3 reasons why using ugly fruit doesn’t make our snacks cheaper

We often get comments and questions about whether our snacks should be cheaper since we use “ugly” fruit. Here’s a few reasons why our food-waste fighting snacks aren’t as cheap as chips.

1. Farmers deserve a fair price for ALL their produce. No incentive for farmers means more food waste.
Farmers have to harvest produce so it’s only fair that we value that and pay for it. The same work goes into creating a perfect apple and an ugly one. If we don’t pay a fair price, it’s not worthwhile for farmers to pick the fruit. Food is being wasted on farms because it’s often more economical for a farmer to not harvest it or throw it out than sell it to conventional channels who offer a price that won’t cover the cost of harvesting. By paying farmers a fair price, it gives them a reason to harvest all their crop and not throw it away. 

2. Unwanted fruit comes from lots of different places = more distribution costs.
We work with a wide range of suppliers and farmers to use up their surplus, as a result our distribution network isn’t straightforward. In fact, the nature of distributing surplus is one of the reasons why produce gets wasted! By transforming the produce into delicious snacks, we increase their value, and are able to absorb these higher costs. We might collect apples from one farm one week, and rescue pallets of bananas from somewhere else the following one. 

3. Ugly fruit still needs to be sorted and processed by real HUMAN people!
The most important part of fighting food waste in the UK is that we need to produce… well, in the UK! That means we’re not producing in low labour countries where a lot of snack companies get their ingredients from. We pay a fair wage to people who work with us and ultimately that means our ingredients costs are higher than those of competitors. 

In the end it’s all about how we value things & we see ourselves creating amazing value out of surplus fruit & veg. Whilst this means our snacks are priced slightly higher, it also means we’re fighting food waste, supporting farmers & local communities!

For less than £1.50 per snack (fruit jerky or bar), eat the change you want to see in the world!