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Top 10 Best Decaf Instant Coffees

  1. Nescafé Original (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Nescafé Azera Americano (Luxury Choice)
  3. Kenco Millicano Americano (Best Value)
  4. Clipper Latin American Decaf (Best Organic)
  5. Nescafé Gold Blend (Best With Click-to-Close Technology)
  6. L’Or Aromatic (Best Balanced)
  7. Clipper Teas Organic Arabica (Best Medium Roast)
  8. Carte Noire (Best Aromatic)
  9. Quokka Premium (Best Blend)
  10. Percol Colombian Arabica (Best Fairtrade)

Finding a good decaffeinated coffee can be a real challenge. To help you get started in your quest to find the best decaf instant coffee in the UK, we’ve selected and reviewed ten of the very best decafs on the market.

Whether you’re a coffee aficionado reluctantly switching to decaf or want a good value decaf for drinking late at night, you’re sure to find your new favourite brand in our selection.

How We Compared Decaf Instant Coffees

decaf instant coffees collage

To find the right decaf instant coffees we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Blend
  • Roast
  • Decaffeination process
  • Certifications
  • Format
  • Packaging

Our editorial team carefully researched and selected products that would suit a wide range of needs to take your kitchen experience to the next level. We set out this list after assessing customer reviews and evaluating pros and cons in line with the above comparison points.

Find more about our behind-the-scenes process here.

Decaf Instant Coffee Reviews

Nescafé Original (Editor’s Choice)

Nescafé’s Original Decaff is our editor’s choice and the very best instant decaf coffee overall, in terms of taste, aroma and value for money.

This decaf instant coffee is packed with flavour, decaf with pure water and no chemicals. Expertly blended with medium-roasted arabica and robusta beans, you can enjoy all of the flavours of your coffee without all of the caffeine. 

Nescafé’s double filter technology ensures a smooth, full flavour with a distinctive aroma for a relaxing and refreshing coffee break. What’s more, only high quality, sustainably sourced beans are used, making this instant decaf coffee an excellent choice all-around.

Given its full-bodied flavour, this may not be the best decaf instant coffee for you if you prefer weak coffee. Also, as a multipack of 100g jars, it may be less suitable for large households or offices than large individual packs. 


  • Full-flavoured taste
  • Medium roasted Robusta and Arabica beans
  • Decaffeinated purely with water
  • Sustainably sourced


  • It could be a little strong if you like weak coffee
  • The pack may be less suitable for large households

Nescafé Azera Americano (Luxury Choice)

If you enjoy long decaffeinated coffees, treat yourself to our luxury decaf coffee choice – Nestlé’s Azera Americano Decaf. 

Specifically formulated with extra finely ground decaf coffee for a velvet-like crema and rich aroma, the Azera range is designed to allow you to recreate your favourite barista coffees from the comfort of your home without needing a coffee machine.

This is one of the best instant decaf coffees made with an expertly selected blend of arabica and robusta whole beans for a smooth flavour and enticing aroma. Azura coffee is responsibly sourced and packed, respecting the environment and coffee farmers. In this six-pack, you get approximately 55 servings in each of the six 100g tins. 

Bear in mind that as an Americano decaf, this coffee is on the mild side, best suited to long coffees with less intensity. Also, the cans may dent slightly during transport. 


  • Finely ground decaf coffee
  • The pure water decaffeination process
  • 55 servings per 100g
  • Responsibly sourced & packaged


  • It may be too mild if you prefer strong coffee
  • Cans may dent during transport

Kenco Millicano Americano (Best Value)

Are you looking for a great value and the best decaf instant coffee in the UK to buy in bulk? Kenco Millicano Americano is a good choice if you’re an occasional decaf drinker but want to stock up at a low price. 

It is made from 85% freeze-dried decaffeinated instant coffee blend and 15% decaffeinated roast and ground coffee. This coffee has a rich aroma with a balanced, easy-drinking taste. Use it to recreate your favourite barista creations, this coffee is specially created for Americano coffee lovers, so it’s also ideal for other long coffee drinks.

Made with responsibly sourced green coffee beans that are finely milled and expertly blended, this smooth, well-balanced decaffeinated coffee is a good buy for the money, and with 62 servings in each of the 100g tins, you’ll have plenty of cups to look forward to.

On the downside, this decaf coffee may taste a little bland if you use stronger flavoured coffee. It is made with some roast and ground coffee. You may find that some of the granules take a while to dissolve. 


  • Balanced taste
  • Rich aroma
  • Blend of freeze-dried & ground coffee
  • Responsibly sourced


  • It may taste a little bland
  • Some granules may linger

Clipper Latin American Decaf (Best Organic)

Clipper is renowned for its green and ethical credentials. If you are looking for the best decaf coffee grown without pesticides, it makes an excellent organic choice certified by the Soil Association.

This Latin American arabica blend is a popular choice for a smooth, rich decaf coffee with large freeze-dried granules that dissolve easily. You get all of the goodness of some of the finest South American coffee with very little caffeine since it is decaffeinated using the spring water and CO2 decaffeination process.

Clipper is also certified by Fairtrade International for its support in helping coffee farmers tackle climate change, focusing on raising ethical and environmental standards. As a certified B Corp, you can be sure that you are getting one of the best decaf coffees that are also a better choice for humanity and the planet. 

Understandably, you may have to pay a little more than other instant decaf coffees, being organic, as well as ethically sourced. Unfortunately, as these coffee containers are made of glass, they may not be the best shipping.


  • Latin America arabica blend
  • Fully organic decaf coffee
  • Well-balanced medium roast
  • Fairtrade International certified


  • Possibly a little expensive
  • Glass containers may not be the best for shipping

Nescafé Gold Blend (Best With Click-to-Close Technology)

If you live in a large household of instant decaf coffee drinkers or it’s a popular choice for your office tea break, then this large 500g tub of Nescafé Gold Decaf will be your best choice. 

Thanks to its click-to-close technology, no more fiddling around turning traditional lids on and off; click and serve yourself or a crowd. Produced with a medium roasted blend of expertly selected arabica and robusta decaf beans, this instant decaf coffee is rich, full-flavoured and smooth.

Nescafé Gold Decaf contains 100% whole bean coffee with nothing else added, decaffeinated purely with water. This Gold Blend Decaff ground coffee features a grind up to 10 times finer than your average instant decaf coffee for a faster dissolution rate with boiling water to ensure optimum dissolvability and aroma. 

Despite its click-to-close lid, this large 500g container may be less suitable for small households or occasional coffee drinkers as the taste will fade over time. Also, the tin may dent during transportation. 


  • Click-to-close container
  • Rich and full-flavoured
  • Arabica and robusta blend
  • Ground 10 times finer than standard instant decaf coffee brands


  • The large container may be less suitable for small households
  • Tin may dent during delivery

L’Or Aromatic (Best Balanced)

If strong-tasting ground coffee is not your thing, L’Or Balanced & Aromatic Instant Freeze-Dried Coffee Decafeine may become your new favourite cup of decaf from one of the most popular coffee brands. 

It is delicate and slightly fruity. Thanks to Columbian arabica beans in L’Or’s signature blend, it has a multidimensional flavour. Balanced and easy to drink, if you are looking for a mild instant decaf coffee with an enticing aroma, this is one of the best decaf coffees to try out.

It is sold in packs of six 100g jars. Whether you are looking for decaf coffee to keep in for relatives and visitors or the office, with its mid-level intensity rating, light roast and balanced flavour, this freeze-dried decaf is sure to be a general crowd-pleaser. 

On the downside, this instant decaf coffee maybe a little too mild if you prefer strong black caffeinated coffee. Without any milk or sugar added, you may feel that the taste could be improved, although it’s a popular instant decaf coffee when drunk white. 


  • It contains Colombian arabica beans
  • Fruity, delicate flavour
  • Level five intensity
  • No artificial flavours or preservatives


  • It may be a little mild
  • Taste could be improved

Clipper Teas Organic Arabica (Best Medium Roast)

By far one of the best decaf instant medium roast coffees on the market, Clipper Teas Organic Decaf Coffee is a better choice for the planet as well as your palate with its intense taste. Even the packaging, including the lid, can be recycled

The arabica bean blend with its toasted, intense flavour ensures a smooth taste without any bitterness typically associated with robusta beans. The rich aroma of this decaf organic instant coffee is sure to entice other household members or office workers, even those who don’t habitually go in for decaf. 

Clipper Teas are a certified B Corp, proving their commitment to improving social and environmental conditions. This instant decaf coffee is certified organic by the prestigious Soil Association. It is also Fair Trade certified, helping coffee farmers earn a better living and tackle climate change challenges. 

While this large 500g tub is a good choice, it is less suitable for occasional users. Also, you may find this particular brand to be more expensive than standard decaf instant roasted coffee. 


  • Medium roast decaffeinated instant arabica coffee
  • Large 500g tub
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Soil Association, B Corp & Fair Trade certified


  • The large tub may be less suitable for occasional use
  • It could work out a little expensive

Carte Noire (Best Aromatic)

Lavazza’s Carte Noire coffee range is roasted and ground in France, keeping with the original Carte Noire coffee’s heritage. Carte Noire Décaféiné is a smooth, delicately flavoured coffee with next to no caffeine – ideal for drinking less caffeine in the afternoon or evening. 

Thanks to its pure Arabica blend, this instant decaf coffee has a rich aroma and a smooth flavour without bitterness, leaving you with a lingering sweetness. This award-winning decaffeinated coffee is straightforward to drink and a popular choice in the UK. 

Stock up with a six-pack of 100g jars; even if you only occasionally drink decaf, this multipack will save you money. What’s more, thanks to the freshness valve in each jar, it keeps extremely well. 

While this decaf coffee has a well-balanced taste, its delicate taste may not be strong enough if you like an intensely flavoured coffee. Unfortunately, as with many other brands, the glass jars are not ideal for shipping. However, breakages are rare. 


  • The delicate and aromatic flavour
  • 6 x 100g jars for stocking up
  • Made from a selection of pure arabica beans
  • Freshness valve for long conservation


  • The delicate flavour may not be to all tastes
  • Glass jars may be less practical for delivery

Quokka Premium (Best Blend)

Are you looking for an instant decaf coffee with an intense taste more like a standard coffee? You need to try out Quokka Coffee. 

This premium quality decaffeinated freeze-dried coffee uses the finest ingredients to ensure the best taste and aroma. 

Expertly blended, this well-balanced South American robusta and arabica blend combines intensity and depth of flavour for a well-rounded, intense coffee without bitterness. Ethically sourced and certified, Quokka also pledges 10% of its profits to support environmental charitable causes in Central America and beyond. 

This instant decaf coffee packaging is instantly recognisable, cute, and stylish; it is also recyclable. The container is made from aluminium, and the lid is LDPE 4, both of which are easily recycled. Among our choices, this is the strongest instant coffee in the UK.

If you don’t like a bold cup of coffee, however, the strong flavour of Quokka Coffee may be a little overpowering for you. Also, as a premium brand, it is more expensive than your average instant decaf coffee blends. 


  • Balanced robusta and arabica blend
  • Ethically sourced and certified
  • Recyclable lid and can
  • Stylish packaging


  • It may be more expensive than your average blend
  • The bold taste may not be to everyone’s liking

Percol Colombian Arabica (Best Fairtrade)

For a great-tasting decaffeinated coffee that is also good for the planet and coffee farmers, you’ll struggle to find a better brand. Percol Delicious Decaf Instant Coffee is a popular choice for regular coffee drinkers switching to decaf without sacrificing too much flavour. 

Made from 100% pure Colombian hand-picked arabica beans, this tasty coffee is full of flavour without any bitterness. This low caffeine coffee contains no artificial substances as it is decaffeinated with water and naturally-forming ethyl acetate from fruits and molasses.

Medium to strong in flavour with a full-bodied aroma and a velvety crema, this six-pack of 100g jars is a good choice for the home or office, ensuring maximum freshness, even with only occasional use. First Trade and First Climate certified this eco-friendly low caffeine coffee is an excellent choice. 

Bear in mind that this blend may be less suitable if you prefer coffee with a mild flavour. Also, the lids could be improved to be more robust. 


  • Made with 100% Colombian arabica beans
  • Fairtrade & First Climate certified
  • Pack of 6 x 100g jars
  • The decaffeination process uses water & naturally forming ethyl acetate


  • Lids could be more robust
  • It may be less suitable if you prefer mild coffee

How to Choose the Best Instant Decaf Coffee

Before choosing the best instant decaf coffee in the UK for your needs, make sure that you consider the following features.  


The most important element is taste, and while the flavour is subjective, your coffee’s blend will give you a better idea of whether or not it will be the best decaf coffee for your palate. 

Most instant decaffeinated coffees are made from pure Arabica beans or a blend of Arabica and robusta beans. Two blends of the same beans can yield very different results.

A cup and teaspoon

While some prefer pure Arabica, others enjoy blends with some robusta for greater intensity. You may want to try out several different brands of decaf coffee before deciding on what makes the best decaf coffee beans for you. 

Here is a brief overview of the two main coffee beans found in instant coffee. 


It is sweeter and more flavoursome than robusta. Arabica coffee beans often have acidic overtones and give your coffee a smoother, more balanced taste.  


More yielding and more resistant to disease than arabica beans, robusta beans have a deeper flavour that hints of bitterness. Hence, it is usually combined with sweeter-tasting Arabica. 


It would help if you also considered the roast level of your coffee. The roast level describes how long your coffee’s whole beans have been roasted – most decaf instant coffees are medium roasts

There are three main coffee roast levels for reference: light, medium, and dark roast. The light roasts have less body with floral flavours, while a medium roast has a more balanced, richer flavour. On the other hand, the dark roasts have a bold smoky taste. 

Decaffeination Process

Today, almost all decaffeinated coffees should use non-chemical methods to remove the caffeine from their coffee beans. Whether it’s done in small batches with water or naturally occurring ethyl acetate, your coffee manufacturer should be transparent about its decaffeination process. Bear in mind that decaffeinated coffee is not completely caffeine-free. You might find this decaffeination process article by the BBC helpful. 


Certifications are your guarantee that your coffee is doing other good things rather than just making your day better. If you want to ensure your cash goes to a good cause or want to keep pesticides out of the food and drinks you consume, look for an instant decaf coffee with certifications to back up the manufacturer’s claims. The Soil Association, Fair Trade, B Corp, and First Climate are just a growing number of independent certification bodies. 


A large format is a good choice for large households with numerous coffee drinkers or in a workplace environment, where many different people will be serving themselves. Small households or one person use, smaller formats are better, as they are easier to store. Once a large container is opened, it will risk losing its taste and aroma after several weeks. 


Most people overlook their coffee’s packaging. However, it does bear thinking about, especially when you’re stuck deciding between two brands. Consider the following:

  • Recyclable – nowadays, most containers will be recyclable, but what about the lid?
  • Robust – will the packaging live up to delivery?
  • Looks – will it enhance your kitchen counter or be hidden away?
  • Freshness – any extra features to ensure that your instant decaf coffee stays fresher for longer?

What Are the Benefits of Decaffeinated Coffee?

Decaffeinated coffee can be beneficial to anyone looking to reduce their caffeine consumption without drastically reducing their daily coffee intake. As decaffeinated coffee contains very low levels of caffeine, it is also a popular alternative to regular coffee for drinking in the late afternoon and the evening to avoid disrupting sleep patterns. 

Decaffeinated coffee may also have the following benefits:

  • More suitable for people with blood pressure problems
  • Enjoy coffee without jitters or caffeine “hangovers.”
  • Reduce caffeine-caused anxiety
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Positive effect on attention span and mood
  • A better choice if you have heart problems


Are you looking for the best decaf instant coffee in the UK? While there is no shortage of fancy, expensive brands on the market, you can’t go wrong with a cup of Nescafé Original Decaff – our editor’s choice.

Made with an expert blend of medium-roasted arabica and robusta beans, you get a depth of flavour and a good balance. Decaffeinated using pure water and benefitting from Nescafé’s double filtration technology, this instant decaf is one of the best tasting varieties on the market and has excellent value for money. 

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