Best American-Style Fridge Freezers of 2023

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Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Top 8 Best American-Style Fridge Freezers

  1. Samsung RS52N3313WW (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Samsung RS50N3513WW (Luxury Choice)
  3. Hisense RS741N4WB11 (Best Value)
  4. CANDY CHSBSV5172XKN (Best Temperature Adjustable)
  5. Russell Hobbs RH90FF176SS (Smallest)
  6. Samsung RS50N3513SA-EU (Best With Water and Ice Dispenser)
  7. Hisense RQ560N4WC1 (Best With Cross Door)
  8. Hisense ‎RQ560N4WB1 (Best With Drawers)

Every year more and more people are swayed by the convenience, style, and extra space you get from investing in an American-style fridge freezer. Once considered a luxury item, now families are turning to this type of fridge freezer to better stock up on essentials and improve their kitchen décor.

If you’re looking to say goodbye to digging through an over-cluttered freezer or want to have the space to stock up and bulk buy when you see a good offer, investing in the best American-style fridge freezer in the UK could save you a lot of time, money and hassle. Here’s how to find the best model for your home.

How We Compared American-Style Fridge Freezers

To find the right American-style fridge freezers we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Width and Overall Dimensions
  • Door Configuration
  • Fridge Freezer Capacity
  • Water and Ice Dispenser
  • Control Panel
  • Frost-Free
  • Price

Our editorial team carefully researched and selected products that would suit a wide range of needs to take your kitchen experience to the next level. We set out this list after assessing customer reviews and evaluating pros and cons in line with the above comparison points.

Find more about our behind-the-scenes process here.

American-Style Fridge Freezer Reviews

Samsung RS52N3313WW (Editor’s Choice)

This white freestanding American fridge freezer by Samsung combines high functionality with innovative technology at an excellent price, making the RS52N3313WW our editor’s choice and overall favourite. 

This side-by-side fridge freezer measures 91cm wide with a total capacity of 541L, 348L on the chilling side and 193L on the freezer side. Each side features two drawers and four to five main shelves, plus numerous door shelves, giving you plenty of space to store all your fresh and frozen food.

Thanks to the chilled 1.5L water dispenser, complete with a Brita filter, you can enjoy cold, filtered water at the touch of a button, ideal for encouraging the kids to drink more water and saving you money and space stocking up on bottled water. As it is not plumbed in, installation is very easy, plus the two-metre power cord helps to extend your choice of placement location.

Fitted with a digital inverter compressor, not only is this American fridge freezer relatively quiet at 42dB, but it also provides All-Around Cooling. Hence, items on every shelf and compartment remain evenly chilled. The Total No Frost technology ensures your fridge freezer remains frost-free, saving you time and hassle defrosting. 

With its minimalist styling and elegant white finish, little wonder this American-style fridge freezer is such a popular choice: easy to install, good looking, and highly reliable. 

Although there’s very little to dislike, the internal light could be a bit brighter. Also, the water tank may be a little tricky to remove. However, you can simply fill it up in situ with a container. 


  • Total capacity: 541L
  • Non-plumbed filtered water dispenser
  • Digital inverter compressor
  • Four drawers
  • Total No Frost technology


  • The water tank may be a little tricky to fit
  • Internal light could be brighter

Samsung RS50N3513WW (Luxury Choice)

The Samsung RS50N3513WW is the next model up from our editor’s choice, so if the RS52N3313WW sounded like it could be a perfect fit for you, you’d want to check out this model with its extra functionalities and alternative door layout. 

Unlike the previous model, this American-style fridge freezer features a plumbed-in water dispenser for chilled, filtered water on demand with no need to refill. It also has an automatic ice maker. Choose from crushed or cubed ice dispensed at the touch of a button, ideal for refreshing summer drinks or festive cocktails. 

Given this model’s alternative layout and ice-making capability, it has a slightly smaller freezer capacity of 175L, with a larger fridge capacity of 359L for a total 534L capacity. As the ice and water dispenser is on the freezer side in this model, you can benefit from full-width fridge door shelves for all of your bottles, cartons and sauces. 

Thanks to Samsung’s advanced Total No Frost technology, frost-free maintenance is easy. At the same time, its digital inverter compressor ensures greater energy efficiency and keeps noise levels down to a relatively good 42dB while circulating cool air. This ice-dispensing American fridge freezer is a top model to consider, complete with a sleek finish and minimalist styling. 

Bear in mind that this fridge freezer dispenses ice cubes very quickly, so you may prefer to use a jug rather than risk overfilling your glass. Also, be careful when opening the fridge doors if you are storing large two-litre bottles in the door shelves as they may fall out as if you swing the door brusquely open.


  • 534L total capacity
  • Digital inverter compressor
  • Plumbed filtered water and ice dispenser
  • Full-width fridge door shelves
  • Total No Frost technology


  • Ice may come out a little too quickly
  • Fridge door shelves could have higher sides

Hisense RS741N4WB11 (Best Value)

The Hisense American Fridge Freezer RS741N4WB11 is our best value choice providing outstanding quality at a low price. If you are looking for a budget-priced American-style fridge freezer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised just how good this one is for the money. 

With its 562-litre capacity, 192 litres on the freezer side and 370 litres on the fridge side, you’ll have plenty of space to stock up for the whole family. Both doors feature full door-width shelves, which are ideal for tall and frequently used items, plus there are four internal drawers. This model is frost-free, maintenance is easy with no ice build-up to clear. 

Thanks to its non-plumbed water dispensing tank, you can easily install this American-style fridge freezer without needing to be located near a water inlet for chilled water. When stocking up your new fridge freezer, this model benefits from handy Super Cool and Super Freeze programs, allowing you to quickly freeze and chill even large amounts of food that would take significantly longer to cool otherwise. 

It is easy to set the temperature on this unit via the external LED touch control panel, adding to this side-by-side fridge freezer’s aesthetic appeal. With plenty of space inside and a sleek black finish on the outside, this is the best value American fridge freezer on the market. 

On the downside, as this model does not have a water filter, you may want to invest in one depending on your home water quality. As is fairly common on many American-style fridge freezers that aren’t plumbed in, the water tank may be a little stiff to remove. 


  • LED touch control panel
  • Non-plumbed water dispenser
  • 562L total capacity
  • Frost-free
  • Super Cool and Super Freeze programs


  • The water dispenser lid may be stiff to remove
  • You may need to invest in a water filter

CANDY CHSBSV5172XKN (Best Temperature Adjustable)

The Candy CHSBSV5172XKN freestanding American-style fridge freezer has an easy-to-use electronic control panel situated on the freezer door, making it our best temperature adjustable choice.

This side-by-side fridge freezer has a generous 442L capacity. While this is slightly lower than some other models, this unit is a little less deep, making it easier to flush with most kitchens. With its 151L capacity for the freezer side and 291 L for the fridge, you still have plenty of space, even for larger families.

One of the other main advantages of this best American fridge freezer is its fully adjustable shelves. This gives you extra flexibility to move or remove your shelves to fit your favourite products better. Both doors also feature additional shelving, and there is a freezer drawer and a salad crisper drawer on the fridge side. 

Thanks to its rear wheels, it’s easy to move: simply adjust the front feet to ensure a stable, level setup. This fridge freezer also benefits from Candy’s Total No Frost frost-free system that helps to keep your appliance’s temperature and humidity levels constant for longer-lasting chilled food and less wastage. All in all, a great all-around buy that’s easy to set up, install and use.

On the downside, this fridge freezer may be a little noisy when the compressor kicks into action, although it is not particularly loud. You may need to wipe this model regularly as the doors show fingerprints. 


  • 442L total capacity
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Easy to move.
  • Electronic door control panel
  • Total No Frost frost-free freezer system


  • Doors may easily show fingerprints
  • It could be noisy when the compressor cycles on

Russell Hobbs RH90FF176SS (Smallest)

If you are looking for the best smallest American-style fridge freezer in the UK, the Russell Hobbs RH90FF176SS should be at the top of your list. Measuring 178.8cm tall by 89.5cm wide, with a depth of 74.5cm, if you and every centimetre count struggle to fit larger models in, this version could work for you.

This fridge freezer has a good total net capacity of 510L, with 335L for the fridge side and 175L for the freezer. You’ll have no shortage of space to store even large quantities of bulky products thanks to the fridge’s five-door racks, four shelves, a handy wine rack and a fruit drawer, plus a salad crisper drawer. The freezer features an ice drawer complete with rotational ice trays for easy ice cubes, three shelves, five-door racks and two drawers. 

Easy to use, the RH90FF176SS has an adjustable thermostat complete with a sleek electronic LED for setting the temperature manually, as well as a handy child lock. Thanks to its multi-airflow system, you get consistent temperature and humidity levels for fresher, longer-lasting fresh food. For extra ease of use, the four-star rated freezer is also frost-free for easy maintenance, while the adjustable front feet allow you to keep your fridge freezer perfectly level even if your floor isn’t.   

Bear in mind that despite this model’s extra good looks and sleek stainless steel finish, the LCD panel may only light up when the door is opened. Also, you may want to pick up some extra containers if the lack of a covered door shelf is likely to bother you. 


  • 510L total capacity
  • Electronic LED panel on the door
  • Frost-free freezer
  • Dedicated ice drawer
  • Wine rack plus door shelves


  • LED may only come on when the door is opened
  • It may not have a covered door shelf

Samsung RS50N3513SA-EU (Best With Water and Ice Dispenser)

Packed with plenty of useful extra features, stylish looks and a generous capacity, if you are looking for the best American fridge freezer with an ice and water dispenser, the Samsung RS50N3513SA/EU is our top pick. 

Thanks to its inline water dispensing unit and automatic ice maker, you can enjoy a cold drink with cubed or crushed ice without even having to open your freezer. This American fridge freezer with ice maker has a minimalist design, complemented by its modern control panel, allowing you to alter your fridge freezer settings. These include temperature settings, activating or deactivating the child lock, vacation mode, plus a Power Freeze option to rapidly freeze unfrozen items locking in nutrients. 

This unit also benefits from Samsung’s Total No Frost technology to ensure that your freezer remains frost-free for easy maintenance. Thanks to its powerful digital inverter compressor, which comes complete with a 10-year guarantee, your fridge freezer is quieter and more efficient at keeping your food cold than other similar-sized modes on the market. 

It has a generous 534-litre total capacity. The 175-litre frost-free freezer section benefits from three door shelves, two drawers and three shelves, It also features an automatic ice maker and water dispensing system. The 359-litre fridge side has four-door shelves, a four-bottle wine rack, two fruit and vegetable drawers, and five shelves. 

As with several other Samsung fridge freezers with automatic ice makers, you may find that the ice comes out a little too quickly. Also, note that this model has an external water filter located at the rear of the unit, so you’ll need to pull it out to replace the filter once every six months. 


  • Total capacity: 534L
  • Plumbed-in water and ice dispenser
  • Digital inverter compressor
  • Door control panel
  • Total No Frost technology


  • Ice may come out a little fast
  • The water filter could be easier to access

Hisense RQ560N4WC1 (Best With Cross Door)

The Hisense RQ560N4WC1 combines a more traditional fridge freezer layout with an American-style capacity, making it our favourite cross door model with the top of the unit housing the fridge compartments and the freezer ones at the bottom. 

With a total capacity of 452 litres, 292 litres freezer capacity and 160 litres for the refrigerator, this American-style fridge freezer has a lot of space for all of your food shopping. One of the main advantages of this layout style is that you get full-width shelves for the fridge, easily storing large items. Your fridge and freezer temperatures are displayed via the electronic touch control unit located to the centre of the top double doors.

The frost-free freezer features four large box drawers and two small stacked ones, allowing easy access and organising your frozen foods. Chilled bottles and jars are easily stored in the fridge door racks, while the double salad crisper drawers can accommodate large amounts of fruit and vegetables. 

Thanks to the non-plumbed water dispenser, installation is easier than with plumbed-in models, and you can serve yourself fresh, chilled water without having to open your fridge door. Given its stylish modern design, complete with a recessed handle and a brushed stainless steel finish, you can’t go wrong with the Hisense if you are looking for a large American-style fridge freezer with an extra-wide fridge compartment RQ560N4WC1. 

Ideas for improvement could include making the touch buttons slightly larger and changing the system used to alter the temperature to be more intuitive. 


  • Total capacity: 452L
  • Electronic touch control
  • Water dispenser
  • Cross doors with freezer at the bottom
  • Frost Free Technology


  • Touch buttons could be a little larger
  • Changing temperatures could be easier

Hisense ‎RQ560N4WB1 (Best With Drawers)

The Hisense ‎RQ560N4WB1 is our favourite American-style fridge freezer with drawers, featuring four large storage box drawers plus two easy-access drawers in the lower freezer compartments. This makes it easy to keep your freezer organised while leaving the entire width free for your chilled food fresh products in the upper refrigerated compartment.  

This fridge freezer has a generous 431-litre net capacity, with 289 litres in the fridge and 142 in the freezer. Thanks to its multi-airflow system, a constant temperature is maintained throughout your fridge; plus, it also features a Super Cool and Super Freeze function to get newly added items chilled extra quickly. This fast freeze function is especially useful for home freezing after food shopping.

The spacious fridge compartment has three full-width safety glass shelves to store many products. You also get two crisper drawers, plus six-door balcony shelves and a door chrome bottle rack. A non-plumbed water dispenser makes it easy to serve yourself a glass of chilled water without even opening your fridge doors. 

You can adjust the temperature control via the LED touch display to the unit’s centre. It also features a child lock and holiday mode settings. Thanks to its Total No Frost technology that prevents ice build-up, this fridge freezer is frost-free, saving you time and hassle by removing the need to defrost regularly. Its stylish black finish recessed handle and silver-backed water dispenser makes this model a popular choice for kitchen remodelling. 

This model may be a touch noisy when the motor is running, but nothing ordinary. Also, it may be a little difficult to work out how to set the temperature when you’re first setting it up. 


  • 431L net total capacity
  • Built-in water dispenser
  • LED touch control panel
  • Super Cool and Super Freeze functions
  • Frost Free Technology


  • Setting the temperature could be easier
  • It may be a little noisy

The Benefits of American Fridge Freezers

There are plenty of benefits to purchasing an American-style fridge freezer. Here are some of the main reasons why more and more families make the conversion each year. 

More Fridge and Freezer Space

The standard size of an American fridge freezer is 90cm wide. While this can vary, as can the individual layout, all models are designed to give you more space than an average big fridge freezer. This allows you to stock up on more food for less time spent shopping and making less frequent trips to the supermarket.


Easy Access

Thanks to their improved storage capabilities and design, most models give you much easier access to your food and beverages. Opt for a side-by-side model, and you can easily stock all of your most used items at waist height and above so you won’t have to spend as much time bent over rummaging around in your freezer.

Door Shelving

While door shelves are not new nor exclusive to American fridge freezers, if you pick a side-by-side model, you could enjoy having door shelving the full height of your double doors for easy access storage.

Water and Ice Dispenser

Models with water and ice dispensers allow you to quickly serve yourself a drink or grab some crushed ice without even opening your fridge door. This style of fridge freezer will need to be plumbed in. You can also get models with water dispensers that use a refillable tank. 

Most American fridge freezers also contain water filters for better tasting, cleaner water. This may allow you to cut back on purchasing bottled water for less plastic consumption, as well as saving you money.

Stylish Looks

Whether you’re remodelling your kitchen or just want to upgrade your appliances, installing the best American fridge freezer can give your kitchen décor a huge boost. Typically, American-style fridge freezers are designed to look as good as they function, keeping your food fresh while exuding class, modernity and abundance. 

Extra Functionality

American fridge freezers are designed to run smoothly and efficiently, featuring new technology and digital inverter compressors. Most also provide extra settings such as adjustable thermostats, child locks, vacation mode, all-around cool air and frost-free functionality to make your life easier. 

Does an American Fridge Freezer Need to Be Plumbed In?

If you are looking to purchase an American fridge freezer with inline water and ice dispenser, you will need to purchase and install a plumbed in the model. This American fridge freezer will automatically make ice and allow you to serve yourself unlimited amounts of chilled and often filtered water.

There are, however, also plenty of models that do not require any plumbing. You will lose the automatic ice-making capability, but there are other benefits from installing a fridge freezer without plumbing.

If you are not particularly bothered about having ice and chilled water on demand, a non-plumbed fridge freezer will save you plenty of space in your freezer. What’s more, non-plumbed models allow a greater range of placement options and don’t require you to get a plumber out to install your new American fridge freezer.

Alternatively, there are in-between American fridge freezers that use refillable water tanks. These appliances dispense chilled water without requiring any plumbing. While they do not normally dispense or automatically make ice, some have a dedicated ice-making drawer with rotating ice trays, allowing you to easily build up a good ice supply for your next party. 

How to Choose the Best American Fridge Freezer

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the best American-style fridge freezer in the UK for your needs. To make sure you choose the right one, you’ll want to give the following factors plenty of thought before making up your mind. 

Width and Overall Dimensions

The best American fridge freezers are large, so before you set your heart on a certain model or style, make sure that you measure up potential placement options in your kitchen. You may have to do some relocation or even consider a kitchen remodel to get the model of your dreams. 

Fear not if you have a small kitchen or are short on placement options. While standard American fridge freezers measure around 90cm wide, there are narrower versions available, as well as shallower models that can help to keep your kitchen circulation more fluid. 

Narrow American fridge freezers start around 80cm, while an extra-wide American fridge freezer can be over 96cm across. Start by measuring your available space, taking into consideration any other freestanding items that could be relocated, as well as the location of any plumbing lines and power sockets. 

Door Configuration

The main styles of American fridge freezers tend to come down to how their door configuration is laid out. Choose between the classic two-door model, or opt for a three or even a four-door American fridge freezer. Here’s how to decide which style of American fridge freezer is best for you.

Two-Door American Fridge Freezer (Side-By-Side Doors)

The classic American fridge freezer has two side-by-side doors, one for the freezer compartment and the other for the fridge. Therefore, each door and compartment can be the same or different sizes. For example, you may have a model with a thinner freezer door and a wider fridge door. 

The side-by-side configuration is so popular as it enables you to easily access and store your most used frozen and fresh goods at waist height and above. This model is also more likely to have a water and ice dispenser. What’s more, as you have two full-height doors, it’s a good model if you are looking for plenty of door storage space for bottles and open jars. 

Three-Door American Fridge Freezer (French Door)

Less common but an interesting option to consider, three-door fridge freezers are the best option if you are looking for a large amount of easily accessible refrigerator space. 

It consists of two upper doors that open onto a full-width fridge space, complete with door storage. The lower compartment houses a large freezer drawer or double freezer drawers. While you will have to lean over to access your freezer contents, freezer drawers make it so much easier to keep everything organised with excellent visibility

The main advantage here is the full-width refrigerator, double door storage, and two separate cooling systems for most users. If you struggle to keep your chilled food and drinks in good rotation and frequently end up throwing out items that were hidden at the back of your fridge or low down, this configuration could work best for you. This way, you will have everything at eye level and optimum visibility.

Four-Door American Fridge Freezer

If you like the idea of having a full-width double-door fridge cavity, but don’t want to compromise too much on freezer storage space and accessibility, then a four-door model may well be worth considering. 

Choose this version over a three-door model if you want extra organisational capacity for your freezer. The top refrigerator section is just like the three-door model, only here, the lower section features two doors opening onto two individual freezer compartment sections. These compartments usually contain two to three drawers to store and find your favourite frozen products more easily. What’s more, some models allow you to set each compartment at a different freezer temperature.  

Four-door models make a popular choice for large families with a large fridge and freezer compartments for easy access and maximum capacity. 

Fridge Freezer Capacity

Your average American fridge freezer will have a total capacity of around 500 litres. Once you’ve found several models that will fit your available kitchen space, with the features that you need, you’ll probably want to focus your attention on its fridge and freezer capacities.

Do you tend to freeze a lot of food? Some families can benefit from having a larger freezer section, whether you stock up in the frozen aisle or bulk cook for several weeks ahead. Alternatively, your priority may be to have an extra-large fridge compartment that can store a huge selection of everyone’s favourite drinks, plus fruit, vegetables and chilled fresh foods.

Consider your current fridge freezer, where you struggle most for space and your family eating habits. Will you make use of extra freezer space to buy in bulk when products are on offer or are you mainly concerned with keeping your family stocked up with fresh filled produce for easily made, quick and healthy meals and snacks? 

Water and Ice Dispenser

A water and ice dispenser is a must-have feature for some: think carefully about your needs and just how much use you’re likely to get out of a fully automatic ice and water dispenser. While there’s no denying that this highly popular feature is synonymous with luxurious American fridge freezers, it can be a waste of precious storage space for some people.


On the other hand, if having ice on demand and filtered ice cold water is just too good an offer to bypass, make sure that you have the extra funds and appropriate placement options to get your fridge freezer plumbed in. 

Models with water tanks that do not require plumbing can be handy, provided they filter water. You should, first of all, really think about just how much use you’ll get out of one and whether it’s worth sacrificing fridge space for. Suppose you feel that you’re likely to get a lot of use from an American fridge freezer with a water and ice dispenser. In that case, it might be better to upgrade to an inline plumbed version, especially if you have a large family who would require multiple tank refills per day. 

Control Panel

As the best American fridge freezers come with various extra features and settings, in addition to sleek modern styling, LED touch control panels are increasingly popular features. While you can still pick up models with old-fashioned internal numbered thermostats, modern control panels allow you to set your fridge’s temperature to a specific number of degrees.

You can activate vacation mode, child locks, and freeze/chill boosts via your fridge freezer’s control panel. An additional bonus is that this type of completely flat touch panel is easy to keep clean with no protruding buttons where grime and dirt can hide caused by sticky fingers. 


Make sure that your new fridge freezer is frost-free. Given their generous dimensions, you don’t want to have to spend a whole day manually defrosting your freezer

Look out for Total No Frost models to ensure a minimum of time and hassle maintaining your fridge freezer. These frost-free models maximise cold air circulation specially designed to ensure no ice builds up inside your freezer. The improved airflow also means that your fridge will benefit from all-around cool air with stable temperatures and humidity levels.  


While most people are aware of the advantages of installing an American fridge freezer in their home, too many dismiss upgrading due to a misconception that the best American fridge freezers are expensive and out of budget.

While purchasing an American fridge freezer, just like any large household appliance, is a large investment, there are plenty of reasonably priced models on the market. Previously, American-style fridge freezers were a rare sight in the UK and were usually priced out of budget for your average family home.

Nowadays, you can pick up a budget American fridge freezer for not much more than the cost of a good quality standard fridge freezer. Basic American fridge freezers start at around £500, with many popular models coming in at around £600-£800. Expect to spend over £1,000 for some of the latest versions and the best fridge freezers with additional luxury features. 


Still undecided on which best American fridge freezer to choose from our list? Our editor’s choice, the Samsung RS52N3313WW, is possibly the best American-style fridge freezer in the UK. With a high total capacity of 541L, this side-by-side two-door fridge freezer benefits from a digital inverter compressor, Total No Frost technology and a non-plumbed filtered water dispenser. 

Aesthetically pleasing, with minimalist styling and sleek modern lines, this American fridge freezer is a highly reliable model from one of the most popular and technologically advanced home appliance manufacturers. It is also an excellent value for money option and a surefire way to update your kitchen décor instantly. 

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