Our Story

Snact was started in 2013 by two lifelong friends whose ambition is to radically transform the global food system. After realising their common interest in food and passion for sustainability, Ilana and Michael set out on a journey to fight food waste the tasty way.

They began by collecting surplus fruit from London’s wholesale markets, and, armed with a dehydrator, making snacks by hand in a kitchen in Hackney, then selling them at markets and events across London, getting valuable feedback from a growing crowd of Snactivists.

In 2014 Snact raised nearly £15,000 via a successful Crowdfunder campaign - a proof that our brand of sustainable snacking resonated with lots of people who were happy to put their money where their mouths were.

To bring fruit jerky to a growing customer base, the newly redesigned Snact packs were becoming available in more and more places over the next two years, from tiny health food shops to national online retailers. Snact partnered up with a family farm in Kent, Perry Court Farm, to tackle more surplus streams and save fruit by the tonne rather than the kilo, massively increasing our impact on the food system.

In September 2016 Snact achieved a big milestone by launching home compostable packaging - the first of its kind in the UK. Leaving plastic behind meant fulfilling a long-term goal to start tackling packaging waste as well as food waste.

Our ambition doesn’t stop here - we’re ready to take on new challenges within the food system and make our #deliciousprotest even bigger. Watch this space!

The Snact Team: Ilana, Michael, Ashley, Marta, Noora & Bethan