Best Steak Pans of 2023

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Top 10 Best Steak Pans

  1. Lodge L10SK3CN Pre-Seasoned Round (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Le Creuset Signature Square (Luxury Choice)
  3. Tefal Aluminium Twin Pack (Best Value)
  4. Cuisinel Square Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron (Best with Accessories)
  5. AIGLEFEU 28cm Square (Best Griddle)
  6. Jean Patrique Non-Stick Stove Top Grill (Best With Lid)
  7. Savisto 28 cm with Detachable Handle (Best Non-Stick)
  8. KICHLY Pre-Seasoned with Pouted Edges (Best Cast-Iron)
  9. Andrew James Griddle (Best for All Hobs)
  10. Nuovva with Glass Lid (Best Aluminium)

If you love a good steak from time to time, then having a good steak pan at your disposal will make a huge difference to the outcome. After all, if you go ahead and get a nice sirloin or fillet steak, do you want to simply throw it in any sort of frying pan?

Of course not! Instead, you want the best possible kitchen utensil out there on the market that will turn your steak into a culinary delight before your very eyes. However, you are then faced with a very real problem: trying to choose between the different items out there specifically for cooking steak.

But have no fear, as we are here to help you out. What we have here are a number of the best steak pans on the market right now, and as you are about to see, they are all pretty spectacular in their own way.

However, we won’t simply tell you all about the frying pan in question. Instead, we will also offer you some tips and advice on choosing the correct pan.

You see, there’s a bit more to this than simply checking out the enamel coating on one option or what will look good in your kitchen. Instead, there are numerous practical aspects you need to consider when selecting a pan for cooking steak.

So, let’s get on with checking out your options for the best steak pan in the UK.

How We Compared Steak Pans

To find the right steak pans we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Size and weight
  • Material
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Handles
  • Coating
  • Heat retention and distribution

Our editorial team carefully researched and selected products that would suit a wide range of needs to take your kitchen experience to the next level. We set out this list after assessing customer reviews and evaluating pros and cons in line with the above comparison points.

Find more about our behind-the-scenes process here.

Steak Pan Reviews

Lodge L10SK3CN Pre-Seasoned Round (Editor’s Choice)

First, we have this cast iron pan by Lodge, and it’s great at what it does. This 12-inch cast-iron skillet is heavy and industrial looking, making it absolutely perfect for cooking steak.

This pan is also pre-seasoned, and that’s great news. Seasoning is a drawn-out process, so the fact they have already done it is a good thing.

But if you are worried about the weight, then don’t be. It comes with an additional carry handle on the other side of the pan, making you feel safer when moving the grill pan around. Due to it being made of cast iron, it does help when it comes to the transfer of heat around the base. It also heats up very quickly, so you can get a good sear on your steak from the outset.

Overall, what we love about this cast iron pan is its size, its weight, and the fact it is already pre-seasoned.


  • It is large enough for a large steak
  • It is pre-seasoned
  • It is cast iron, so it spreads heat well
  • It is very easy to clean
  • The extra handle makes a difference when lifting the pan


  • The pan is very heavy, so be aware of this
  • It has no lid

Le Creuset Signature Square (Luxury Choice)

This enamelled cast iron pan by Le Creuset will have no problems when it comes to cooking steak. There’s a good chance it will actually perform even better than you could have possibly imagined. Not only is it suitable for every type of hob, but it also comes with an additional carry handle and two pouring spouts as well.

That means this cast iron pan is highly versatile in how it can be used. However, at 26 cm in size, it’s slightly smaller than some of the other pans that appear on our list.

This pan will heat evenly, so there is no need to worry about cold spots on the base, as can happen with some frying pans. Also, this pan is dishwasher safe, and the enamel is also exceptionally easy to clean.

Overall, it is clear that this is a high-quality item made from the best enamel and cast iron. The pouring lips and extra handle are a great addition, and it’s those things that help this cast iron frying pan stand out from the crowd.


  • Two pouring spouts make a real difference when cooking
  • The extra handle makes it easier to carry the pan around
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • The enamel is very easy to clean
  • It comes with a hook on the handle to hang it for easy storage


  • This pan is very heavy
  • At 26 cm, it is smaller than some

Tefal Aluminium Twin Pack (Best Value)

Tefal is well-known for producing quality frying pans without breaking the bank, and this twin pack is another fine example. What you have here is a pair of non-stick pans, and they both come with Thermospot technology, which is common across the Tefal brand.

Made from aluminium, the non-stick coating is ample enough to stop your steak from being ruined, and both pans are also dishwasher friendly, so getting them clean should not be an issue.

In this instance, you get a 20 cm pan and a 28 cm pan, so that does open up the possibility of cooking a number of steaks at the same time. Also, they are lightweight but don’t think that these are just thinner frying pans. Both pans may be made from lighter materials, but they are still manufactured to a high standard.

Overall, what we love about this set is the fact you get two different pans that are both made to a high specification. They are easy to clean and can offer some pretty impressive results.


  • You get two pans effectively for the price of one
  • They are light
  • They are dishwasher safe
  • They have a non-stick coating included
  • The heat distribution is pretty good


  • You cannot get the grill lines on your steak
  • They do not come with a lid

Cuisinel Square Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron (Best with Accessories)

If you are looking for a frying pan that also comes with some accessories to make your life easier, then this cast-iron griddle pan by Cuisinel is perfect for you.

First, this is a cast-iron pan, and it measures some 10.5″ in size. This is pretty standard, but that’s not why we love this model. Instead, this cast iron skillet also comes with a range of accessories that you just do not see elsewhere.

With this frying pan, you get a silicone handle, which means you won’t burn yourself, a lid, and a pan scraper. The pan scraper, in particular, is very useful, as it means getting in between the griddle lines for cleaning becomes a whole lot easier.

You can use this cast iron pan on any type of stovetop, and because it’s made from cast iron, it means it spreads the heat evenly across the pan. That should result in making it easier to cook steak since there’s no need to worry about any cold spots.

Overall, it’s the accessories that come with this cast iron pan that makes a difference. The griddle pan itself is pretty standard, but that scraper and silicone handle are both impressive.


  • The scraper is brilliant at what it does
  • Its lid is a useful tool
  • The silicone handle means you won’t burn yourself
  • The cast iron is clearly high quality
  • It’s very easy to clean


  • It is heavy
  • You must follow the booklet on how to care for it carefully

AIGLEFEU 28cm Square (Best Griddle)

This 28 cm frying pan is made from aluminium, and it has to be perhaps the best ridged griddle pan on the market right now. Also, it comes with a snap-on handle, and that means it’s easier to store this pan when not in use.

As it’s not a cast-iron skillet, it does mean this grill pan is lighter than most. Also, it’s suitable for all types of hobs, and it will cook a steak to perfection, no matter if it’s gas or induction.

This pan also comes with a double non-stick coating, and that does mean it lasts longer than you would expect from this type of pan. Also, the non-stick coating will stand up to more than just hot soapy water, so you can throw it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

When it comes to even heat distribution, then the thicker than normal base to this pan ensures that this is not a problem. Also, thanks to this even heat distribution, searing steaks is more effortless: in fact, there won’t be any cold spots even when it’s not on high heat.

Overall though, it’s the base of the griddle and removable handle that we love about this model. The ridges are the perfect height, and that is why it is one of the best pans around, as it gives a good sear with those amazing burn lines to your steak.


  • The removable handle makes for easier storage
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It has a double non-stick coating
  • The griddle part works exceptionally well
  • The thick base means it offers amazing heat distribution


  • It doesn’t come with a lid
  • It’s not cast iron, so if you prefer that material, then this may not have the right effect

Jean Patrique Non-Stick Stove Top Grill (Best With Lid)

If you are looking for the right steak pan with a lid, then this model by Jean Patrique could be the answer. Measuring some 10.6″, this circular pan has two carry handles, making it safer to move after you have completed the cooking process.

The Jean Patrique Whatever Pan is crafted from cast aluminium: it is made from the best material and works perfectly well even at high temperatures. Also, as it does not have a normal, single handle, it’s easy to place this pan in your oven, and that will increase the number of ways in which you will use it.

The pan also has deep sides, so it’s not only the perfect pan for steak but also for a number of other dishes as well since food won’t simply spill over the edge.

However, it’s the fact that it comes with both a glass lid and is oven safe that makes us love this model. The non-stick coating is also pretty good, so you should have no problem getting the perfect steak when using this pan.


  • This pan works well at high temperatures when searing meat
  • It has deep sides
  • It has fantastic heat retention
  • It’s oven safe
  • It has a fantastic lid


  • It can get exceptionally hot
  • It can take some elbow grease to get it clean

Savisto 28 cm with Detachable Handle (Best Non-Stick)

With these pans, you want your cooking surface to be non-stick, and this 28 cm pan by Savisto is one of the best for a non-stick pan. Made from cast aluminium, the non-stick coating is double-layered, which makes a difference in the amount of oil you need to use when searing steak.

However, this frying pan also comes with a special lip to allow you to drain off excess fluid, but thanks to the non-stick surface, you don’t need too much oil in the first place. When it comes to storing, then you can also quickly remove the handle, so it takes up less space.

Overall, this frying pan is all about the coating, and as non-stick pans go, it has to be one of the best out there. However, it will still produce those grill marks so many people look for when they fry steak, and it’s certainly easy to clean, making this an excellent choice when it comes to frying pans.


  • The non-stick is one of the best out there
  • The removable handle makes it easier to store
  • It produces great grill marks
  • You need little oil when you pan fry steak
  • It’s easy to clean


  • It does feel slightly lightweight, which may also be a good thing
  • You need to take extra care with the coating, so avoid metal utensils

KICHLY Pre-Seasoned with Pouted Edges (Best Cast-Iron)

If you are looking for a pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet, then this version by KICHLY is perfect. Pre-seasoned cast iron means you don’t have to go through that process yourself, allowing you to simply get started with your cast iron pan and enjoy the benefits of it.

This cast iron pan is small at 26 cm, but don’t let that put you off. It’s also very heavy, as most cast iron pans are, but it does have a steadying handle, making it easier to lift this cast iron skillet. As is the norm with this grill pan, it will retain heat well and spread it better than a regular frying pan.

That means you don’t even have to use very high heat with traditional cast iron. It makes searing meat a whole lot easier, and you should be able to cook the perfect steak every time.

The cooking surface on this cast iron skillet is plain, so you won’t get those marks you can achieve with grill pans. However, it does such a good job at cooking steak in general that we look past that with this cast iron frying pan.


  • Pre-seasoned cast iron
  • Cooks steaks evenly
  • It has excellent heat retention
  • It has an additional handle for easier use
  • It’s easy to clean


  • It is exceptionally heavy, but then all cast iron pans are heavy
  • This cast-iron skillet is slightly on the small side

Andrew James Griddle (Best for All Hobs)

If you need a grill pan that could move from the BBQ to your induction hob and more, then this grill pan by Andrew James is perfect. This grill pan, made from non-stick aluminium, is relatively lightweight compared to cast iron skillets.

It comes with a removable handle, and you can indeed use this grill pan on any hob type. You also have two small pouring spouts on either side, making it easier to drain any liquid from the frying pan.

The ridges in this frying pan are high enough to get those markings, so many people enjoy seeing, and cooking steak with this pan is easy, with the non-stick layer making a difference.

Overall, the versatility of this frying pan makes it stand out. It’s easy to move around, and as grill pans go, this one is heavy enough without being too heavy.


  • It comes with a removable handle
  • It’s relatively light but still feels sturdy enough
  • You can get those grill marks while steak cooking
  • It’s relatively easy to clean
  • It works on a range of different hobs


  • It can get too hot too quickly at high temperatures
  • It can sometimes be tricky attaching the handle

Nuovva with Glass Lid (Best Aluminium)

Searing meat on an aluminium frying pan is very easy to do, especially when you have such a high-quality pan as this one by Nuovva. At 28 cm, it offers a reasonably sized cooking surface, giving you ample space for cooking steak.

It comes with two small handles on either side, and this circular frying pan has relatively deep ridges, allowing you to get those burn marks. For the handles, there are two silicone handles to stop you from burning yourself, which is a real concern with a cast-iron skillet.

This model can deal with relatively high temperatures compared to a normal frying pan, so you can easily sear things when cooking steak. You also have a glass lid complete with an escape valve, which means excess pressure is not a problem with this particular frying pan.

But this pan is crafted from the best quality aluminium, and it’s also easy to clean since warm soapy water is pretty much all you need to clean up the cooking surface.

Overall, it’s the ease of use, the impressive cooking surface area, and its ability to deal with high heat when cooking, that means this pan is one of the best on the market.


  • It has a large cooking surface
  • It remains hot for some time
  • It has silicone handles to stop you from burning yourself
  • It’s relatively light to lift
  • It has deep ridges for better sear marks


  • The non-stick layer is easy to damage if you use the wrong utensils
  • You must use the silicone handles, or it gets exceptionally hot

How to Choose the Best Steak Searing Pan

The different pans listed above are all excellent in their own right, but how do you actually select the best frying pan for steak? Well, we have a few tips that should make life that little bit easier.

Tip 1: Decide Which Option You Like

The first tip is to spend time thinking about which option you prefer for your steak griddle pan. This means looking at the material it is made from, as a cast iron steak pan reacts differently to one made from stainless steel or aluminium.

Keep in mind that stainless steel and aluminium are lighter options than cast iron. If you have problems lifting heavy pans, a cast iron frying pan would not be the best option.

Tip 2: The Size

Size varies, and this applies whether it’s a cast-iron frying pan, a stainless steel pan, or one made from aluminium. However, there is something else to contemplate aside from the cooking surface.

Do also think about the sides of the pan and how deep they are. A cast-iron frying pan does tend to have deeper sides, thanks to the design, and it does mean fewer ingredients can fall out. For this, you must think carefully about how you plan on using your pan to determine how important high sides are.

Tip 3: How Hot Does it Get?

Cast iron pans react differently to heat compared to stainless steel pans. In fact, cast-iron pans tend to have better heat retention across the entire cooking surface than other steak pans.

Frying meat in the kitchen

To get the perfect steak, you want consistent heat retention across the entire cooking surface. That is what a professional chef will look for, and if you want the same results, then cast iron skillets could be the answer.

But be aware of the heat. It makes a difference when moving it around, so in a sense, cast-iron pans are more dangerous due to their weight and how hot they get. This may be something that concerns you.

Tip 4: Cleaning the Pan

You must turn your attention to how you clean the pan since a pre-season cast iron skillet must be treated differently from stainless steel or carbon steel pans.

A cast-iron skillet that is seasoned must be largely left alone. That seasoning plays a key role in how the pan operates, and it does change the results you will get. Those burnt remnants stick on the cooking surface, but people will argue you should never try to scrub everything clean.

But in general, these pans should be easy to clean. However, you must be careful with any pan that has a non-stick layer. Using something too abrasive can damage the surface, and that will then render the pan useless.

Tip 5: Is it Oven Safe?

We do also recommend you check if it’s oven safe. Not every pan can cope with the high temperatures in an oven, but often it’s down to the handle’s material.

This is where checking the individual details of each pan is key. They should all state the maximum temperature they can cope with in their manufacturer instructions. Compare that to what you may be cooking in the pan to see if the two correlate with one another.

Caring for a Cast Iron Pan

Aside from those tips, you may never have owned a cast iron pan, and this type of pan needs to be handled differently from a stainless steel pan version.

The key here is you must season your cast-iron pan regularly. This needs to be done even when the pan has been pre-seasoned. For this, all you need to do is to follow a few simple steps.

Coconot oil with a spatula in a cast iron pan

First, wash the pan and then dry it. You want it to be free from dust. After that, add oil to the pan, and rub it into the cast iron. You need to effectively buff the pan at this point to make sure the oil covers the entire surface.

Once you have added the oil, put the pan in your oven for around 30 minutes at a high temperature. Be aware it could smoke a bit, but it’s nothing to worry about.

Also, doing this in the oven means the oil is warmed evenly across the pan. It makes it easy to set the oil in the pan, and this is a key component.

Let it cool, and then repeat the process another couple of times. You may want to use a paper towel to wipe off excess oil before you put it in the oven. However, there’s no need to use a lot of oil during this process.

Caring for an Aluminium or Stainless Steel Pan

If you have a stainless steel pan or an aluminium pan, then the way you care for them will also be different to cast iron.

Stainless steel is capable of withstanding a lot more punishment. You can scrub it clean without worrying about any coating. However, most aluminium pans come with a non-stick layer, which changes things.

With that, you cannot use metal utensils or scrub the pan clean. The coating is fragile and is damaged easily. So, if you go down the road of an aluminium pan, you may need to change your utensils before using it.

So, Which One is Best?

Ultimately, deciding which one is best for you depends on your own needs. Also, there’s a large dollop of personal preference.

It comes primarily down to size, whether or not you want those grill marks on your steak, and also how deep you need it to be. Thankfully, there are numerous options out there to choose from, so finding one that fits in with your requirements is easy.

The least concerning aspect here has to be the hobs these pans can be used on. Modern pans are mainly capable of being used on a wide range of hobs without too many problems. So, you have little to worry about.

Overall Conclusion

Finding the best steak pan in the UK is easy as you have so many options to choose from. However, out of our list, it’s the cast iron model from Lodge that we regard as not only being the best steak skillet out there but the best frying pan for steak overall.

We chose this as it’s heavy, pre-seasoned, and easy to clean. It also manages to stay hot for cooking a steak pan and offers even heat distribution across the pan. That means searing steaks is easy, and you don’t even have to use excess oil, thanks to it being pre-seasoned.

But do take your time going through each pan we have listed above to make your decision. After all, the best pans are those that fit in with your requirements, so perhaps make sure you understand what they are before selecting your own personal best frying pan for steak.

What do you think about our editor’s choice? Does it fit your requirements, or is there any other option more suitable for your needs? Let us know and leave a comment below!

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