Fruit Jerky (15 packs)

Can’t get enough of fruit jerky? Would you like your workplace to get some deliciously sustainable snacks? Or maybe you want to save time and get your snacks delivered to you every month? The ‘Snactscription’ is for you!

Signing up is easy: Choose your subscription size (15 or 30 packs a month), click on the subscribe button below and follow the instructions to set up a direct debit. We’ll get in touch to get the delivery address. Snactscriptions are only available in the UK. You can cancel at any time - just drop us an email at

All orders made in March will receive a free sample of T+ Drinks vitamin enriched teas and a discount code!

    • ✓ 100% fruit
      ✓ Vegan
      ✓ Gluten free
      ✓ No additives or preservatives
      ✓ Less than 65kcal per bag
      ✓ Made in the UK
  • Nutritional info