Why we stand for more taste, less waste

Here at SNACT headquarters, after eating food, the second best thing is talking about it. When a customer asked us recently why our fruit jerky pieces were misshapen and not the same size, it sure got us talking!

Our answer is very simple: if we make our snacks perfectly uniform, we would have more food waste on our hands with the offcuts. With the mission for more taste with less waste, we like to stick to our guns.

Too curvy. Too long. Not square enough.

Everything we eat has been purposely shaped for us –  carrots are commonly presented to be long and straight. Potato is perfectly round with a smooth skin texture. Apples are round and shiny. So, it’s not surprising that The Soil Association calculates that in the UK, 20-40% of produce is rejected because it is misshapen.

We think this shit is bananas – fruit should be tasty and healthy, not pretty and shiny! That’s why we buy ugly and unwanted fruit from British farmers to act on food waste and use home compostable packaging to reduce plastic waste. Every SNACT pack or bar we sell has 1 piece of fruit that didn’t meet certain standards.

One British farmer gave us apples that were damaged in a hailstorm – they looked perfect to us but on closer inspection but had tiny dents. Another gave us blueberries that didn’t meet a supermarket’s ‘taste profile’. When we were on Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped, presenter Matt Tebbutt said they tasted, hmm, like blueberries. Go figure! That’s why we named our delicious fruit jerky, Blueberries Bite Back.

Snact blueberries

Food fads = food waste

In the UK, there is currently a move to market less cosmetically perfect vegetables in supermarkets but parallel to this we have food fads that are contributing to food waste.

We spiralise courgette for our salads and turn squash into star shapes to charm our children.  While food fads like these are intriguing people, many are concerned over wastage of food. When packaged star-shaped squash is sold, what happens to the off cuts? Rumour has it they go into the bin. We’d like to think they go into a yummy soup… Answers on a postcard please.

Poor vegetables, no-one is happy with their natural state. Sure they can be lumpy and misshapen, they won’t win a beauty pageant or might not look Instagrammable (we think they are – check out our #wonkywednesdays series) but they taste the exact same their cosmetically-approved friends. Is a small dent on an apple going to kill us? (Now please don’t go and die from eating a dented apple!)

Here at SNACT, we ask for everyone to think of more taste and less waste. So, our delicious fruit jerky and banana bars will never create food waste to make our products appearance better. All our food is its natural colour and taste.

Join our #delicious protest and fight with every bite.