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Top 10 Best Pestles and Mortars

  1. HiCoup Kitchenware (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Laevo Marble Bowl (Luxury Choice)
  3. H&S Solid Granite Bowl (Best Value)
  4. EZ-Grip Silicone & Ceramic (Best Silicone and Ceramic)
  5. Ezo.Home Granite (Best Large)
  6. Tera 2-in-1 (Best Double-Sided)
  7. Cole & Mason H100279 Worcester Black (Best Mini)
  8. Jamie Oliver 14cm (Best Granite)
  9. Tera Stone Mini Solid (Best Small)
  10. Tera 250ml (Best Stainless Steel)

Love to cook at home? Then it’s time to upgrade your kitchen equipment. A pestle and mortar is a kitchen must-have that grinds spices and releases the natural aroma and flavour of food. As a result, it’s perfect for grinding spices to make homemade curry pastes, grinding nuts and more.

In today’s article, we’re sharing the best pestle and mortar sets—whether that’s a small bowl or a wooden pestle and mortar or a granite or marble version—to help you flourish in the kitchen.

Enjoy fresh herbs and a fine paste without a food processor when you have a reliable, heavy-duty pestle and mortar. Here are our top 10 findings to assist your kitchen duties.

How We Compared Pestles and Mortars

To find the right pestles and mortars we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Design
  • Material
  • Size and weight
  • Shape
  • Base

Our editorial team carefully researched and selected products that would suit a wide range of needs to take your kitchen experience to the next level. We set out this list after assessing customer reviews and evaluating pros and cons in line with the above comparison points.

Find more about our behind-the-scenes process here.

Pestle and Mortar Reviews

HiCoup Kitchenware (Editor’s Choice)

This is the best pestle and mortar in the UK for many reasons. Crafted with unpolished granite, it can crush and grind a variety of ingredients for making cocktails, curry paste, sauces and more. This high-quality granite pestle and mortar remains stain-free and odourless, making it a long-lasting investment.

Best of all, with a smooth, wipe-clean surface, it’s never been easy to use this granite mortar and keep it clean. Simply wash with just soap and water and allow it to air dry to keep it hygienic. Additionally, this granite mortar and pestle set contains 5 per cent potassium along with 16 minerals to help with the function of the cells and various organs in the body.

Moreover, measuring 10.2 cm by 15.2 cm by 10.2 cm, it’s the perfect size to keep on display on your kitchen countertop while having ample room to make homemade pastes.

On the other hand, while this is great for grinding spices, it might be more textured than other pestle and mortar sets, potentially making it more difficult to clean the exterior.


  • Solid granite surface material remains free from stains and odours
  • Easy to keep clean with just soap and water
  • Perfect size to keep on display while having plenty of room to make homemade sauces
  • It contains 5 per cent potassium and 16 minerals to aid the body
  • Traditional grey colour adds a sophisticated touch to your kitchen


  • The exterior might be slightly more textured than other mortar sets, making it more difficult to clean
  • Granite material might be slightly too heavy for some people to lift and move

Laevo Marble Bowl (Luxury Choice)

Uniquely, this mortar and pestle set features a reversible design that allows you to use both sides to separate different flavours and ground spices. This unique design adds an array of convenience and durability to your home cooking.

Moreover, this mortar bowl grinds whole spices, coffee beans, a few cloves, sea salt, cinnamon sticks, lemon juice, pills and much more. In fact, its capabilities are all down to the marble mortar. This material provides a smooth surface, which is ideal for cleaning. Best of all, this lack of texture allows you to collect every speck of spice from the bowl without any ingredients slipping into the crevices or cracks.

As this bowl is heavy, it allows you to make curry pastes and freshly ground spices without having to hold it in place. It firmly remains in a position for cracking peppercorns, making pesto or curry paste, crushing herbs and more.

However, this mortar and pestle set might be a deep bowl, but it might not be wide enough for some people to achieve their desired consistency with ease. In addition, it might not be as durable as other pestle and mortar sets on this list.


  • Reversible design lets you separate different flavours and spices
  • Marble provides a smooth surface for grinding spices and for maintenance
  • A smooth texture means that you don’t lose any ingredients in the crevices or cracks
  • Its heavyweight prevents it from slipping around
  • 17-ounce volume allows you to make a large capacity of spices and tender herbs


  • It might not be wide enough for everyone
  • It might not be as durable as other pestle and mortar sets

H&S Solid Granite Bowl (Best Value)

One of the best high-quality granite bowls, this H&S solid granite pestle and mortar features an inner surface that’s perfect for both dry and wet mixes, along with a long, easy-grip handle. All the while, the polished granite exterior remains easy to keep clean for minimal maintenance.

It’s worth noting that this granite mortar and pestle might be slightly too lightweight for crushing thick, heavy ingredients as you might need to hold it in place while you crush the ingredients. Offering an internal diameter of 2.4 inches deep, it provides plenty of space to prepare your food from scratch.

However, some people reported that this mortar and pestle set might leave some granite powder in their ingredients when crushing tender herbs. Plus, it might not be as durable as other mortar and pestle sets, making it less reliable for crushing up tougher ingredients.


  • Includes a long, easy-grip handle
  • The inner surface is perfect for both dry and wet mixes
  • Polished granite exterior is easy to keep clean
  • 2.4 inches depth provides ample room to cry dry spices, crush herbs and other ingredients
  • Easy to keep clean and remove any leftover curry pastes and spice rubs


  • It might be too lightweight for some people to crush thicker ingredients
  • It might leave some white granite powder in the ingredients when crushing herbs

EZ-Grip Silicone & Ceramic (Best Silicone and Ceramic)

This white ceramic pestle is ideal if you have arthritis or other wrist injuries. This pestle and mortar set is designed with a firm, strong grip that prevents sliding to remain firmly in place at all times. In fact, its silicone handle makes it easier to grind, so you needn’t struggle to find your grip.

Furthermore, this pestle and mortar duo is completely dishwasher safe, enabling you to spend less time in the kitchen cleaning up after you’ve prepared dinner. Best of all, it’s the perfect size for preparing ingredients at mealtimes, as it measures 4.5 inches across and 3.25 inches tall.

Most impressively, this mortar and pestle boast a silicone base to enhance protection and durability on your kitchen surfaces. So you needn’t worry about a solid granite material scratching your countertops.

On the other hand, this pestle and mortar might not be as durable as other pestle and mortar sets. In fact, you might encounter a hole in the base from using too large seeds or thick ingredients. Plus, the surface might make it easy to keep clean, but this could result in difficulty with grinding ingredients into a delicious paste.


  • Ideal for anyone with arthritis or wrist injuries
  • Dishwasher safe, making it ideal for minimal cleaning and maintenance
  • The 3.25-inch height provides enough space for grinding ingredients
  • Perfect height for keeping on display in your kitchen
  • The silicone base provides excellent protection and durability on your kitchen countertops


  • It might result in a hole in the base if you use ingredients too cumbersome
  • The surface might be too smooth for grinding ingredients into a paste

Ezo.Home (Best Large)

This large pestle and mortar comes with a silicone mat (which you can use as a lid to let flavours combine overnight) and a silicone spatula. Best of all, this large granite mortar can be used on both sides, allowing you to grind large ingredients as well as smaller ingredients—like grains, spices and nuts—with precision.

Furthermore, this solid granite pestle measures 5 cm in-depth, so there’s enough room for grinding various ingredients at the same time without constantly having to empty the bowl.

With that being said, this giant mortar and pestle uses granite material for excellent durability. This material is also heavy and sturdy, so you don’t have to struggle to lift it up if you have weak wrists.

However, this pestle and mortar might let off some slight amount of grit into the bowl when you grind whole spices. In addition, some people might prefer a larger, deeper bowl for grinding spices in larger quantities.


  • It comes with a silicone mat, which you can use as a lid to infuse ingredients
  • It can be used on both sides
  • 5 cm depth provides plenty of room for grinding multiple ingredients at the same time
  • Granite material provides excellent durability and a heavyweight which means you don’t have to hold it in place
  • Granite provides a stunning finish that complements any kitchen decor


  • Some grit might come off the granite material and land into your ingredients
  • It might not be deep or large enough for some people

Tera 2-in-1 (Best Double-Sided)

This 2-in-1 mortar and pestle can be used on both sides, with the large side being the main bowl and the small side being for smaller ingredients. Best of all, this mortar and pestle set provides a comfortable grip for those who need additional wrist support.

In particular, the 1.5-cup capacity on one side is great for peppercorns and herbs to make pesto, salsa and other sauces. Meanwhile, the 0.5-cup capacity on the other side is perfect for crushing pills and peppers or other smaller quantities.

Your purchase also includes a silicone placement to protect your countertop and avoid making noises while you crush ingredients. Made from granite, it’s super durable and easy to keep clean. In fact, just wipe clean the interior with a sponge and warm water to remove any odours.

Unfortunately, this pestle and mortar set is 4.3 inches deep, which might not be deep enough for some people. Plus, the handle might not be as ergonomic as other pestle sets on this list.


  • Includes two sides for versatility
  • A polished pestle provides a comfortable grip
  • Offers two capacities for crushing various-sized ingredients
  • Includes a silicone placement to protect your surfaces from scratches
  • Granite material is easy to clean and remains durable


  • 4.3-inch depth might not be deep enough for some people
  • The handle might not be as ergonomic as other pestle sets on this list

Cole & Mason H100279 Worcester Black (Best Mini)

This small bowl is made from this solid granite, making it hard-wearing, stylish and durable. Not to mention, this granite pestle and mortar is perfect for both wet and dry ingredients.

This solid granite pestle and mortar boasts a polished handle to allow the natural material to shine through. As a result, it makes a wonderful kitchen accessory to keep on display on the countertops.

On the other hand, the interior of this pestle and mortar has an unpolished surface to provide a rough surface for efficient grinding. In fact, it’s almost as effective as an electric grinder.

However, the handle might not be as durable as others included in a mortar and pestle, resulting in some potential damage with tough ingredients. Additionally, the polished outside might have some texture to it that might be slightly uncomfortable to hold.


  • Granite material is durable and suitable for both wet and dry ingredients
  • The polished handle provides a natural shine that you’ll want to display in your kitchen
  • The unsmooth surface of the interior makes it easier to grind herbs and spices
  • Available in two sizes for excellent versatility
  • The luxury finish makes it highly presentable on kitchen countertops


  • The handle might not be as durable as others on this list
  • The polished outside might have some texture to it

Jamie Oliver 14cm (Best Granite)

This Jamie Oliver pestle and mortar is made with heavy-duty granite, making this mortar steady and durable. In fact, this reliable pestle and mortar won’t slip and slide on your countertop while you crush and grind herbs and spices.

Furthermore, this pestle and mortar measures 14cm, ensuring that it offers ample capacity for making homemade sauces and pastes. Also, the inside is smooth, making it ideal for both wet and dry ingredients. Plus, without any rough surfaces on the inside, this pestle and mortar won’t hold onto wet mixtures, making it more effortless to hand wash.

On the contrary, this kitchen item might not have a lightweight compared to other materials—like a stainless steel pestle—so it could be slightly too heavy for some people to hold or transport. Additionally, its base might be quite smooth, which makes it more susceptible to sliding around on surfaces while you crush ingredients.


  • Heavy-duty granite material is reliable and durable
  • Measures 14cm, which is plenty of room for the average person to make homemade pastes
  • The inside surface is smooth, making it suitable for wet and dry ingredients
  • No rough surfaces on the inside result in an easier clean
  • It makes a presentable serving bow


  • It might be slightly too heavy for some people to hold
  • Its base might be too smooth, resulting in it sliding around on surfaces

Tera Stone Mini Solid (Best Small)

Not everyone needs a large bowl, and that’s why this small pestle and mortar is perfect if you want to prepare sauces or rubs in small batches.

Designed with a natural white marble construction, this stone pestle and mortar’s unpolished interior is perfect for making herbs, spices, peppercorns, or more into a fine powder. Best of all, marble is easy to clean: just rinse the pestle and mortar with warm water and wipe down with a sponge. In fact, this material won’t leave any odour behind.

You’ll also receive a placemat, which helps to prevent scratching kitchen countertops while also making your pestle and mortar perfect for keeping on display.

With that being said, the pestle, which is also made of marble, might be slightly too smooth, resulting in some gripping issues. Additionally, the polished exterior might feel slightly too rough in your hands.


  • Its small capacity makes it perfect for preparing small batches
  • Marble is highly durable for crushing spices into a fine powder
  • Easy to keep it clean without leaving any odour behind
  • Includes a placemat to prevent scratching surfaces
  • The pestle has a heavyweight to grind ingredients and spices into a thin consistency


  • Pestle might be slightly too smooth, which could result in difficulties with grip
  • The polished exterior might make it slightly uncomfortable to hold while you grind ingredients

Tera 250ml (Best Stainless Steel)

Opt for a stainless steel pestle and mortar that’s reliable and heavy-duty. This particular one consists of food grade 18/18 stainless steel, making it rustproof, damage- and corrosion-resistant to acidic food.

Measuring around the size of the average palm, it’s probably the best pestle and mortar in the UK for handling a small capacity (around 250 ml).

Best of all, this mortar bowl features padding on the bottom so that it remains still on your kitchen countertop and won’t move around while you use a grinding stone for spices. In fact, this mortar and pestle feels durable and stable in your hand, too, should you be looking for some more support when making spice rubs, for example.

Furthermore, your purchase includes a translucent bowl to keep ingredients fresh inside should you wish to use it as a storage container afterwards. Easy to clean, thanks to its smooth stainless steel interior, you won’t need to scrub at this pestle and mortar to remove any leftover ingredients.

However, due to this steel pestle and mortar, you might encounter a harder/longer time crushing thicker ingredients. In addition, the material might be more prone to scratches, which might mean you’ll have to renew it more often.


  • Remains rustproof and corrosion and damage-resistant
  • Perfect for a smaller capacity of ingredients (roughly 250 ml)
  • Padding on the bottom prevents the mortar bowl from sliding around on kitchen countertops
  • Feels secure and stable in your hands when grinding ingredients
  • Includes a translucent lid to keep leftovers fresh to use as a storage bowl


  • It might require more effort grinding cumbersome ingredients due to the smooth interior
  • The material might be more prone to scratches

Things to Consider When Buying a Pestle and Mortar


Another important consideration when choosing a mortar and pestle set is the size and capacity of both items. The best pestle will be the perfect size for your cooking needs and your countertop space.

In particular, a small stone pestle that’s not big enough for your needs means that ingredients will be flying out of the bowl when you smash them. Alternatively, you don’t want a porcelain pestle that’s so big it takes up a lot of room in your kitchen or is too cumbersome to hold. Plus, if you don’t have a huge amount of ingredients in the bowl, this could result in the ingredients being pushed around rather than effectively crushing them.


You might not have thought about how the shape of the bowl will affect its effectiveness. In particular, the bowl should be perfectly round without any corners. A corner will create difficulty when grinding the ingredients if they’re hiding from the pestle.

Juniper berries in a bowl

There are some mortars that are rounder in shape, but they’re usually for a specific use and not for daily crushing spices into pastes. Additionally, consider the texture of the outside of the bowl as one with bumps will make it easier to hold and prevent it from slipping out of your hands. This is particularly essential if you require more grip when cooking.


A stone pestle and mortar is one of the best materials to choose since it’s extremely strong, dense and durable. Stone provides a powerful surface for crushing ingredients and isn’t as feeble or brittle as ceramic. As a result, you can really add some force into the bowl without fear of it cracking or chipping.

On the other hand, wood is probably one of the least effective materials for a pestle because its density and hardness are similar to foods, which don’t provide as much strength for crushing.


Another popular, effective material for a mortar is granite. These are typically heavier and coarser than other materials. They’ve also been pulverised to ground your ingredients into a pulp. However, if the inside of the bowl is rough, it hasn’t been pulverised: this can make it difficult to extract ingredients—like guacamole and sauces—from the mortar into another bowl. However, granite is one of our recommended materials for durability.


Consider an unpolished mortar for the best results. Mortars that are glossy and smooth lack abrasive characteristics and won’t properly shear or grind foods.

A close-up of a man grinding spices in a bowl

With that being said, an unpolished base on the interior assists with grindings herbs and spices easier and quicker, which means that you don’t have to apply as much pressure with the pestle. On the other hand, small pieces of herbs and spices can get trapped within these cracks, making it less hygienic if you don’t thoroughly wash the bowl.


You’ll have noticed that some of the above pestle and mortar sets include a base to provide a sturdy surface for keeping your bowl firmly on the countertop.

If your preferred pestle and mortar doesn’t have a sturdy base, consider purchasing a separate piece of material to prevent it from sliding around while you crush ingredients. Avoid making your own because you could choose a material that’s too rough and ends up damaging your kitchen countertops.

The Winning Pestle and Mortar

Overall, the best pestle and mortar in the UK is the HiCoup Kitchenware bowl. Boasting a granite material, it’s super luxurious and durable and won’t retain any odours or flavours. To keep clean, it just requires a wash with soapy water to remove any buildup of ingredients and maintain in tip-top form.

We’re also impressed that it measures 10.2 cm by 15.2 cm by 10.2 cm, making it countertop-friendly and large enough to grind a large capacity at once.

If you have another suggestion, which isn’t listed above, let us know your favourite pestle and mortar in the comments.

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