The next level in the Snact revolution

– This was of course our April Fool’s joke 🙂 Our actual new flavour is Apple, Blueberry & Banana, and it’s available in our shop from today! –


You know we said we were thinking of branching out into new territories? Well, we’re very excited to announce that we have a brand new, revolutionary product all ready for you: Apple & Bacon Jerky!


We thought it was an obvious gap in the market that the only kind of jerky you can get is fruit jerky, so, as dedicated food innovators always on the lookout for new, groundbreaking stuff, we decided to experiment a bit. And it also came to our attention that nowadays, with the success of campaigns like Meat Free Mondays and Veganuary, tonnes of meat get wasted – because nobody wants to buy it anymore! Facon (fake bacon) sales are through the roof, and all those predictions of what would happen if too many people adopted vegetarianism and veganism, which we thought had no chance of happening within our lifetimes, are actually coming true at an alarming rate – we are possibly even looking at complete extinction for animals such as pigs and cows. Who knew all these “devil’s advocates” who criticised giving up meat for environmental reasons would be proved right!


Because so much meat is leftover, humanity will have to get really creative about using up that surplus. Thankfully, visionaries such as Lady Gaga are already coming up with fresh and fascinating ideas, like using meat in the fashion industry:


We at Snact thought we’d use the tonnes and tonnes of leftover bacon that we see everywhere around us to create our newest product: Apple & Bacon Jerky! Two of the most wasted items in the UK economy coming together as a healthy snack is something we’re really excited about, and confident that our customers will love it. Apple and bacon is such a classic of the world-renowned British cuisine, it combines a great taste with all sorts of health benefits, and we are pretty sure that using surplus means you can actually call it “vegan” – the animals used to produce it would’ve been killed anyway.

The new Apple & Bacon Jerky will be available from next week in outlets across the UK and in our online shop. We are predicting it will be an instant hit, so get your hands on it before it sells out! And let us know on InstagramTwitter, or Facebook how much you love it 🙂