rounded air fryer that provides a simple cooking process with nine different programs to choose from. It also has a great cooking capacity, quick-cooking times and is relatively easy to clean with safe dishwasher parts.

These air fryers have dishwasher-safe parts for simple cleaning, and the surfaces are also easy to wipe. This should easily allow you to remove excess oil and grease.

For versatility, this air fryer oven also has nine different modes. This includes a host of common frozen food and normal food that you would use in family meals. We also like that your food will be evenly cooked due to the built-in stirrer. This means you do not have to spend time manually stirring your food.

Finally, for inspiration, you can also gain access to the Actifry app. This is a useful app for your smartphone that has over 300 air fryer recipes. As a result, you can get the best out of your air fryer and continue to create healthy meals.

This is one of the top health fryers, but it may not be without its flaws. First, you may find that small pieces of food can escape the basket, which could mean extra cleaning for you. Also, to use the app, you need to create a Tefal account first, which some people may not like. Lastly, some of the presets may not be 100% accurate for cooking time.


  • Automatic stirring motion inside for evenly cooked food
  • Nine different programs to easily cook a variety of meals
  • Should cook 30% faster than previous Tefal models
  • Decent 1.7kg capacity air fryer with safe dishwasher parts
  • Gives access to the Actifry app recipe book with 300+ recipes


  • You could find that small pieces of food can escape the side of the basket
  • The app is free to use, but you may need to register an account first to use it
  • Some of the presets may not be 100% accurate for their cooking time

Tower T17021 (Best Value)

The Tower T17021 is one of the best value air fryer options but still has some excellent features. It provides a simple process with manual dial settings as opposed to a complicated LCD screen. The compact design is also great for smaller kitchens.

This model has a great cooking process and is the best budget air fryer. It circulates the air rapidly, which means that your food cooks quickly and evenly, which means that the cooking time should also be greatly reduced compared to a traditional oven.

Also, for ease of use, this air fryer has a range of presets. If you are unsure of timings, you can simply use the presets, and it does the work for you. The main compartment has a 4.3L capacity; this should be enough for medium to large families.

The size of these air fryers is also compact. As a result, they should not take up too much space in your kitchen.

This is a great compact air fryer, but it may not be perfect. For example, the non-stick coating may not be the most durable and could eventually wear away. Also, the air fryer does not have a stirring paddle, so you have to stir the food manually. Lastly, caution is advised when holding the basket as the handle can get hot easily.


  • Uses advanced technology for rapid air circulation in the cooking bay
  • Utilizes simple manual temperature controls and a timer
  • It also has multiple cooking options, including air frying, grilling, and baking
  • Decent capacity with a 4.3L main compartment
  • Compact design that takes less kitchen worksurface space


  • The non-stick coating may not be the best quality
  • You may have to turn the food during cooking manually
  • You could find the basket handle gets hot easily

Ninja Foodi Dual Zone (Best Dual)

The Ninja Foodi dual-zone air fryer is ideal if you want to cook multiple items simultaneously. Its dual compartments mean you can easily cook entire meals with minimal effort or cook different meals for different people with less hassle.

If you want food to cook at the same time, you will love the dual zones of this air fryer. It has two compartments so that you could cook chicken nuggets and chips simultaneously, for example.

Moreover, each compartment offers 3.8L of cooking space which is far more than most other air fryers. The removable parts are all dishwasher-safe too, which greatly reduces the time and effort required for cleaning.

For operation, this Ninja air fryer also has six functions and a digital timer. You can select different cooking functions, including roasting, baking, air frying, and reheating. As a result, it could be used to reheat food like leftover pizza from a takeaway.

This Ninja air fryer is a great product, but it could have some flaws. For example, it has two cooking zones. It is quite large and may not be easy to store. Also, you may sometimes notice a faint plastic smell when cooking. Finally, it may take practice and trying different settings to achieve a crispy coating on different food types, such as roast potatoes.


  • It is a dual-zone air fryer with two separate cooking zones
  • It has six different functions, including air fry, bake, roast, and reheat
  • Should cook up to 75% faster than conventional ovens
  • Large capacity with 2x 3.8L cooking draws
  • The removable parts are all dishwasher safe and offer easy cleaning


  • It may not be the smallest of air fryers and could have limited storage potential
  • Could sometimes give off a strange smell when cooking
  • It could be difficult to get a crispy coating on frozen foods like chips

ProPro Breeze XL (Best Large)

The Pro Breeze XL has a large capacity cooking compartment and is one of the best fryers if you have a large family or regularly cook for parties/gatherings.

We like the digital display of this air fryer; it has a touchscreen and dual controls. Firstly, it has a set of icons that represent the different cooking functions. Next, it also has simple plus and minus icons to change the temperature and timing.

The basket and drawer are dishwasher safe, and the plastic exterior of the air fryer is easy to clean.

In terms of capacity, this air fryer has a 5.5L main compartment. This should allow you to cook food for the entire family or even for group gatherings. We also like the safety features such as the automatic switch-off and the overheating protection.

This Pro Breeze air fryer is a top product, but it could have some minor issues to be aware of. The non-stick coating may not be the most resistant, and it could wear off over time. Also, you may find the air fryer basket difficult to remove. Finally, the plastic exterior coating of the air fryer may also not be that durable and could scratch easily.


  • Large capacity with a 5.5L main compartment
  • Digital display that is easy to read and understand
  • Has seven preset cooking modes and temperature controls
  • Includes a variety of cooking
  • The detachable compartment is dishwasher safe


  • You could find that the non-stick coating eventually wears off
  • The fryer basket could be a little clumsy to remove
  • The plastic coating on the outside may not be the most durable

Tower T17025 (Best Easy Clean)

The Tower T17025 is a great choice if you find cleaning a chore due to its easy-clean surfaces and the dishwasher-safe removable parts. Aside from that, it also has a great set of features and cooking presets, making it a contender as the best air fryer in the UK.

For couples or small families, this air fryer is great due to its 1.5L capacity. You can comfortably cook small portions of food for a couple or your child.

Its controls are relatively simple too. Instead of an LCD screen, it has two dials. One dial controls the temperature, whilst the other controls the timer. There are also some example instructions on the top for cooking different meals.

This air fryer is also easy to clean due to its dishwasher-safe parts, and the plastic casing wipes easily. We also like the automatic shut-off feature that triggers once the timer has finished. This means you do not have to stand and observe the fryer continually.

This air fryer oven is a great product, but it may not be perfect. For example, due to its size, it may not be suitable for large families and parties. Also, many of the best air fryers have issues with their non-stick coating. This is an issue the Tower T17025 also has. Finally, there is no stirring paddle, so manual stirring is required.


  • Faster cooking times due to rapid air circulation
  • Adjustable temperature of between 80-200 degrees
  • Compact design compared to other appliances
  • It can automatically shut off after the cooking timer has finished
  • Decent capacity cooking drawer with a 1.5L capacity


  • The non-stick coating may eventually wear off of the frying basket
  • It may not be suitable for larger families
  • It does not have a built-in rotator, so you have to stir the food manually

Uten 6.5L Power

The Uten 6.5L Power Air Fryer is the best air fryer for chips UK stores have to offer due to its large capacity, which means you can spread the chips evenly so that they all get a nice golden crispy coating. It is also great for things like a whole chicken due to its large cooking compartment.

For large families, you will love the 6.5L capacity of this air fryer. It can cook food comfortably, and the large compartment means you can spread your food out too. As a result, food cooks evenly, and you may not have to turn the items either.

This air fryer also makes cooking easy due to the eight different presets. These include fish, steak, shrimp, chicken, and cake. If you prefer manual cooking, however, you can also manually change the temperature and timer.

You will also find that the powerful 1800W motor and heating element cook food quickly compared to a traditional oven. We also like that the parts are made from BPA-free and PFOA-free materials.

This Uten air fryer is a good choice, but there are some potential issues to consider. First, the included instruction manual may not be the easiest to understand. Also, it is not the smallest air fryer available and may take up a lot of counter space. Lastly, you may find that the basket is clumsy to re-insert into the cooking compartment.


  • Excellent 6.5L capacity for large families
  • Eight different presets including cake, fish, steak, shrimp, and chicken
  • Can also manually set a timer and temperature
  • Made from BPA-free and PFOA-free materials
  • Has automatic on-off sensors so you can cook safely


  • The included user guide may not be of much use
  • It may not be the smallest of air fryers
  • You could find that the basket is sometimes difficult to place in the cooking drawer

Tefal Easy Fry Precision (Best Compact)

If you have limited space in your kitchen or only have small cupboards, the Tefal Easy Fry Precision could be a great choice. It is the best small air fryer if you do not have enough room to accommodate a larger capacity model.

Despite the compact design of their air fryer, it still has a decent capacity of 4.2L. As a result, it should still be viable for medium-sized families. We also like the large digital touchscreen. The screen is located on the top of the air fryer and has a range of cooking options.

The 3D Air Pulse Technology inside also means that the food cooks quickly and effectively. It should also give your food a nice crispy golden coating. This air fryer also has a 60-minute mechanical timer with an automatic shut-off function for peace of mind.

For limited cooking space, this is a great air fryer. However, it does not have a fully removable basket. Therefore it may be tricky to remove cooked foods. Also, there is no stirring paddle. As a result, you have to stir the food manually. Lastly, the smaller size means this may not be suitable for larger families or dining events.


  • It has a large digital touchscreen that is easy to use
  • Has eight cooking presets, including fries, pizza, fish, grill, and roast
  • Simple adjustable temperature controls from 80-200 degrees Celsius
  • It has a built-in auto-shut-off feature for additional safety
  • Audible alert bell so you can hear when your food has finished cooking


  • It may not have a removable basket which means food removal could be tricky
  • You may have to move and rotate food in the air fryer manually
  • It may not be suitable for larger families due to its compact size

Breville Halo (Best For Multiple Dishes)

The Breville Halo is a versatile air fryer that you can use to cook different dishes easily. This is because it has five different presets for foods like chicken and oven chips. In addition, it also has manual controls so you can set the temperature and timing for other dishes.

To easily cook different food, this Breville air fryer has five presets. These include steak, vegetables, chips, chicken, and fish. This greatly reduces the effort and knowledge required to make healthy meals.

This product also has a powerful 1700W element and motor, which provides rapid cooking. You can also manually set the temperature and timing if you require more control.

For capacity, you can enjoy the large 5.5L drawer. This is perfect for larger families and entertaining guests. The parts are also dishwasher safe, and the unit is easy to clean.

This Breville product is a good choice, but it could have some small issues to consider. Firstly, it may vent a lot of hot air out of the rear, so careful positioning is advised. Also, the plastic casing of the exterior may not be the most durable. Finally, you could find that the instruction manual is not clear.


  • Has five cooking presets for different foods like chicken, chips, vegetables, and steak
  • Powerful 1700W heating element with temperatures of up to 200-degrees Celsius
  • Digital touchscreen display for simple operation
  • A large capacity 5.5L basket is suitable for whole family meals
  • Has both automatic and manual controls


  • You could find that the unit blows a lot of hot air out of the back
  • The plastic exterior coating may not be the most durable
  • You may find that the instructions are not well written

Instant Pot Vortex (Best Easy to Use)

If you have minimum experience with air fryers, the Instant Pot Vortex is a great choice. This is because it is easy to use with its intuitive controls and variety of preset cooking options. You can easily cook your favourite foods without great technical or cooking knowledge.

This air fryer has a large smart screen that makes cooking easy. You can simply rotate the dial to toggle through the different settings and set your temperature. It also has four preset programs – baking, roasting, reheating, and air frying.

We like the larger size of the cooking drawer too. At 5.7L, you should have enough space to cook food like meat joints or a whole roast chicken. The cooking process and airflow should also give your food a crispy texture like deep-fried food.

Although this is one of the best air fryers, it could have some small problems. For example, like most air fryers, it is not particularly quiet when in use. Also, when initially receiving the air fryer, you may notice a slight chemical smell which will eventually wear off. Lastly, the user guide is not well-written and could e difficult to interpret.


  • Four preset programs – air fry, bake, roast, and reheat
  • The smart screen allows for easy cooking
  • Decent capacity basket with up to 5.7L for roast chickens and joints
  • The surfaces of the air fryer are easy to clean
  • Should be able to achieve crispy textures on items like chips and chicken wings


  • It may not be the quietest to use
  • You may find that the exterior has an initial chemical smell
  • The instructions may not be the easiest to follow

What to Look for in the Best Air Fryer?

You should now have a clear idea of the different types of air fryers available. But which one is the best choice for you? To make your decision, you should first look at how many people you typically cook for.

Also, consider your level of cooking experience and confidence. These factors can both affect which device is suitable for you. You can also look at past air fryer reviews to see other people’s experiences with different features. In the below sections, we look at five other factors when choosing an air fryer.

Basket/Drawer Capacity

One of the main factors is the capacity of the fryer. This is usually measured in litres, although it may also be measured in kilograms.

For couples or a couple with a small child, a fryer with a capacity of 4L or less would be more than enough. Alternatively, if you have a larger family with two teenagers, you would ideally want a capacity of 5L or greater.

If you choose a fryer with a capacity that is too small, you will have to continually fill and empty the basket to cook multiple portions, which isn’t ideal.

Size and Weight

The actual dimensions and weight of the product are highly important. You should remember that even the smallest air fryers still take up a decent amount of space and can be heavy. Also, larger capacity air fryers are even bigger, and you may struggle to store one in your kitchen cupboards. As a result, you would need sufficient kitchen worksurface space.

We advise considering the size of your kitchen, how much counter space you have, and what spare cupboard space you have. You should then be able to choose a suitable size air fryer.

Cooking Controls and Ease of Use

The controls of this type of appliance can vary greatly. Some fryers have LCD screens or touchscreens. Alternatively, some have traditional dials to adjust the temperature and timing. Which you prefer could be a personal preference.

Also, look at the inclusion of preset programs. Many fryers have a range of preset functions like bake, roast, reheat, or air fry. Some even have specific settings and functions for different food types like meat, fish, vegetables, and chips. Settings like these can give you cooking guidelines but also help if you have little cooking experience.

Safety Features

Whenever you use an appliance with heating elements and an electrical current, there is the potential for danger. Also, these appliances use oil or cooking spray and therefore could potentially be flammable.

You should, therefore, look at safety features. Some air fryers have an automatic switch-off feature. When they have finished cooking, the device will power down. This helps prevent electrical faults and overheating. Also, some fryers have temperature controls that automatically prevent overheating. This means you don’t have to stand and watch the fryer continuously.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Due to the shape and design of fryers, they can be tricky to clean. Also, as you are using oil and cooking items in a small space, there can easily be a grease and food build-up. This can lead to poor hygiene and nasty smells.

Ideally, the air fryer should have dishwasher-safe parts. This should include the frying basket and the removable food drawer that the basket sits in.

It would also help if the parts were BPA-free. Finally, the exterior should be durable and easy to wipe with a wet cloth.

Air Fryer FAQs

Does an Air Fryer Cook Quicker Than a Conventional Oven?

In most instances, yes. The airflow, effective convection heating, and the smaller size of the cooking chambers mean that most air fryers are far quicker than traditional ovens.

What Is the Ideal Temperature for Cooking Chips in an Air Fryer?

To achieve golden chips with a crispy coating, you should cook them at 200 degrees Celsius as a minimum. The total cooking time is typically 20-minutes depending if you parboil them or not. If you do not parboil them, the cooking time could be longer.

Can You Cook Meat Joints and Roast Chickens in an Air Fryer?

Yes! The larger capacity air fryers are great for cooking meat joints like pork. They are also great for cooking entire roast chickens and help keep the meat moist.

Change Your Cooking Habits With a Versatile Air Fryer!

We hope you have found this guide on the best air fryer in the UK useful. Any one of the ten options we have provided would make an excellent choice for your kitchen. It can make delicious and healthy meals for your family. However, after considering all of the air fryer reviews, our top pick is the COSORI XXL Air Fryer. This air fryer has a versatile set of features and is best suited for medium to large-sized families due to its 5.5L capacity. The preset functions, ease of use, and handy recipe book will also give you heaps of cooking inspiration!

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