Saving one fruit at a time

Snact makes deliciously sustainable snacks. We buy ugly and unwanted fruit from British farmers to act on food waste. The fruit is blended into a smoothie then dried into fruit jerky on a family farm in Kent.

Our hand made fruit jerky is vegan and gluten free as it's made with whole fresh fruit and fresh purees. We don't use any concentrates, additives, or preservatives, just 100% fruit. Our packaging is home compostable helping us to reduce waste even further.


Snact was started in 2013 by two lifelong friends whose ambition is to radically transform the global food system. After realising their common interest in food and passion for sustainability, Ilana and Michael set out on a journey to fight food waste the tasty way.

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We founded Snact to stand for what we believe in, do something positive about it, and encourage others to do the same - to create a movement.

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Plastic has become omnipresent - and often inevitable - in our daily lives, and not entirely for the wrong reasons. When it comes to food, it is extensively used to ensure food safety. But the way we…

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