Are you ready for Snact’s delicious protest?

We’ve got some massive news today: Snact is launching a brand new product range, our awesome food waste-fighting delicious banana bars! 💪🍌📢

We’ve also got awesome new branding that puts our #deliciousprotest to the forefront. But to continue our mission for more taste and less waste we need your help – will you join us?

Help us create more taste and less waste!

Bananas are the most popular fruit in the world, but also one of the most wasted. We want to stop 1.4m bananas going to waste every day by turning them into awesome food waste-fighting delicious banana bars, packed with all the nutrition of flawless fruit. One bar will save one banana from going to waste, and will give you a wholesome, slow release energy boost.

“I’m bananas about Snact’s banana bars because the level of banana waste in the UK is just, well… bananas!” – Tristram Stuart, founder of Feedback and Toast Ale

Snact banana bars on a tasting board

But our banana bars are about so much more than saving fruit: they provide a balanced snack rich in both flavour and nutrients, all with less than 130 calories. We developed recipes for three delicious flavour combinations that use simple, good quality ingredients to bring you the best snacking experience and fantastic nutritional value: Apple & Cinnamon Kick, Beetroot & Cacao Blast, and Carrot & Spice Boost. Each bar is packed with fruit, veg, oats, and superfoods like nuts, seeds, quinoa or coconut – and unlike almost every bar on the market, definitely no dates! And like our existing product, fruit jerky, they are wrapped in innovative home compostable film that decomposes just like a banana peel would.

Snact banana bars

We’ve been making deliciously sustainable snacks to tackle food waste for the last 3 years. Our first original product, fruit jerky, has saved tonnes of apples from going to waste. But we are still hungry for change and want to take a big bite out of another source of waste – bananas. And for that, we need your help!

Snact bananarchists with delicious protest placards

Join our #deliciousprotest by becoming a Banana Guerrilla – you’ll get some brilliant rewards to help you start your delicious protest, and you’ll be one of the first people in the country to try the brand new banana bars! Our popular Snact undies have a made a comeback as have our Snactscriptions ensuring you a monthly delivery of bars for the next 12 months (we’ll throw some free fruit jerky in there too!) The first 100 backers will get some extra rewards too – check out all the details on:

Developing a new product and bringing it to the market is expensive, and making that product sustainable is even more ambitious. By backing us, you’ll help make this delicious protest a reality, be the first to get your hands on the fruits of our labour, and help us save tonnes of bananas from going to waste. Please share with all your Banan-archist friends too 😜🍌

Social media shareable image supporting Snact's delicious protest