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Top 8 Best Milk Frothers

  1. Lavazza A Modo Mio Milk Easy (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Hotel Chocolat 472754 (Luxury Choice)
  3. Zulay Original (Best Value)
  4. SGCoffee Electric (Best Handheld)
  5. Bodum 1446-01 Latteo (Best Manual)
  6. SUPALAK Electric Milk Frother & Steamer (Best Easy to Use)
  7. Dualit 84135 (Best Fast)
  8. Severin SM 3587 (Best Variable Temperature)
  9. Judge JA90 Milk Frother
  10. Morpilot 4 in 1 Automatic Milk Frother

For those who want the best coffee drinking experience, a milk frother is a must. The froths in coffee drinks give you that smooth mouthfeel that makes them more enjoyable. Not only that, but it also makes drinks more appealing!

As you would see in high street coffee chains, milk frothers are brilliant devices that use whisking or plunging to produce froth. They can either be manual, battery-operated or electrical.

Do you love milk-based coffee? If this sounds like something you need to create the perfect coffee, we have found the best milk frother in the UK and nine other great products for you to choose from!

How We Compared Milk Frothers

milk frothers collage

To find the right milk frothers we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Manual or automatic
  • Functionality
  • Capacity
  • Utility with different types of milk

Our editorial team carefully researched and selected products that would suit a wide range of needs to take your kitchen experience to the next level. We set out this list after assessing customer reviews and evaluating pros and cons in line with the above comparison points.

Find more about our behind-the-scenes process here.

Milk Frother Reviews

Lavazza A Modo Mio Milk Easy (Editor’s Choice)

The Lavazza A Modo Mio Milk Easy is a great product and the best electric milk frother as it has a stylish design and is also easy to use with a single-touch operation. If you want a functional device to create a range of drinks with your coffee machine, this is a great option.

For simple operation, this device actually beeps twice when it has finished the frothing process. This means that you do not have to stand watching it. It also has a decent capacity for single drinks; the maximum frothed milk capacity is 120ml, and the max capacity for heating is 180ml.

This device is also easy to clean as it has dishwasher-safe parts. The cover, seal, and whisk can all be removed and washed in a dishwasher.

If you do want to watch the process, you can also see the milk through the transparent lid. For operation, it has a multifunction button. You simply press it a set amount of times to filter through the different settings.

The design of this frother also looks great. It has a smooth black finish and won’t take up too much room on your kitchen countertop.

Although this is great for frothing milk, it could have some issues. Firstly, the magnetic whisk may eventually break and come loose. Also, the capacity is OK, but it may still not allow you to easily make multiple drinks. Lastly, over time, you could find the exterior milk level markings become difficult to see.


  • Easy operation and beeps when the process is complete
  • Has a decent capacity before frothing of 120ml
  • All removable parts are dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean
  • It has a transparent lid so you can check on the frothing progress
  • Ergonomic and stylish design


  • You could find that the magnetic whisk section eventually breaks
  • It may not be suitable for making multiple drinks at once
  • The level markings may be difficult to see

Hotel Chocolat 472754 (Luxury Choice)

If you enjoy a delicious hot chocolate with frother milk, the Hotel Chocolat 472754 is a great product. This velvetier has a great hot chocolate setting and also comes with a variety of hot chocolate sachets so you can jump right in and start making epic drinks.

This multifunctional device is primarily used for creating hot chocolate. However, it has an internal whisk and can be used to both heat milk and froth milk.

It has a stylish design with a durable white exterior and a large handle. This makes it easy to hold, and it will look great in your kitchen.

The device is also relatively easy to clean as the whisk is removable. It also has a non-stick coating inside, which means the milk should not stick to it and congeal.

When frothing milk, the process should take no longer than 2.5 minutes. It also has a quick operation, and you can start the frothing with a single press of the power button.

This is a great automatic milk frother, but it could be better suited for making hot chocolate. Also, it does heat the milk, although you could find that you have to use it quickly; otherwise, it will soon go cold. Lastly, the pitcher size is OK, but it is not a big as some other milk frothers.


  • It has a non-stick coating inside to make it easy to clean
  • The whisk is removable for quicker maintenance and cleaning
  • It has a simple operation and fast frothing
  • Stylish design
  • It also comes with a range of hot chocolate powder


  • It may not have the largest pitcher size
  • You could find that it does not heat the milk enough
  • It could be better suited for making hot chocolate

Zulay Original (Best Value)

The Zulay Original Milk Frother is a simple handheld device that has a powerful motor attached to a frothing whisk. This gives you great control over the milk frothing process and allows you to froth milk to your favourite consistency.

This handheld frother is available in a wide array of colours ranging from white to lime green. The motor is contained within the main body, and this is connected to the whisk via a stainless steel pole.

If you want to display this frother in the kitchen, it also comes with a metal stand. Alternatively, it is small enough to fit inside a kitchen drawer.

For power, it requires 2x AA batteries. The batteries should last for multiple operations, so you are not continually replacing them. Also, this product is easy to clean as you can simply wipe the body and whisk in soapy water.

We also like that this product can be used on many different milk types and other food items. For example, it can be used with soy milk, creamer, whole milk, and cream.

This is a good handheld milk frother, but it may not be perfect. For example, it may only take standard AA batteries as rechargeable batteries may not fit. Also, the locking mechanism of the battery compartment may come loose. Finally, the exterior may not be made from the most durable of materials.


  • Available in a wide array of vibrant colours
  • Can work with various milk types, including soy, hazelnut, and cashew
  • It comes with a durable metal stand for convenient storage
  • Compact design that can easily be stored in a kitchen drawer
  • Simple one-touch operation


  • It may not be able to take rechargeable batteries
  • You could find that the battery compartment is difficult to lock
  • It may not have the most durable exterior design

SGCoffee Electric (Best Handheld)

The SGCoffee Coffee Frother is our pick for the best handheld milk frother as it is a simple but effective device that allows you to create your desired milk texture in 30 seconds or less. With a powerful 19000RPM motor, you can create a range of coffee drinks and other treats in no time at all.

This frother is a simple handheld device that is available in three stylish colours – black, red, or blue. The main body is comfortable to hold and is also easy to clean.

To operate the frother, press the power button – this will start the whisk. Always make sure that you have the whisk under the surface of the milk to avoid creating a mess!

This device can also be used on a range of different liquids and foods. For example, it can be used to beat eggs but also to make cocktails, smoothies, and milkshakes. For power, it is battery operated and requires 2x AA batteries to run.

These handheld milk frothers are great, but the whisk head may be a little difficult to remove. Also, if you are not careful, this electric frother may make a mess. Lastly, you may not like the lack of adjustable speed control – the whisk is either turned on or off.


  • Simple handheld design that is easy to use
  • Can froth milk in 30 seconds with a powerful 19000 RPM motor
  • Has a double spring head for frothing large amounts of milk
  • Can be used for other items such as eggs, milkshake, and smoothies
  • Highly portable due to its no-cable design


  • The whisk head may not be the easiest to remove
  • You may find that the frothing process can be messy
  • It may not have adjustable speed control

Bodum 1446-01 Latteo (Best Manual)

The Bodum 1446-01 Latteo manual milk frother is a great buy if you want the personal touch as it offers a simple, satisfying pump-action operation and a device that is easy to maintain. With a 0.25L capacity, this frother is also great to make multiple drinks at once.

This manual frother is effectively a glass jug that is equipped with a carafe and sealed lid. The lid fits securely onto the glass and is made from durable plastic. Simply pour the milk in and operate the plunger in an up and down motion to operate it.

The glass is heat-resistant and can easily withstand the temperatures of hot milk. We also like that the lid has a deep lip that should help prevent overspills. Also, a rounded pouring lip is great for quickly adding the milk to your drink or a milk jug.

The glass and plastic parts are also dishwasher-safe, which makes them incredibly easy to clean. Lastly, the large glass handle also makes this manual device easy to secure and stabilize when using the plunger.

This manual frother is a decent product, but it obviously requires manual effort and may not be the quickest to use. Also, the glass is heat-resistant, but it may be delicate, so use it carefully to avoid breakages. Lastly, if you pump too hard, you could find that the cold froth creates a mess.


  • Made from durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass
  • The plastic lid has a deep rim to prevent foam from escaping
  • Easy to clean with dishwasher-safe materials
  • The handle is comfortable and ergonomic
  • Decent capacity at 0.25L


  • It may not be the quickest of devices to use
  • Although heat-resistant, the glass may be delicate
  • You could find that this manual milk frother is messy

SUPALAK Electric (Best Easy to Use)

The SUPALAK Electric Milk Frother is easy to use with its ergonomic handle button and simple one-touch operation for different frothing settings. With a fast operation, you can enjoy a wide variety of drinks in minimal time.

This electric frother can be used for steaming milk, cold milk froth, or hot frothed milk. Any of the processes should take no longer than 2 minutes, and the power button is located on the top of the handle. This means that you can firmly grip the device whilst operating it.

We also like that it is easy to clean and can be wiped with a wet cloth. The stylish blue exterior is also durable and should not easily scratch or get damaged.

The motor is also relatively quiet despite having a rating of 400W. For added safety, there are also non-slip rubber feet on the bottom of the frother. This should keep it secure to your kitchen work surface.

It also has a smart temperature sensor. This means that it will automatically switch off once the milk has reached the optimum temperature.

This milk frother is great, but it may not heat the milk to the ideal temperature. Also, it has an OK capacity, but it may not be suitable for multiple drinks, so it may be better suited for a single coffee drinker. Also, it has a non-stick coating, but you could find that this coating wears off over time.


  • Quick operation with milk heated in 1-2 minutes
  • Suitable for a range of drinks, including latte, cappuccino, and macchiato
  • The power button is on the handle providing a firm grip
  • It has a non-stick coating which helps when cleaning
  • Can make a variety of milk, including hot and cold


  • Hot milk may not be the hottest temperature
  • Some may find the capacity of this milk frother too small
  • You could find the non-stick coating eventually wears off

Dualit 84135 (Best Fast)

If you want that instant coffee shot or a quick frothy coffee, the Dualit 84135 will deliver in less than two minutes. It is a really fast frother that has a decent capacity which could allow you to make multiple drinks at once.

For functionality, this device can create hot milk froth, cold-frothed milk, or steamed milk. This is achieved via the single touch of the power button. Simply press it once for steamed, twice for hot, and three times for cold frothing.

For any of the settings, the frother will also finish in less than 2 minutes. For serving multiple people or making several drinks, this product also has a pre-frothing capacity of 500ml. This means less time spent refilling.

The whisk can also be fully removed, so you can easily wipe it after use. The interior also has a non-stick surface, so you should be able to wipe it easily.

We also like the stylish black design of this product, and it should easily fit with any kitchen decor.

This Dualit milk frother may not be perfect, however. Firstly, the power button may not be the most durable and could occasionally not work. Next, it may not have the most ergonomic lid and could be prone to dripping. Lastly, due to the electric parts, it may not be the easiest to clean.


  • It has three functions – hot steamed milk, hot frothed milk, or cold frothed milk
  • It takes less than two minutes to froth or heat milk
  • Decent capacity with a 500ml main container
  • Removable whisk that is easy to clean and maintain
  • Simple operation with the single-touch power button


  • You could find that the power button works intermittently
  • Some may find that the lid drips when pouring milk
  • May not be able to immerse the milk frother in water

Severin SM 3587 (Best Variable Temperature)

The Severin SM 3587 offers excellent temperature control for your hot frothy milk as you can adjust the temperature from 45 to 65-degrees Celsius. This is great if you are making multiple drinks for people who have different preferences.

This device froths cold milk and turns it warm using variable temperature control. You can change the temperature from a minimum of 45-degrees to a maximum of 65-degrees Celsius.

Also, it has 13 integrated programs, so you can easily froth milk for different drink types. Aside from standard milk, you can also use this device to froth non-dairy milk like cashew, soy, and lactose-free milk. It can also be used for various food and drink items like baby food and milkshakes.

The operation of this frother is simple, and it has an easy-select-switch OLED display. Simply turn the rotary dial and select the desired drink type.

Lastly, we also like the barista-style pouring spout of this frother. It will prevent spillage and allow you to quickly add milk to your drinks.

Although this is a great milk frother, the instruction manual may not be the most helpful. Also, the power button may not be positioned in the best place. Lastly, the casing of this stainless steel milk frother could get damaged and scratched.


  • Has 13 integrated programs for various drinks and temperatures
  • It can be used with various milk types, including soy milk and oat milk
  • Simple operation with a clear OLED screen
  • Stylish 360-degree display ring that changes colour according to the setting
  • Can froth milk between 45-65 degrees Celsius


  • You may find the instruction manual unhelpful
  • It may not have the most ergonomic power button
  • You may find that the stainless steel casing gets damaged

Judge JA90 Milk Frother

If you want a simplistic manual frother that you can use directly on a hob, the Judge JA90 Milk Frother is a great option.

This manual frother has two parts – the milk pitcher and the plunger lid.

The milk pitcher is made from stainless steel and can be safely used on an oven hob. It also has a large, curved lid that should allow you to fit the plunger inside easily. We also like the ergonomic plastic handle, which allows for a firm grip.

The plunger lid is also made from stainless steel. The top of the plunger has a plastic circular knob to aid in creating the plunging motion. This manual frother pitcher can hold milk for between 4 to 8 cups of coffee in terms of capacity.

Although this is a good manual frother, it could have some minor problems. For example, the lid is metal and thus will conduct heat when using it on a hob. Also, the frothing action may not be amazing for larger volumes of milk. Lastly, milk could occasionally spill out of the jug.


  • Made from durable stainless steel
  • Simple manual plunger operation for quick frothing
  • It has a large ergonomic handle to hold it comfortably
  • It can be used directly on a hob to heat the milk
  • It can also be used as a saucepot


  • The metal lid may be hot when heating milk
  • It may not be suitable for large volumes of milk
  • You could find that some milk spills over the sides of the jug

Morpilot 4 in 1 Automatic Milk Frother

If you want a versatile frother that can create different milk textures, the Morpilot 4 in 1 Automatic Milk Frother is a good choice.

This frother can create warm, airy foam, warm dense milk foam, cold milk foam, or be used for heating milk. This means you can use it for a variety of drinks, including cappuccinos and lattes.

The electric motor is quiet and completes the frothing process in less than 2 minutes. In terms of capacity, it should have enough for two regular cups of coffee.

For cleaning, the whisk is detachable inside. Also, the interior has a non-stick coating that should make wiping the milk frother easier. You also get a rubber spatula and cleaning brush included in the basic package.

This is a great electric frother, but it could have some issues. The milk temperature may not be the hottest. Also, you could find that the power button occasionally doesn’t work. Lastly, it may not have a huge milk capacity.


  • Can create warm dense milk foam and other textures
  • Should create milk froth warm or cold in less than two minutes
  • Relatively quiet operation from the 400W motor
  • It has non-slip rubber feet on the bottom for stability
  • The whisk is detachable for easy cleaning


  • Some may find that the milk does not heat up enough
  • You could find that the power button is temperamental
  • It may not have the largest milk capacity

How to Pick the Best Milk Frother?

We hope you have found these milk frother reviews useful. But how can you pick the best milk frothers for your kitchen?

There are many factors to look at, but first, you should consider how you intend to use the frother. What type of drinks do you want to create? How many people will you serve drinks to? Do you use different types of milk?

These are all important factors that could affect your decision. We have also listed some important considerations below:

Manual or Automatic?

One of the most important factors is if you want a manual or automatic frother. Both have their pros and cons.

An automatic milk frother has two types – a handheld whisk or a full automatic frother. These are both easy to use and require much less effort than a manual device. Also, they generally offer quicker operation.

In contrast, most milk frothers that are manual have a plunger. You must essentially use an up and down plunging motion to create pressure and produce perfectly frothed milk.

These devices are tougher to use, but they are quite satisfying. Also, they do not require any batteries or electrical cables.

Coffee making equipment


Next, you should look at the functionality of the device. Different milk frothers can do different things. For example, some milk frothers can only froth cold milk. Alternatively, some milk frothers have the capability to heat the milk too and create hot frothy milk.

In addition, some of the best milk frothers can also steam milk. Look at the types of drink you want to create. Also, consider if you have a microwave or stove if the frother doesn’t have heating capabilities.


The milk capacity is also important. There are generally two types of frother – small capacity frothers and larger capacity.

The small capacity frothers are typically only useful for creating one drink simultaneously. If you only make drinks for yourself, this may be fine.

However, if you need a milk frother for a coffee shop or entertaining, the smaller devices are unsuitable. Even some “larger capacity” frothers may still not allow you to make a huge amount of drinks at once.

Also, bear in mind that your milk’s volume will increase as it is transformed into milk, so you will never be able to fill your further to the top.

Utility with Different Types of Milk

Lastly, you may also want to consider what types of milk the frother works with. Most handheld milk frothers can be used with any type of milk, including skimmed, semi-skimmed, whole milk, and milk alternatives.

However, some automatic frothers may not be able to cope with milk alternatives like soy, almond, and hazelnut. If you use different milk alternatives like these, it is always best to check with the manufacturer.


As you can see, there are some fantastic milk frothers available. Indeed, any of the ten best milk frothers we have listed would make a great choice. However, our pick for the best milk frother in the UK is the Lavazza A Modo Mio Milk Easy.

This electric milk frother has a superior design and is incredibly easy to use. You can froth milk for hot chocolates and other drinks with little to no effort. Also, it works quickly and has a decent internal capacity. The stylish and durable exterior design also means this frother will look great in any kitchen.

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