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Top 10 Best Halogen Ovens

  1. Schallen Deluxe 17L 2-in-1 Air Fryer (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Cooks Professional 10L Air Fryer (Luxury Choice)
  3. CLASSIC 12-Litre (Best Value)
  4. Tower T14001 Low Fat Air Fryer (Best with Recipe Book)
  5. Daewoo Deluxe 17L 1300W (Best with Self-Cleaning Function)
  6. Quest 43890 12L (Best for Compact Size)
  7. Quest 43850 Electric Multi-Function Air Fryer
  8. Sentik 12-Litre Premium 1300W
  9. Elgento 12-Litre 1300 Watts
  10. JML Halowave 10.5-Litre 1400W

Halogen ovens are an effective way to cook various foods quickly and easily. These kitchen products can boil, fry, bake, and roast to create delicious-tasting food. Best of all, these appliances are easy to use – simply place your food into the compartment and adjust the timer and temperature accordingly. So if you’re looking for a new way to cook dishes or have minimal space for an oven, a halogen oven might be the way forward.

If you’ve never owned a halogen oven before, we’ve discovered the top 10 products on the market right now to help find the best halogen oven for you. All of which make food up to 50% quicker and use up to 75% less energy than a traditional oven.

How we Compared Halogen Ovens

halogen ovens collage

To find the right halogen ovens we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Hinged lid
  • Replaceable bulb
  • Capacity
  • Cord length
  • Functions
  • Power
  • Cleaning and usability

Our editorial team carefully researched and selected products that would suit a wide range of needs to take your kitchen experience to the next level. We set out this list after assessing customer reviews and evaluating pros and cons in line with the above comparison points.

Find more about our behind-the-scenes process here.

Halogen Oven Reviews

Schallen Deluxe 17L 2-in-1 Air Fryer (Editor’s Choice)

This halogen oven prepares perfectly cooked food with a delicious crispy layer in a quicker way than a conventional oven. Sporting an elegant black and glass finish, this halogen air fryer has a luxurious finish that makes it a stand-out piece in any kitchen.

This cooking appliance has an adjustable temperature control ranging from 125–250℃, and it also comes with a useful built-in 60-minute variable timer. In fact, it even boasts a variable temperature control. What’s more, it features 1300W of power, ensuring that it offers quick results in an energy-efficient manner.

Furthermore, it’s easy to clean with warm, soapy water, and the self-cleaning mode is a useful touch for taking care of this halogen oven cooker. With a generous 17-litre capacity, it’s suitable for preparing a variety of dishes for one large household.

On the other hand, this halogen air fryer doesn’t feature a safety switch, which means that you may have to be careful when using this small halogen oven around children.


  • Has various safety features
  • Large capacity of 17-litre
  • Has a useful built-in timer for up to 60 minutes
  • Minimal maintenance to keep clean
  • 1300W of power for an energy-saving alternative to a traditional oven


  • Glass lid may have a sharp-edge finish
  • May not be safe to use around children

Cooks Professional 10L Air Fryer (Luxury Choice)

One of the highlights of this halogen oven is that it comes with six pre-programmed modes: roast, fry, bake, stir-fry, grill, and BBQ. This makes it ideal for creating a range of food from your home kitchen and it only requires little to no oil for a healthy alternative to traditional ovens.

In addition, it comes with a cooking bowl that’s non-stick, thus requiring little or no oil to turn food crispy. It’s also easy to clean afterwards in hot soapy water. Best of all, it’s user-friendly, featuring a built-in control panel that’s simple to operate.

This halogen air fryer even boasts a double-cell construction that cools the outside of the oven, making it safe to touch while retaining heat and moisture on the food inside the non-stick bowl.

Unfortunately, this kitchen appliance only has a 10-litre cooking capacity, which might make the unit too small for a large household. Also, you may need to use more oil than other halogen ovens, because you may encounter some of your food sticking to the bowl.


  • Easy-to-use LCD display
  • Six included programs
  • Convenient to clean with soapy water
  • Adjustable timer and temperature controls
  • Accessories included, such as tongs, grilling rack, and more


  • May be too small for some families
  • Food may stick to the glass bowl

CLASSIC 12-Litre (Best Value)

With a 12-litre capacity and 60-minute timer, this halogen oven cooker can cook food with a reduced cooking time. The glass lid holder provides a classic style while also helping to retain heat. Plus, the glass is heat-resistant to avoid any burns should you touch the hinged lid. Additionally, you can easily see the food inside without having to remove it.

It’s simple to use, too, thanks to the convenient controls across the top of the lid. In fact, these controls are simple to navigate, making this the best halogen oven great for non-tech-savvy users.

Impressively, it’s equipped with a self-cleaning function that helps to keep this halogen cooker easy to maintain—which is ideal if you’re short on time.

However, the temperature dial might be a little old-fashioned for some who may be searching for an upgraded oven with a digital control panel for a luxurious finish. Plus, it doesn’t come with high-tech features such as a defrost setting.


  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Heat-resistant glass
  • Timer function extends to 60 minutes
  • Can self-clean after cooking food for minimal maintenance
  • Includes two cooking racks


  • Halogen bulb can get close to food if it’s full
  • May not come with high-tech features, such as a defrost setting

Tower T14001 Low Fat Air Fryer (Best with Recipe Book)

Boasting a 12-litre capacity, this is one of the best halogen ovens for a family household and it also includes a recipe book, which makes it ideal to use if you’re a beginner.

Best of all, this kitchen appliance also comes with a five-litre extension ring that makes it perfect for cooking for a large household. Therefore, you can use this halogen oven among a couple of people or more for get-togethers. This feature also keeps it compact for storing on display in your kitchen.

Furthermore, it operates a power of 1300W, allowing you to quickly and efficiently cook food. It’s also extremely easy to use without any complicated LCD display. You can simply operate the temperature and time settings via straightforward controls.

Unfortunately, this halogen oven may not include a hinged lid, which would ordinarily provide an additional safety layer to prevent any scalding when you’re checking on your food or removing it from the bowl.


  • Features a five-litre extension ring
  • Includes a recipe book
  • Energy-efficient 1300W output
  • Easy-to-use controls


  • May not include a lid that’s hinged
  • Some may prefer an LCD display for a stylish touch

Daewoo Deluxe 17L 1300W (Best with Self-Cleaning Function)

This halogen oven can do anything! And, that includes helping to clean itself – making it the best halogen oven with a self-cleaning feature. Simply fill the halogen air fryer with warm, soapy water after use and set to the self-cleaning program and it’ll be ready to use for next time.

This Daewoo Deluxe halogen cooker comes with adjustable temperature control that lets you cook food to your liking. With a range of 125 to 250 degrees Celcius, you can cook virtually any type of food in this premium halogen oven. Plus, it’ll reduce cooking time while retaining the natural flavour of meats.

It’s equipped with a high and low rack that allows you to separate various dishes within one kitchen gadget. You’ll also receive rack tongs, so you can remove food from the halogen oven without burning yourself.

However, you may find that the lid stand is slightly fiddly due to the lid’s heavy weight. And you may need to place the lid stand onto a sturdy surface to avoid it slipping. Furthermore, it may take longer to heat up than a traditional oven, which can increase the cooking time.


  • High and low racks allow you to cook multiple foods
  • Includes rack tongs for removing dishes
  • Wide temperature range for a variety of meals
  • Large 17-litre capacity, which is great for family use


  • Lid stand may be fiddly
  • May take longer to heat up

Quest 43890 12L (Best for Compact Size)

If you don’t have much room in your kitchen but enjoy cooking with a halogen oven, you need this compact kitchen appliance. Its small size means it won’t take up too much room in your kitchen but still boasts all of the same functions as a larger model.

Best of all, it’s easy to operate. Simply set the temperature and timer function, and you can roast or air fry virtually any type of food. Plus, with a high and low rack, you can cook food separately and, with a 12-litre capacity, it’s great for single-use or between two users.

Although this Quest 43890 halogen oven might be small and compact, it certainly doesn’t lack in performance. With 1400W of power, it saves 60% more energy than a conventional oven and up to three times faster. Furthermore, it’s equipped with a cleaning mode, a 60-minute timer, toughened glass, and non-slip feet.

One thing to consider is that it may not come with a ring extender, so you’re unable to expand its size. Furthermore, the glass bowl could shatter if it’s exposed to intense heat for a prolonged period. So you’ll need to be careful when removing food from this oven.


  • Includes a high and low rack for separating foods
  • 1400W of power for an energy-efficient use
  • Lid handle has a safety function
  • Heating element works quickly and efficiently
  • Cooks professional-tasting food, while roasting, boiling, frying, and baking


  • May not come with an extender ring
  • Instruction manual may be difficult to understand
  • Glass bowl may shatter in intense heat

Quest 43850 Electric Multi-Function Air Fryer

This is one of the best halogen ovens on the market, which you’ll grow to love and use every day. With a 1.2m cord length, you won’t feel restricted with this kitchen appliance when finding the perfect spot for it in your kitchen.

Your purchase includes a five-litre extender ring to increase the capacity from the original 17 litres. And this feature makes the halogen oven suitable for use in a household with multiple people. Furthermore, it boasts a built-in 60-minute timer and can heat food from 125–250 degrees. In fact, it has a reduced cooking time when compared to a microwave oven.

These ovens will also clean themselves after use, which helps to make your life a little easier. Simply put two inches of water inside and set the temperature to 100 degrees for around 10 minutes. In addition, this halogen oven comes with a high rack and low rack, enabling you to cook multiple dishes at the same time.

On the other hand, it may not be suitable for cooking pizza, as the baking mode produces steam, which can prevent a crispy layer. Plus, you should bear in mind that the timer control may not always be completely accurate.


  • Has a built-in timer for up to 60 minutes
  • Reaches a maximum temperature of 250 degrees
  • Includes a low and high rack
  • A heat-resistant glass bowl for safety
  • Large capacity


  • May not be suitable for cooking pizza
  • Controls might not be smooth to turn

Sentik 12-Litre Premium 1300W

This energy-efficient halogen oven features a 12-litre capacity and 1300W of power to cook food quickly and thoroughly. Furthermore, with basic controls, it’s simple to use and doesn’t require any technical experience so you don’t have to waste time trying to figure it out.

It’s one of the greatest halogen ovens available to offer everything you need, including tongs for removing food from the racks. It also features two tiers, enabling you to cook a variety of food in one go. Plus, the oven comes with a stand that securely keeps it in place during use for added safety.

In addition, it’s equipped with a 60-minute timer and a maximum heat of 250 degrees. This oven will also keep your food warm for a longer time than most, which means you don’t have to eat immediately after it’s cooked.

Unfortunately, the 12-litre capacity might be too small for some families. And this oven doesn’t feature a cover for the halogen bulb, which might come into close contact with food if you’re using the top shelf.


  • Includes a 60-minute timer
  • Heats up to 250 degrees
  • Includes various accessories for cooking food
  • Keeps food warm for a prolonged period


  • May not come with a cover for the halogen bulb
  • 12-litre capacity might be too small for some

Elgento 12-Litre 1300 Watts

With a generous 12-litre capacity, this halogen cooker is great for preparing a roast dinner and other healthy dishes without having to use an oven.

It includes a low and high rack, allowing you to cook two different types of food at the same time, thus increasing the cooking process. Plus, the timer function means that you can cook food efficiently without having to supervise it at all times.

Furthermore, the halogen bulb is covered, which helps to reduce any contact with food while also improving the bulb’s longevity. And with 1300W of power, this halogen oven will cook food quickly and thoroughly for a delicious taste.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a pot extender ring. So if 12 litres is too small for your household, this might not be the right halogen oven for you. And some people may prefer a digital halogen oven rather than analogue controls.


  • Includes a low and high shelf for cooking various foods
  • Halogen bulb won’t come into contact with food
  • 1300W of power for thoroughly cooked food
  • Accurate timer function


  • Doesn’t include an extender ring, which may make the oven too small for some
  • Some may prefer a digital halogen oven with a control panel

JML Halowave 10.5-Litre 1400W

This JML product is one of our favourite halogen ovens for single-use, boasting a 10.5-litre capacity. Therefore, it’s an energy-efficient halogen oven if you’re not cooking a meal among several people.

It has a 1400W power output, which enables this halogen oven to cook efficiently and quickly. Everything is clearly labelled on the top of this kitchen gadget, so you can adjust the temperature and timer to suit the food you’re making. And with analogue controls, all you have to do is turn the dial to make any adjustments.

Moreover, this is one of the most efficient halogen ovens on this list, as it comes with two cooking modes. These enable you to choose a slow-cooking option for foods that require less power and a lower temperature.

Unfortunately, this halogen oven might take longer than others to warm up, meaning you’ll need to add additional time to the cooking. And you can’t replace the bulb if it becomes faulty, meaning you’ll have to replace the entire oven or find a compatible lid with a working bulb.


  • Includes a gourmet book packed with delicious recipes
  • 10.5-litre capacity is ideal for a single person
  • Powerful 1400W output
  • Has two cooking modes for energy efficiency


  • The heat-up timer may not be accurate
  • Some may prefer the controls to be next to each other for usability

Halogen Oven Buying Guide

Before purchasing one of these halogen ovens, there are several factors to consider that can help to narrow down your search. Below are the most important ones to bear in mind during the buying process.

Hinged Lid

Although your focus might be on the halogen oven’s power and capacity, you might want to choose one with a lid that’s hinged. This type of design is ideal if you don’t have a lot of strength in your hands or have difficulty holding heavy items for a long time.

Also, a lid can get hot once the food is inside the bowl. Fortunately, this type of lid design contains an element that prevents any scalds, compared to a traditional lid that might be too hot or may even crack in the heat. A hinged one also prevents you from having to awkwardly grip onto the lid to remove it from the bowl while it’s hot.

Replaceable Bulb

Since halogen ovens came on the scene, there have been complaints that the bulbs are difficult to replace if they break. In which case, you’ll have to purchase an entirely new halogen oven, which is obviously not a cost-effective option.

Alternatively, opt for an oven that has an easily replaceable halogen bulb. So if it does break, you can change it with no issues.

marble potato recipe


Your chosen halogen oven should have a capacity that suits the number of people who’ll be using it, as there are different options on the market. For two people, a 12-litre halogen oven should suffice. Alternatively, opt for a 15-litre capacity or above for a household.

In addition, an extender ring allows you to increase the oven’s capacity with ease. So if you’re not sure if you need a small or large unit, choose a halogen oven that includes an extender ring, just in case.

Cord Length

Another important factor to consider is the halogen oven’s cord length. Some ovens come with a cord measuring less than one metre. This can be difficult when trying to connect it to a plug socket without feeling restricted.

On the other hand, if you have limited countertop space in your kitchen, you may require a cord that’s longer than two metres to have enough room to comfortably use the oven with minimal restrictions.


There’s a reason you’re considering a halogen oven for cooking food, so what essential functions do you have in mind? Most cooking modes available include roasting, grilling, frying, warming, and steaming. Whereas, most some halogen ovens even feature a defrost program to quickly prepare meats.

Furthermore, you may require a temperature and timer function on top of the oven via analogue controls or on an LCD panel. Most halogen ovens have a temperature range of up to 250 degrees and a one-hour timer.

olive oil French fries


The halogen oven’s power determines how fast it can cook. Most range from 1,200–1,600W, with the higher range cooking food faster. However, if you’re more concerned about an energy-efficient kitchen gadget, opt for a lower watt.

Cleaning and Usability

Some of the top halogen ovens come with a cleaning mode where you fill the bowl with warm, soapy water after use and press a cleaning button that sterilises the bowl. This feature prevents you from having to scrub the oven after every time you prepare a meal.

Moreover, your chosen oven should be user-friendly or you won’t use it often. Therefore, you need to decide if analogue controls or a digital control panel are best for you. Research halogen cooker reviews and see what customers have to say about how the oven works. If it doesn’t heat up within a couple of minutes, it’ll increase your cooking time and may make you frustrated on days when you’re in a hurry.

The Winning Halogen Oven

If we could only recommend one product to be the best halogen oven, it’d be the Schallen 17L 2-in-1 Air Fryer. This appliance has a large 17-litre capacity that allows you to prepare a huge meal for the entire family. What’s more, with a high and low rack, you can make multiple dishes at one time.

In addition, it’s simple and quick to clean, helping to minimise the amount of time you spend in the kitchen after cooking. It also boasts a large temperature range of 125–250℃ and includes a timer along with 1300W of power to reduce your energy costs.

What are your thoughts on these ovens? Share your favourite products, or other recommendations, in the comments.

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