Could reusing ocean plastic be any cooler than this?

If there is man who gives a shit and gets shit done it’s Sir David Attenbourgh with his launch of Blue Planet 2. If there was ever a momentum in the world of ocean plastic, it is happening right now as you read this.

But we here at SNACT aren’t going to give you another doom and gloom piece on ocean plastic – you know there’s millions of the stuff floating around the ocean, but we also know it’s hard to live without.

Our plastic-free packaging didn’t happen overnight –  we cared a lot, it made our product slower to make, but with sustainability at our core we knew it was too important not to do. We put the environment before profit, that’s how we roll.

While we need to stop buying so much plastic, we can also reuse what is already out there polluting the ocean and planet. While there’s no shortage of reasons to ban plastic, the good news – just like we rescue fruit from going to waste – there are many cool companies upcycling plastic and saving it from the ocean. The possibilities are endless.

Upcycling plastic is pretty cool, mainly because it solves the problem in a solution-focussed way. If we have so much plastic-use right now, let’s use it to make stuff and create a circular system instead of it going to waste and botching up the planet, right? It’s kinda like what we do with rescuing fruit. We turn it into tasty bars.

Here’s some cool kids turning ocean plastic into usable products.

For the Eco-parents… a kitchen is probably the most challenging part of the house to get rid of pesky plastic. Every time we buy washing up liquid, it’s in a plastic bottle right? We are completely stoked that Ecover now are using ocean plastic for packaging. I hear you say ‘yeah but it’s still plastic’… just wait a minute. Ecover have started to collect plastic from canals in Amsterdam before it can pollute the North Sea. Talk about getting shit done! We also like Preserve products who’ve been making consumer products from toothbrushes to kitchenware from plastic waste since 1996.

For the whole family… a lovely story to educate the whole family on minimising plastic-use is to play a Jenga game made from recycled nylon fishing nets. We don’t know many conscious consumers who wouldn’t be pleased to hear that Lush added ocean plastic to packaging – coming to a shower near you soon.

For the outdoorsy types… thumbs up to Bureo – a group of surfers and environmentalists – who makes bikinis and skateboards from recycled fishing nets. High five to Hamilton Perkins Earth Bags who use 17.5 plastic bottles to make a convertible duffel-backpack vessel. If you need some new shades for Spring, it might be time to future proof your sunglasses with w.r.yuma, who are the first in the world to make sunglasses from plastic waste. Rock on!

Do you know any upcycling heroes? Plastic, fruit, whatever it is… let us know!