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Top 10 Best Microwavess

  1. Toshiba 900w (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Panasonic NN Combination (Luxury Choice)
  3. Russell Hobbs 17L Black Solo (Best Value)
  4. Toshiba 20L (Best Easy to Use)
  5. Swan Retro Digital (Best Stylish)
  6. Sharp Digital Touch Control (Best with Grill)
  7. Russell Hobbs Digital Heritage (Best Clean)
  8. VYTRONIX Digital
  9. Panasonic NN Compact Solo (Best Small)
  10. Russell Hobbs Scandi Grey

Can you imagine a kitchen without a microwave in it? Probably not, as it has become one of those mainstays without which life would never feel the same.

But as you look at the market, you will notice that there appears to be an ever-growing number of microwave ovens out there for you to choose from. This makes life hard, but that should not be the case, as we have looked at the humble microwave oven and selected the best models.

So, let’s check out our list of the best microwave in the UK!

How We Compared Microwaves

microwaves collage

To find the right microwaves we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Usage
  • Additional features
  • Size
  • Materials
  • Functionality

Our editorial team carefully researched and selected products that would suit a wide range of needs to take your kitchen experience to the next level. We set out this list after assessing customer reviews and evaluating pros and cons in line with the above comparison points.

Find more about our behind-the-scenes process here.

Microwave Reviews

Toshiba 900w (Editor’s Choice)

Our editor’s choice is this model by Toshiba, and it’s easy to see why we love it so much. Not only does it come with an energy-saving mode, but it offers you a crispy grill as well, and that’s an impressive addition that you may not see in every model.

The problem with the older microwave oven was its ability to ruin some food, so Toshiba has sought to rectify that with this model. It’s one of the many combination microwaves available now. It basically cooks the food from the inside moving out, and this is certainly a better way to cook food in general.

Also, it comes with five power levels, and eight cooking presets, and at 23L capacity, it’s big enough for most dishes.

While the Toshiba 900w is a great choice, it does come with some disadvantages. The buttons may not be that efficient, and with the microwave’s large size, it may not be ideal for smaller kitchens.


  • The crispy grill doesn’t leave food soggy
  • With multiple power levels and presets, you can cook all sorts of things in this model
  • 23L capacity gives you enough space for all sorts of meals
  • The eco-mode will save you both money and energy
  • The microwave is very easy to use, and the key is it does a good job


  • The buttons on the microwave may not be that effective
  • At 23L, it might be too big for small kitchens

Panasonic NN Combination (Luxury Choice)

This Panasonic NN combination microwave is about more than just heating food. It comes in at 27L, so that’s pretty big in the realm of kitchen appliances, and it means it can hold a dinner plate inside easily, as that’s not always possible with a small microwave.

In this model, the removable glass turntable is larger than most, but you don’t think that all of this means this microwave is bulky. Instead, Panasonic has made sure it comes with a slimline design, so it doesn’t take up too much kitchen space.

This model comes with an easy-to-use defrost function, a large control panel for easy use, and also has a junior menu. That means even those kids’ meals can experience quick and easy cooking without everything being ruined.

This microwave is for more than just ready meals. It’s not your standard microwave, but it’s easy to use and is one of the best microwave ovens on the market right now.

However, it has some limitations. You may want to be careful when using it as it is quite complicated to use, and the power level might be difficult to adjust.


  • It takes up little worktop space, which is due to a better design
  • The conventional oven is easy to operate via an impressive control panel
  • It uses inverter technology for more efficient cooking
  • It has a large litre capacity for bigger meals
  • Junior menu for kids


  • It may be difficult to adjust the power level
  • Some people may find this quite complicated to use

Russell Hobbs 17L Black Solo (Best Value)

This is the best value microwave on the market, and it’s all connected to its rather compact size. At 17L, it’s smaller than most, and while this is a manual microwave, it still offers enough functions to make your life as easy as possible.

This model has five power settings, while it also comes with a defrost function. This microwave doesn’t have the same bells and whistles of more expensive models, but it does a wonderful job on ready meals as well as some basic cooking.

If you are looking for something basic, this is the best budget microwave that may fit the bill perfectly.

However, there are some things you need to note about this microwave. Its design is not that attractive, and its bottom could be prone to rust.


  • Its compact size is a real bonus when you have limited space
  • The different power levels are enough for most forms of cooking
  • A manual microwave that is very easy to use
  • Small litre capacity makes it perfect for an individual
  • It does the basic things well


  • The bottom could be prone to rust if not cared for correctly
  • It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing

Toshiba 20L (Best Easy to Use)

Here we have another Toshiba model, and this 20L microwave oven is undoubtedly one of the easiest to use on the market. It comes with enough power levels to make cooking easy, and it’s just a highly functional modern microwave.

Along with the cooking levels, it also has a manual timer, while it can cook, defrost, and warm things up according to your instructions. Its size is big enough for a dinner plate, but it’s not too big that it will take up a lot of worktop space.

Overall, it’s basic but highly functional, and if you are looking to warm up those ready meals, then this model is going to be perfect.

However, please note that this microwave only has a timer of up to 35 minutes.


  • The dials are clearly marked and easy to use
  • It keeps things simple by restricting options to a basic microwave
  • It offers a comfortable capacity for most people
  • It even looks stylish while keeping things simple


  • The timer only goes up to 35 minutes, so that may reduce your options
  • The dials may be a bit on the large side

Swan Retro Digital (Best Stylish)

If you want a stylish digital microwave, then this model by Swan is going to be ideal. It has a retro design, but don’t think that this is all about the looks, as it’s about a lot more than that.

First, it has five power settings. Also, it has an easy cook option, which only the best microwaves seem to have today. As always, it comes with a defrost function, so you can take food straight out of the freezer, and this compact microwave is going to be able to deal with it. There’s little doubt that this is the best microwave for looks, but only if you love that retro style!

Although the Swan Retro Digital can be considered the best microwave in the UK, it also has its downsides. Its design is not that pleasing to the eyes, and you may need to take extra care of it to avoid rust.


  • It’s going to look great in any kitchen
  • It’s easy to use with simple digital options
  • The easy cook function is an advantage
  • The quick defrost makes it easy to get meals from the freezer and onto your plate
  • It’s compact in size, so it won’t take up a lot of space


  • You may need to keep on top of cleaning to prevent rust
  • The design may not be to everyone’s taste

Sharp Digital Touch Control (Best with Grill)

This 900W microwave by Sharp is one of the best grill microwaves on the market. A grill microwave is going to be capable of grilling food without destroying it, and that’s not something that every combination microwave is going to be capable of doing.

The grill part has 1100W of power, and that makes a difference. It cooks rather than makes things soggy, and then you can switch between using it as a grill microwave or using it with conventional microwave power.

It also has a simple touch control panel for easy operation, so you can use this for defrosting food, grilling, or warming things up without any difficulty. It also has several auto cook menus included as well.

Meanwhile, you have to consider the drawbacks of this microwave. Some may find it difficult to use it, and everyone may not need the grill feature.


  • It comes with a grill
  • It has a ceramic base that is resistant to scratches
  • The auto cook menus will make life a whole lot easier
  • The ease with which you can change between settings makes this one of the best microwaves around
  • Different power levels mean for multiple ways of cooking


  • Grill may not be necessary for everyone
  • Some may find this difficult to function

Russell Hobbs Digital Heritage (Best Clean)

This microwave by Russell Hobbs has a slick design, but that’s not why we have included it here. Instead, it’s because of its functionality.

At 20L, it’s not a mini microwave by any means. Instead, it’s big enough to deal with most meals without taking up too much space. It has five power levels and eight different auto cook options, and that’s impressive to us.

But thanks to the design of the interior of this microwave, it’s going to prove to be very easy to clean, and we love that about it. Even the best stainless steel microwave can prove to be tricky to get that food residue off, but this model by Russell Hobbs simply requires a quick wipe down, and it’s done.

However, you have to consider the downside of this kitchen appliance. When used over time, its light may gradually fade.


  • It has more than enough power levels and auto cook options to keep you busy
  • The digital timer makes it easy to adjust cooking times
  • It has a bright interior light making it easier to keep an eye on things
  • Wiping it down is easy, and that keeps your microwave hygienic
  • It has 800w of power, so more than enough to warm up those meals


  • If in regular use, then the light can fade a bit over time
  • The outside may be harder to clean than the inside


This digital microwave by VYTRONIX has a bit more of an industrial look and feel, which will help it blend into a number of kitchens when it comes to style. Also, at a 20-litre capacity, it’s big enough for most people.

It has five power levels, while it offers you something called multi-stage cooking. This is quite impressive and is why we have included it in our list of best compact microwave options.

With the multi-stage cooking, it switches from defrosting to conventional cooking on its own. It senses when it’s time to change tactics, so you don’t have to worry about doing anything when it comes to the cooking process.

You have to take note, though. This microwave is quite big, so it may not be ideal if you have a small kitchen.


  • Multi-stage cooking is a clear benefit with this microwave
  • It looks pretty spectacular, complete with a mirror effect on the door
  • It offers enough power levels to make things interesting when it comes to cooking
  • It has auto defrost included
  • It’s easy to use


  • While it looks good, the mirror door may be a pain to clean
  • May not fit into smaller kitchens

Panasonic NN Compact Solo (Best Small)

For us, this model by Panasonic is the best small microwave oven around. However, don’t think that a small microwave oven means it’s inferior in some way, as that is not the case.

At 20 litre capacity, it’s the same size as so many others out there, but Panasonic has sought to create a slimline microwave that can sit with ease in your kitchen.

This particular model has a simple control panel to operate the microwave, while it also comes with 800W of power, so it can cope with cooking those jacket potatoes with ease. With five settings and a series of auto cook programs, you can set up this solo microwave and let it get on with its job. Overall, this microwave is not going to let you down. It’s small, powerful, and easy to operate.

But, remember to consider its drawback. It is quite small, so it may not be suitable if you have a large kitchen.


  • It’s compact in size but not compact in performance
  • This solo microwave is easy to use, and at the touch of a button
  • It has child locks installed for safety
  • It has enough power settings and auto cook programs to keep you busy
  • It’s easy to wipe down and keep clean


  • It may be too small in some kitchens
  • It may look a bit outdated in some kitchens

Russell Hobbs Scandi Grey

Finally, we have yet another option from Russell Hobbs, and this time it’s their Scandi Grey microwave complete with some 700W of power and a very cool design.

This digital microwave has a wooden handle, which makes it completely different from any other microwave on the market. That is where the Scandi style comes into its own, and there’s no doubt that it looks amazing.

For cooking, you have five power levels and eight different settings. That’s pretty standard, so there are no fireworks there to speak of. It also has a multi-stage cooking function which will make life a whole lot easier.

But overall, we love this microwave because of how it looks. It stands out, and for a good reason too.

It does have its limitations as well. Its wooden feature may not fit several kitchen designs, and it might take a while for you to get used to this microwave.


  • It looks brilliant. Yes, we have said that before, but it’s completely different
  • It has enough power levels and auto cook functions to keep you happy
  • It’s relatively compact in size, just as solo microwaves should be
  • It’s very easy to operate by anybody
  • Multi-stage cooking is a useful function


  • 700W may take some getting used to
  • Wooden features may not fit in every kitchen

How to Choose the Best Microwave Oven

As you can see from our microwave reviews, it’s easy to find the best microwave under £100 that will last you for years without running into any problems. However, how do you find the best microwave for your needs?


The first thing to do is to think about what you will be using your microwave oven for. We have tried to cover the main reasons you may want to buy a particular model throughout our microwave reviews, so pay attention to that.

Do you need a grill function? Do you need an oven combi? Will you be defrosting frozen food on a regular basis? Do you want something on your kitchen counter, or does it need to be incorporated into your kitchen units?

The best microwave for you is going to be the one that meets those needs. However, as you can see, you need to be aware of those needs first.

A custom made kitchen cabinet

Additional Features

But let’s look a bit closer at what you should be looking for in a microwave.

Now, not everyone will have a microwave grill. That is a bit rarer and only available in certain models. The same goes with it having an oven function. You won’t often find that in one of the solo microwaves where they stick to the basics.


Also, don’t be fooled by the litre capacity that comes with the microwave. Instead, check the actual physical dimensions of the model you are interested in, as that’s the only sure-fire way of knowing how big this thing is going to be.


Furthermore, check what it’s made from. Not every single microwave has a stainless steel interior. Instead, most are ceramic or acrylic, which will change how you clean and care for your microwave. Of course, that also changes the odds of things rusting if you don’t look after it correctly.


Finally, pay close attention to the cooking functions. While having auto cook is a great thing, it’s not included in every model. If you are the type of person who wants to just walk away from your microwave and let it do its thing, then you might need that auto cook option.

So, this is what we would suggest in order to help you find the best microwave for your needs.

  1. Look at where it’s going in your kitchen. You want it to be able to fit without it being a tight squeeze.
  2. Consider the litre capacity and whether it can hold a dinner plate. Use a plate as a guide to the size.
  3. Understand how to clean it. Food is going to go everywhere in it, so you need to know how to get it sparkling.
  4. Is it digital or manual? Which one do you prefer to use?
  5. Is it just a microwave, or are you looking at a combi microwave with an oven function?

As you can see, there’s not a lot to it when it comes to buying a new microwave. You only have several key points to take into consideration.


As you can see, we have covered an array of solo microwaves, the best combination microwave, and everything else in between that can be potentially considered as the best microwave in the UK. However, the main thing to take out of this is that getting a new microwave is easy, as they do mainly contain the same functions and do things in pretty much the same way.

It’s all to do with whether you want a digital or manual or the space you have available. As long as you take those things into consideration, then any of the microwaves we have mentioned above will be perfect.

However, if we had to pick one, the clear winner is the Toshiba 900W Microwave Oven. It has a 23L capacity which is perfect for a dinner plate or a large Tupperware, and we love the eco-mode that will keep on saving you money even in years to come. With the easy-to-use controls and a grill for different cooking styles, you can’t go wrong!

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